Island Wedding Invitation

Last Updated: April 27, 2024

Island Wedding Invitation

Before, Wedding Party Invitations are commonly designed with flowers and lace. A Lace wedding invitation design is considered appropriate for church weddings as it can reflect softness, calmness, and love. However, there has been a rampant growth in the destination wedding industry which makes it harder to come up with wedding invitations that can perfectly fit the brief requested and expected by the couple. Do you want to come up with an Elegant wedding invitation even if you will not have the program inside a church? If you will have your wedding in an island, be inspired by the island wedding invitations that we have here in this post. Use these downloadable samples as your references when creating the island wedding invitations that you will disseminate to your wedding guests.

Destination Wedding Invitation

Destination Wedding Invitation

Pink Beach Wedding Invitation

Pink Sky Beach Wedding Invitation

Modern Island Beach Wedding Invitation


Characteristics of an Island Wedding Invitation

The Wedding card invitation design serves as one of the clues with regards the aesthetic of the wedding. If you want to come up with a great looking island wedding invitation, here are some of the characteristics that the tool should have:

1. An island wedding invitation should be easy to the eyes. Since your wedding will be held in an island, you need to be sure that your wedding invitation is calming to look at. Your guests should be excited to bask in the sun and enjoy the momentous happening with you. You may also see Wedding Menu Card Designs

2. An island wedding invitation must be vibrant and colorful. Though you may still opt to use monochromes and other effects, having a vibrant and colorful island wedding invitation can help you fully put the islands to your design. Isn’t it just amazing to see the blue skies and seas, the pristine sands and the lush tropical greenness in your wedding invitation? You may also see Elegant Wedding Invitations

Even if you will use Blank Wedding invitations as your base, you still need to make sure that you can have an island wedding invitation that is filled with both design items and content that is relevant to your wedding’s theme.

Island Boarding Pass Wedding Invitation

Island Wedding Boarding Pass Invitation

Tropical Beach Wedding Invitation Card

Tropical Beach Wedding Invitation

Things to Remember When Designing an Island Wedding Invitation

An island wedding invitation is a wedding card or wedding tool that helps you provide details about your wedding day from the ceremonies up to the reception. It exemplifies what the wedding will look like and how everything will be designed. With this, you need to make sure that your island wedding invitation can speak a lot about the island vibe and aesthetic of your wedding.An island wedding invitation has a unique quality that can set it apart from other kinds of wedding invitations. Here are some of the things that you need to remember if you are already in the process of designing your own island wedding invitation:

1. Keep in mind that an island wedding invitation is necessary to still be comprehensive. Even if it is unique compared to other Formal wedding invitations, your island wedding invitation should still be complete when it comes to the details about the wedding.

2. You can easily incorporate design items in the content of your wedding invitation so you can fully present your island or beach theme. Make sure to have your own spin when using island icons, vectors and other designs so you can make your island wedding invitation unique.You may also see 50th Wedding Anniversary Invitations

3. Do not hesitate to incorporate Art deco wedding invitation designs or any other kinds of themes in your island wedding invitation. You can even create whimsical wedding invitations with the island as your background. There are different ways on how you can present your island wedding in an invitation without being too traditional.

An island wedding invitation may be a lot different with Snow wedding invitations in terms of designs. However, do not forget that this is the case with various wedding invitations as well. Be keen with what wedding invitation design it is that you would like to achieve so you can easily create the direction of your island wedding invitation development.

Elegant Island Wedding Invitation

Elegant island Wedding Invitation

Summer Beach Illustration Wedding Invitation

Summer Beach Illustration Wedding Invitation

Tropical Island Beach Wedding Invitation

Tropical Island Beach Wedding Invitation

Design Items to Put in an Island Wedding Invitation

Your island wedding invitation must be themed accordingly. All Best wedding invitations are thoughtfully planned which is the reason why you have to be organized when planning the design items or materials that you would like your island wedding invitation to have. Here are some of the design items that you can place in the layout of your island wedding invitation:

1. Palm trees and tropical leaves. Make a tropical island wedding invitation by using palm trees and other tropical leaves that can be seen in the island. You can add fairy lights places in the trees or leaves to make the overall look of the wedding invitation look more magical. Ensure that you will use plants and leaves that are tropical in nature as the last thing that you would like to have is a sample of Fall wedding invitations if your wedding will be held in the islands.

2. Tropical flowers. Use tropical flowers to make your wedding invitation look lively. You can be inspired by a watercolor wedding invitation and put watercolor tropical flowers so you can create a bohemian-looking island wedding invitation.

3. An image of the beach or the sea. There is nothing more that screams an ‘island wedding’ in terms of designs rather than an image of the beach or the sea. Create a sea of different hues of blues so you can reflect the depth of the ocean in your wedding invitation.You may also see Vintage Wedding Invitations

4. The photo of the island where the wedding will be held. If you want to excite your guests, even more, you can place the image of the location of your wedding in the front or body of your wedding invitation. You can also incorporate it in Chalkboard wedding invitations for a more unique island design interpretation.

Classic Wedding Invitation

Classic Wedding Invitation

Island Vintage Pineapple Wedding Invitation

Island Vintage Pineapple Wedding Invitation

Pinkey Wedding Boarding Pass Invitation

Pinky Wedding Boarding Pass Invitation

Vintage Island Wedding Invitation


Get design inspirations from different kinds of things that are related to islands when creating your wedding invitation. You can also include your Wedding Logo Design in the island wedding invitation so you can easily ensure guests that the wedding invitation is from you. This can also allow them to be more familiarized with the wedding logo especially if they are already in the location of your wedding.

There are various Wedding Designs that you can use. Select the one that is related to both your island wedding and you are aesthetic as a couple. It will be best to refer to samples and templates as well so you can be guided on how to create the layout and overall format of your island wedding invitation. Come up with an amazing island wedding invitation so you can make your wedding day even more memorable.

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