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There is an unending debate on whether a cat is a good pet or just a plain evil. Many pros and cons regarding having cats at home have been disputed by cat lovers versus those who simply hate cats. They say cats may be cute but aloof, warm but independent, fun but untamable, and many other positive and negative characteristics. But wherever you take your side on, it is undeniable that cat designs, disregarding the actual and live traits of the cats but just the image itself, are quite charming and adorable especially when they are incorporated on the face of best greeting cards.

Whether you may be a cat lover or just a mere person who admires a simple design, you may check the designs below of cat greeting cards. Additionally, we provide you other greeting card designs as well:

Examples of Greeting Cards

Funny Cat Greeting Card

funny cat greeting card

Cartoon Cat Greeting Card Vector

cartoon cat greeting card vector

Cat Anniversary Greeting Card

cat anniversary greeting card

Cute Cat Vector Greeting Card Example

cute cat vector greeting card example

Simple Cat Thank You Greeting Card

e7 1024x683

Cat with a Cake Birthday Greeting Card

cat with a cake birthday greeting card

Printable Cat Greeting Card


Funny Cat Vectors for Greeting Cards

funny cat vectors for greeting cards

Handmade Fabric Kitty Cat Greeting Card

i6 1024x756

Decorative Cats and Flowers Collection for Greeting Cards

j6 1024x681

Lucky Cat Greeting Card


Happy Halloween Pumpkin Greeting Card with a Black Cat

happy halloween pumpkin greeting card with a black cat

Anniversary Cat Greeting Card

m7 1024x1024

Cute Cat Illustrations for Greeting Cards

cute cat illustrations for greeting cards

Original Handmade Cat Greeting Card


Cat Lover Birthday Card

p2 1024x725

Advantages and Disadvantages of Having Cats as Pets

Just like in every single thing, there are always advantages and disadvantages of having cats as pets. If you already owned one, maybe you can already understand and related the challenges of having a cat or cats in your house. And if you are planning to get one, you may read the discussion and take it as a reference on whether you would like to pursue in having an additional creature in your house or not. You may also see Printable Greeting Cards.

People have divided opinions over this matter, so it is up to you to weigh out things before coming up to the ultimate conclusion. We try our best not to sound biased over this issue. However, if you found a phrase that is somehow supporting one side, it is purely for the sake of discussion and comparison. You may also see Disney Greeting Cards.

Thence, here is a list of advantages and disadvantages of having cats as pets in your respective homes.


Let’s start with the positive things that cats possess. Even if many people would say that cats are innately evil, they have still good traits in them that make you want to pet them. There are qualities in them, especially their pathetic two pairs of eyes. Other things that make you want to cuddle cars are as follows: You may also see Photo Greeting Cards.

1. Fun and Fluffy

Cats are playful and loving despite what cat haters would let you think. They are loving and would usually stick to the person who takes care of them and give them food. They show affection by nudging themselves on your legs and feet and sitting on your lap to catch your attention. Their fluffy furs make you want to gently stroke them until they fall asleep while they sit on your lap. They simply wanted your attention focused on you.

2. Cute and Clever

They are also clever and smart enough that they know how to get your sympathy and give them food. You can never resist their cuteness as they plea for food. Because they are so much clever, when you have more than one of them in your house, they tend to have a competition with each other on your attention, space, the food, and almost in every matter. Thus, if you have multiple cats at home, make sure you give them equal attention and affection for they absolutely know and understand how you treated them. You may also see DIY Greeting Cards.

3. Warm and Reassuring

Sleeping with a cat is warm and reassuring. Cats can lay on your feet to make them warm if they are cold due to the weather conditions, and their keen senses make a good safety alarm. One sign that they notice something unusual is when their ears are perking and they suddenly stood up facing a certain direction. This is a warning to you that something is going on that you might want to check. Be careful with it might be a burglar, but a good thing if it is just another cat who your cat thought is a threat to his territory and safety.

4. Low maintenance

Cats are also low maintenance as they can exercise on their own and you don’t have to walk them. They also are smart enough that when you leave them plenty of food and water, they can survive on its own for like 2 or 3 days. Regarding vet expenses, their bills are much cheaper than dogs. Even their food and toys, when compared with the dogs’, is less expensive, too. Regarding hygiene, they are very clean since they know how to wash and tidy up themselves for they like clean environments. You may also see Funny Greeting Cards.

