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There is an unending debate on whether a cat is a good pet or just a plain evil. Many pros and cons regarding having cats at home have been disputed by cat lovers versus those who simply hate cats. They say cats may be cute but aloof, warm but independent, fun but untamable, and many other positive and negative characteristics. But wherever you take your side on, it is undeniable that cat designs, disregarding the actual and live traits of the cats but just the image itself, are quite charming and adorable especially when they are incorporated on the face of best greeting cards.

Whether you may be a cat lover or just a mere person who admires a simple design, you may check the designs below of cat greeting cards. Additionally, we provide you other greeting card designs as well:

Cartoon Cat Greeting Card Vector Example

Cat Anniversary Greeting Card Example

Cute Cat Vector Greeting Card Example

Simple Cat Thank You Greeting Card Example

Cat with a Cake Birthday Greeting Card Example

Printable Cat Greeting Card Example

Funny Cat Vectors for Greeting Cards Example

Advantages of Having Pet Cats

1. Affectionate and Playful

Cats are affectionate and playful despite what cat haters would let you think. Just like dogs, as you provide them the necessary love (and food), they will shower you with boundless affection. They usually nudge themselves in their owner’s legs and thighs, and want to be stroked in their ears and head until they fall asleep. You may also see Photo Greeting Cards.

2. Clever

Cats don’t just sit around and wait for food the entire day. Well, actually they do, but in contrast, they are very smart creatures and know how to catch the attention of their owners when something doesn’t feel right. Specifically, cats can retain strong memories and sounds. For example, cats who are accustomed to hearing canned food being opened will immediately purr in excitement. Additionally, cats can also be trained to learn some tricks, albeit not as advanced compared to dogs. You may also see DIY Greeting Cards.

3. Low-maintenance

Cats are also low maintenance, that is a fact. You don’t really need to get them fit as they are rather healthy creatures (as long as you don’t overfeed). Cats are terrified of water, but the great thing is that you don’t have to clean them because they’ll do it themselves. Their tongues are filled with tiny barbs in which when they lick their bodies, dusts are not only removed but also loose hair. Cats also use their front teeth to remove fleas, ticks, and other material stuck in their fur. Cats are truly the epitome of cleanliness. You may also see Funny Greeting Cards.

4. Pest-catcher

Due to cats having lightning speed, they can catch pests with ease. If your house is filled with rodents, there is no need to buy some expensive and harmful pesticides or hire an exterminator, cats are your cost-effective and efficient solution to eliminating pests. Just make sure if your cat catches a rodent, throw or bury the rodent immediately and don’t let your cat play with it for numerous health reasons.

Decorative Cats and Flowers Collection for Greeting Cards Example

Lucky Cat Greeting Card Example

Happy Halloween Pumpkin & Black Cat Greeting Card Example

Cute Cat Illustrations for Greeting Cards Example

Original Handmade Cat Greeting Card Example

Cat Lover Birthday Card Example

Disadvantages of Having Pet Cats

1. Untamable

Unfortunately, cats are untamable. Unlike dogs, you can’t show them tough love because most of the time, they really just don’t care. You also can’t teach them commands and you definitely can’t give them orders (i.e. not scratching the chair, eating in the pantry, etc.). If you try to punish them by delaying their food, they’ll just use their large sparkling eyes to mesmerize you and forgive them of their actions. You may also see Love Greeting Cards.

2. Fur and hairballs

Similar to dogs, cats shed everywhere. That is why some people avoid having pets all together since they develop allergic reactions to animal hair. If you’re not careful, your house will be filled with cat fur and it will be pain to clean up, especially if it reaches your food. Cats also have the tendency to vomit hairballs, which is caused by accidentally swallowing hair when they eat or when they groom themselves. Hairballs are just a nasty sight to behold. You may also see Creative Greeting Cards.

3. They chase anything

Unfortunately, cats do not only catch pests, but they chase just about anything they set their eyes upon. If you own other pets such as birds, lizards, fishes, even hamsters, keep them safe. The sharp claws of cats can cause serious injuries to your pets and the last thing you want to do is blame your cat if something bad happens.

4. Sharp Claws

Speaking of sharp claws, cats don’t only scratch other animals, but they can scratch you as well. Although most of their scratching is caused inadvertedly, it is still very painful and might require multiple stitches if the scratch is deep. Even kittens have sharp claws so be careful. Aside from scratching humans, they also scratch your furnitures, clothes, and appliances. You definitely don’t want to see your pillows and shirts being scratched to shreds. You may also see Romantic Greeting Cards.

Final Thoughts

Now that we have listed down our own set of advantages and disadvantages of having cats as pets, it is up to you if you want to adopt or purchase your own cat. Remember that similar to dogs, cats bring their own baggage and you might not like it when the cat vomits hairballs and scratches your favorite furniture on a daily basis.

Don’t focus too much on the advantages and disadvantages of cats as we are also selling some very cute and attractive cat greeting cards. Purchase them now and use it for your personal or corporate event.

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