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In sending a greeting card, it is everyone’s desire to give a greeting card that connects emotionally to the receiver as that is the main core of a greeting card. Although different greeting card designs provide different purposes, the common thing about greeting cards is that it is an avenue for the writer to speak things intended for the recipient through the message on the card. It is a refuge for those who are timid to voice out their emotions and, at the same time, an extended hand for those who are far away but still wanted to let their recipients know that they still care. This proves the versatility of greeting cards in all matters with regard to conveying emotions.

Because dogs played a significant role in most people’s lives, incorporated in the greeting card are dog designs. Check them out in the next sections. You may also check other best greeting cards as well:

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Hero Dogs—How Dogs Create Huge Impact in People’s Lives

You might be asking, “Why do you incorporate a dog design in your creative greeting card?” You may also wonder, “What do dogs have that makes them an important subject in one’s design?” There are many things that dogs made an impact in our lives. The most common is that they are your companion especially at times when you have no one to talk to. They cheer you up when you are down and they can even sense and understand the moment you are upset. They welcome you everytime you arrive from work or school or from a simple stroll, wag their tails, jump up and down, and do other things to show you that they are happy to see you. They do not complain when you ignore them. They are readily available whenever you wanted someone to play with, a hug, or perhaps a listener. On top of it all, they are willing to defend you, take the bullets for you, and rescue you in times of trouble.

Here are short stories on how hero dogs save people’s lives that forever made a change to the way they perceive about dogs. This also serves as an inspiration to the dog owners who are not treating their dogs well, hoping that they can see what their dog is capable of doing and appreciate the presence of their dogs. You may also see Anime greeting Card Designs.

1. Angel

Angel, a golden retriever, protect his owner, Austin, from a cougar attacking him from behind. He fought the giant cat to shield his owner. They have called 991, but when the authorities arrived, it is too late now since Angel already suffered deep wounds from the fight and his survival is uncertain. Amazingly, he got up despite his injuries and make sure his owner was okay. They immediately took him and treated him right away. You may also see Pokemon Greeting Card Designs.

2. Bear

Bear, a black labrador, saved Stanley, a toddler, from drowning in the pool. The mother of the child did not right away notice that Stanley had disappeared. They searched everywhere until they came to their pool and saw Stanley they’re facing up with his eyes rolled back and his lips blue. Fortunately, he was not alone; Bear was standing perfectly still underneath Stanley to keep his head above the water.

3. Brutis

Brutis, a golden retriever, saved a child from a venomous coral snake. As the dog saw the snake slithering towards the child, he immediately attacked the snake to protect the child. Unfortunately, Brutis was bitten and suffered a near-deadly bite in the process. Gladly, he recovered in time, and his heroic actions did not go unnoticed as he was awarded the National Hero Award in 2004, in Los Angeles. You may also see Printable Greeting Card Designs.

4. Eve

Eve, a rottweiler, saved her paraplegic owner, Kathie, from a burning vehicle. Kathie is paralyzed from the way down, making her hard to immediately evacuate when the smoke began belching. Luckily, Eve pulled her by the ankle away from the burning car. As soon as she dragged her out of the car and into a nearby ditch, the car went up in flames. Kathie is so much thankful for having Eve who loves her so much and helps her all the time.

5. Joe

Joe, a Yorkshire terrier, chased a bear out of his owner’s house, Deborah. Deborah was recovering from a car accident that she forgot to close the door, making the bear grab the opportunity and shuffled straight into the house and even go after the dog food. When Joe saw this, despite his size, he immediately chases the bear right out of the house.

6. Killian

Killian, a lab-shepherd mix, alerted his owners, the Jordans, for the abuse their babysitter has done to the baby. Killian growled at their babysitter, making the Jordans suspicious that their babysitter may have mistreated Killian. Their suspicions grew so they placed a phone under the cushions to see if they can find something suspicious. But, instead of anticipating that the babysitter mistreated the dog, what they saw was that the babysitter shook their baby, slapping and shaking the infant. They reported the incident to proper authorities, and the babysitter became blacklisted from working in a childcare again, thanks to Killian. You may also see Thank You Greeting Card Designs.

7. Maya

Maya, a pitbull mix, saved her owner, Angela, from a violent attacker one night as she was entering her house. The assailant shoved Angela inside her house and grabbed her by the throat. This caught Maya’s attention, attacking the man who grabbed Angela, providing a space for Angela to catch her breath and providing time for her to hit the attacker’s groin. The man fled, but the blood left on Maya’s face gives the authorities the lead to the suspect, ultimately leading to his arrest. You may also see Floral Greeting Card Examples.

8. Max

Max took bullets for his owner, Osmar, from two robbers who demanded the keys to their vehicle. Osmar refused, so the robbers began shooting at him. Upon hearing the gunshots, Max immediately got up, take the lead role, and began attacking the robbers. In a panic, one of the thieves immediately ran while the other aim his gun at Max shot him twice in the chest and once in the leg. Thankfully, it did not cost him his life and he was immediately treated right after.

9. Moti

Moti, a German shepherd, took a bullet for his owner, the Patels. As the masked intruder entered the Patel household, he leaped to his feet, drawing the intruder’s attention. In terror, the gunman immediately shot him and fled, failing his mission and leaving the Patels unharmed. Thankfully, Moti has already fully recovered and was awarded 2007’s Dog of the Year Winner. You may also see Blank Greeting Card Designs.

10. Peanut

Peanut rescued a 3-year-old girl from freezing to death. The owner found Peanut acting strange, running around and barking all over the house. Despite knowing what’s going on, they finally let Peanut outside. She led her owner behind their house through a field and there they found the 3-year-old girl naked and shivering. They immediately took the girl, wrapped her in a sweatshirt, and call the authorities. The owners said suffering is not anymore new to peanut since she was in a very bad shape when her owners rescued her, thus making him attuned to the suffering of the girl. Peanut once had broken ribs and two broken legs. She can absolutely sense whenever someone is in pain, just like the little girl.

11. Zoey

Zoey, a chihuahua, saved a 1-year-old child from an approaching 3-foot rattlesnake. As she saw the snake heading towards the small child, he attacked the snake right away, but unfortunately suffered a small would from a snakebite just above her eye. The snake was eventually killed by Zoey’s owners. They also treated the wounds that Zoey took from the snakebite, and thankfully, she already recovered from it. You may also see Photo Greeting Card Designs.

Wrap Up

Greeting cards and dogs proved their significance and importance in the lives of many people. Because of this, they are the perfect tandem—a greeting card with a dog design. You are not just extending your emotions through the words in the content of your message but you also got to cheer up and post good vibes to the receiver through the design. We do hope you now treasure the importance of the two and start appreciating their mix. You may also see Watercolor Greeting Card Designs.

Take action and show your support by choosing a design on the examples above. Don’t miss to check them all out!

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