5. Pest Catcher

They are good pest controller, too. They catch pests and other unnecessary insects and rodents that wander around your house. They might not know it that they are their prey is a pest or rodent, but they have a good time playing and catching their prey. Sometimes, they are so proud about it that they carry their dead host by the neck and show it to their owner—an awful sight for the human owner but at the same time thanking the cat for eliminating at least one of the pests.

7. Disadvantages

On the other hand, having a cat as a pet in your house is never always fun and cute. They have a lot of disadvantages, too. Apart from the other people’s opinion that they behave like gods, ruling and dominating over people, there are other traits of the cats that make other people dislike them and, worse, wanting to throw them in the void. Here are other reasons why other people really hate cats: You may also see Animae Greeting Cards.

1. Proud, Boastful, and Untamable

Most cats are boastful and untamable. They may be bribed with food, they might like positive reinforcements, but they don’t accept punishments. No matter how many times you punish them for peeing on the couch, they will never give in to punishments and still do what they think is right. They are like spoiled brats that do whatever they like and whine about anything they wanted to have. For example, they use their pitiful voice and sparkling cute eyes to compel you into giving them food. But when they are already satisfied and full, the pitiful voice will turn into angry screech and snake-like hiss and those cute eyes will turn into a devilish glare. You may also see Love Greeting Cards.

2. Catch Innocent Animals

Apart from the rodents that they catch, they also catch innocent animals such as lizards and birds. Lizards can be of so much help in reducing the number of mosquitoes in your household, while birds help in the pollination of flowers, eat insects, and do other things helpful for the environment. If only cats don’t catch these animals, they may have still contributed to the welfare of the environment. It is so sad to think that cats don’t have the sense of judgment and just catch anything that he thought he can overpower. Many people would say that when a cat caught a rodent, it is not necessarily that they want to help his owner get rid of pests; instead, they just wanted to outsmart and overrule other animals by killing them even if they do not do any harm to them, a proof that cats wanted to dominate and that they are really evil. You may also see Floral Greeting Cards.

3. A Lot of Furballs

Many people are allergic to cats, the reason why they do not want to stay close to them. Cats shed a lot of their fur, making a huge ball of furs, a furball, which can be very much annoying as they can be all around the house, from the furniture, to the carpets, clothing, and even on table surfaces. Worst case is when they got on top of your food and you actually failed to notice them. It can cause tingles to your mouth palate and to your throat that you might want to vomit. Sometimes, water and other liquids are not enough to flush them, but you need to swallow something solid or slimy, like bananas, to get rid of it. You may also see Creative Greeting Cards.

4. Aloof and Independent

Cats are also aloof and independent. Most of the time, they don’t want being disturbed as they sit right on the window watching outside. Also, they do not need companions in their walks and they do not want other cats to meddle with their business. Because they are too independent, they do not want to have a constant owner as they do not want to be owned. They will search for more food in the neighborhood, making the owners feel guilty that they lack something in their care for the little evil.

5. Sharp Claws

Most cats have sharp claws, and kittens are not aware of how sharp they were. They love to play with their claws that they end up scratching every member of the family. Although you might say it is unintentional, they must have the common sense that their claws got into someone’s skin. Unlike dogs who are mindful of their paws and claws, cats wanted to show off to everyone how great and sharp their claws were. Aside from the people they scratch, they can even cause damage to the furniture, tables, and chairs, and even curtains and wallpapers as they swing, jump, and run around the house. They do not mind at all that they have already caused a wreck inside the house, and they just let their owners clean up their mess. You may also see Romantic Greeting Cards.

Final Thoughts

Now that the advantages and disadvantages of having cats as pets have already been unfolded and put out in the open, whether you agree or disagree on the statements provided above, you have the last say on whether you are going to believe them or not. If you happen to be a cat owner, you may start thinking about whether to defend your cat or cats or let an animal care or many others adopt your cat. The last verdict on your cats is on your hands. But if you happen to dislike cats for a long time now, congratulations greeting card, for your hatred is now supported by the disadvantages as stated above.

Having thought for a while, whether you like the actual cat or not, the cat designs are still purrfect for greeting cards. Did you miss to check out the cool and awesome cat designs on the greeting cards above? Scroll back now.

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