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The Yuletide season is fast approaching again and you are still there wondering and wondering what to give to your families and friends. You have a long list of possible gifts in mind to give as a present to someone dear to you but you can’t decide if that suits the person you are giving or maybe you are afraid that your presence may not be appreciated. What would you do? Even the Christmas countdown adds pressure to your topsy-turvy head.

Well, we have a simple solution to your problem. This may not be the best gift you can give but this will surely help you in expressing your love and care to someone especially this Christmas season. All you need to prepare is your creative mind and effort. However, if you are too busy enough to think or to exert an extra effort for some valid reasons, included in this article are the solutions to your confused mind about what present would you give. Wondering what it was? Well, a holiday greeting card!

It may not sound so much, but giving Christmas cards plus a portion of your heart this holiday can mean a lot to the person you are giving to. Greeting cards not only convey the emotions of the sender but also express the desire of the sender to give thanks or to show care or to just remind the recipient that he or she is always on the sender’s thoughts.

In this article, in addition to the examples of remarkable Christmas cards, we will also tackle people’s common opinions on why Christmas is the best holiday as well as the criticisms on the celebration of Christmas.

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Reasons Why Christmas Is the Best Holiday


Commonly, Christmas is the time of the year where people mostly spend their vacation with their families. For some, they would go on a vacation outside the country and spend the holidays there together with their families. Some would also prefer swimming in beaches and pools. Others would opt to spend the holiday roaming around malls, shopping, since this is also the time of the year where discounts are all over the place. However, this is also the time of year where streets, parks, bus terminals, airports, and public places are congested with people trying to feel the essence of Christmas. But, for some families, they would just choose to stay in their respective houses, preparing and cooking something to share with the whole family or order something for the Christmas Eve. No matter how families spend the holidays, the most important thing is the bond they have shared and the quality time they spent with each other.you may also see printable greeting cards.

Avoiding School Responsibilities

Christmas vacation is also a break from school responsibilities for students. It means they have a pause from school activities, assignments, and projects and can spend the whole morning binge-watching their favorite movies or anime or playing online games or just curl up in a blanket without worrying that they would be late in school. But, some professors are so tired that they would leave assignments and projects for the students to comply while having their vacation. Can we blame them?


The snow may be freezing but the satisfaction and experience in creating a snowman and throwing out snowballs or just playing with the show are timeless. Even adults are still fond of playing snow. Snow reminds us of the upcoming winter and, of course, Christmas! We will all get excited as the first snow falls and continue our expectation and wait for the Christmas season.


Everyone is also excited in unwrapping presents during this time of the year. You will really get excited as you stare at the presents under your Christmas tree. Those huge ones are so intriguing but so are the very small ones. Parents would usually give gifts to their children, children to parents, teachers to students, etc. Christmas kringle are also everywhere. Christmas kringle is the exchanging of small gifts which are done every day or every week before Christmas. The gift is customarily for a low price and comes with a theme agreed by the whole group. The final and grand exchanging of gifts are on the Christmas day itself or any agreed day somewhere near the Christmas day.you may also see watercolor greeting cards.

Music and Ambiance

Of course, you can really feel the Christmas air through music and the ambiance. Christmas music is being played by homes and malls, and children and even adults are on the streets singing Christmas carols from house to house. Your Christmas would be that merry with these people letting you experience the fun and laughter during this Yuletide season.


Also, people can also have lots of parties as the Christmas day is approaching. Gatherings, dinner dates, and galas can be seen anywhere and people are enjoying them for this is just a short time for them to spend the occasion with their acquaintances. This is also a chance to keep up with old classmates, friends, colleagues, officemates, etc., spending most of the time updating with each other’s lives and the changes that have happened to them.


Surely, there is food in most of the households—pastries, candies, ham, and pasta during Christmas. Everything your mind can imagine, if you badly want it, it will definitely end up on top of your plate. This time of the year is also the “cheat day” for most of the people, eating whatever food they want to satisfy their cravings even just for the holidays. The next year after that, especially January, gyms are expected to be filled with new members.


Even adults would also get excited on the thought that Santa is coming town, not the literal Santa, but those who are generously sharing their blessings in the form of gifts and presents. Santa can also be a form of an organization or group of people going on a feeding program for street people and those less fortunate ones.

Birth of Christ

Last but not the least, the reason for this season is the commemoration of the birth of Jesus Christ, who come into this world in the form of a human being to die for us in exchange of our sins. We must be grateful that He loved us so much that He is willing to be crucified to death just to redeem us. Christmas is also a way of reminding us that God loves us so much that He even sent His own son for us to be free from the slavery of the sin. We owe our every heartbeat to Him and we owe every single air we breath and everything around us. Thus, in this season, may the reason for our celebration be all about Him and will ultimately end up for His glory.

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Criticisms on the Celebration of Christmas

You cannot please everyone, as they say. There are also some people who are against the celebration of Christmas. This is, according to them, is not in accordance with what the Bible teaches us about paganism. It is also being debated as to why December 25 is the Christmas day or the celebration of the birth of Jesus but in fact, there is no date specified in the Bible. However, whatever your opinions may be about the celebration of Christmas, it is important that we do not lose the respect of each other and we continue to live in harmony despite religious and traditional beliefs.

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