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Are you having trouble finding invitation designs for your event? Then look no further as you can use cinema tickets! Everyone loves watching movies. Even if they are not up-to-date with new movie releases, they are still aware of the recent movies or even classics that were released decades prior.

To help you create a cinema ticket design, we have provided some examples that you can purchase at very affordable prices. Once the purchase has been made, you can then edit to fit your own cinema ticket design. The examples we provided can be easily edited, so check them out below!

Cinema Ticket Template

cinema ticket template example

Colorful Cinema Ticket Example

colorful cinema ticket example1

Set of Cinema Tickets

set of cinema tickets

Tips in Creating a Cinema Ticket

Listed below are some tips in creating a cinema ticket. The tips we listed will help you create an effective cinema ticket design that will increase the chances of your guests attending your event.

1. Make the text readable

One of the best things about creating a cinema ticket is their overall look. There is no excuse for you not to make visually attractive cinema ticket designs. The focus should not be on the designs alone but also on the the text. Remember that you are giving the cinema tickets for a purpose or reason, and not just for design sake.You may also see event ticket examples.

How can the guests read the ticket properly if the text are blurry, pixelated, or being hidden by layers of color and design? It would be very detrimental to your event and guests might not attend just because of it. They cannot even RSVP you if the text can’t be properly seen.You may also see concert ticket examples

Additionally, don’t make the text too large as you might not fit all the text you plan on writing down (i.e. specific details of the event such as venue, date, time, etc.).

2. Splash some colors

One method in creating visually attractive cinema ticket designs is to splash some colors. There is no limit on the colors you will be using. Just make sure that the colors do not create a terrible clutter in your cinema ticket design. An overstuffed design is never a good sight, it’s like eating a hamburger that is topped with four layers of cheese, french fries, egg, salsa, onion rings, and bacon—it’s delicious but it’s just too much.

A colorful design is always beautiful to look at. You my be asking what colors you will be implementing in your cinema ticket design. We have some suggestions of color combinations that you might like:

  • Red, blue, and white if you are going for an American type of design
  • Red, gold, and white which represents Chinese and oriental colors
  • Blue and green if you want to go Mediterranean
  • Brown and black for a Western type or post-apocalyptic design
  • Any neon color for futuristic and science fiction designs
  • Red and black for noir designs
  • Orange, brown, green, and pink which is a random combination but works well together
  • Black and white if you prefer a simple and minimalist color scheme

Cardboard Wedding Cinema Ticket Example

cardboard wedding cinema ticket example1

Movie Tools Cinema Ticket Example

movie tools cinema ticket example1

Sleek Cinema Ticket Example

sleek cinema ticket example1

3. Incorporate some movie-related images

Since you are creating a cinema ticket, why not incorporate some movie-related images to your cinema ticket design. It is only fitting to use movie-related images or designs not only to increase the visual appeal of the cinema ticket but also to increase the chances of your guess attending your event.You may also see concert ticket examples.

You have a thousand movies to choose from for your cinema ticket design, but choose the movies that are familiar with your guests. There is always that bias to use movie themes that you are familiar with, but not with your audience. Avoid this scenario as your guests will not fully appreciate the invitation due to the lack of awareness of even worse, disinterest in the themes of the movies you incorporated in the cinema ticket.You may also see blank festival ticket examples.

To be safe, go with popular movie franchises (Disney, Marvel, DC, etc.) instead of indie films, movies that were only released in limited theaters, or movies that went directly to DVD or Blu-ray.To give you an idea on what movie-related images or designs to use for the cinema ticket, read the next section below.

4. Don’t make it too large

Real cinema tickets are very small. They mostly measure around 2–3 inches in width and 3–5 inches in length. But for your cinema ticket design, you increase the dimensions to 3–5 inches in width and 4–6 inches in length. The dimensions should be no larger than the one mentioned above. Remember that you are not creating a poster or a tarpaulin so the size of the cinema ticket should be limited. You may also see summer party ticket designs

Since the dimensions are already small, make sure all of the text you want to list down in the cinema ticket invitation are included, specifically the details of the event such as venue, date, time. If you plan to include slogans or quotes, then go ahead.

Take note that there is also back portion of the cinema ticket you can utilize. The text that you are not able to include in the front face of the cinema ticket can be listed down in the back portion. Do not force adding too much text in the cinema ticket as it will only make the cinema ticket cluttered and will definitely ruin its aesthetics.You may also see movie ticket examples.

New Cardboard Cinema Ticket Example

new cardboard cinema ticket example1

Vintage Horror Cinema Ticket Example

vintage horror cinema ticket example1

Golden Cinema Ticket Example

golden cinema ticket example1

Classic Birthday Cinema Ticket Example

classic birthday cinema ticket example1


Movie Designs You Want to Use for the Cinema Ticket

As previously mentioned, incorporating movie-related images adds another dimension to the cinema ticket. Listed below are some designs from famous movies and movie franchises you may want to implement in your cinema ticket.

1. Marvel Cinematic Universe

It is no secret that the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is one of the most popular movie franchise today. Marvel has come a long way after being the most iconic comic book company in the world to going bankrupt in the 1990s. Disney eventually acquired Marvel in the late 2000s, and the rest is history.You may also see music concert ticket designs

All of the Marvel movies are now produced under Disney’s subsidiary Marvel Studios, with the company earning a total of over USD 15 billion from 18 movies dating back to 2008. Marvel Studios has produced hit after hit (Iron Man, The Avengers, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Captain America: Civil War, Thor: Ragnarok, and Black Panther). After its most recent hit Avengers: Infinity War, there is no doubt that Marvel Studios will continue to pump out more movies and introduce new characters (possibly X-Men and Fantastic Four) for the MCU in the next 5–10 years.You may also see carnival event ticket examples.

The MCU characters are already household names, so you can use their designs in the cinema tickets. Individuals who are not interested with Marvel films are still familiar with the characters, so using these designs will not hurt the impact of your invitation in any way. You can also use icons related to the characters as your designs (for example, Captain America’s shield, Iron Man’s armor, Thor’s hammer, Hawkeye’s bow and arrow, Spiderman’s mask, Thanos’s glove, etc.).You may also see bridal shower boarding pass ticket designs

2. DC Extended Universe

If Marvel has Iron Man and Captain America, DC has Batman and Superman. Marvel has the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) while DC has the DC Extended Universe (DCEU). Marvel and DC’s rivalry have been in full effect since both companies started to sell comic books in the 1930s. Even today when both companies have already been acquired by much larger conglomerates (Marvel acquired by Disney and DC acquired by Warner Brothers Inc.), the rivalry is still very heated.

DC’s most popular characters, Batman and Superman, have been brought to the big screen numerous times. The Superman franchise had its most success when Christopher Reeve donned the red cape and the “S” chest symbol back in the 1970s. Batman meanwhile was its peak when the Dark Knight trilogy was released during the mid 2000s when it gained massive commercial and critical acclaim. The most recent take on both characters, played by Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck respectively, have so far received mixed reviews.You may also see fundraiser ticket designs

You might agree that Superman and Batman are much popular than their Marvel counterparts. Using these characters for your cinema tickets, as well as other DC characters such as Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and the Flash will have no negative effect on your ticket invitation design and will be appreciated by all age groups or demographics.

3. Harry Potter

Compared to Marvel and DC, Harry Potter is a much newer franchise which was created only in the 1990s. But in its 20-year existence, it has already amassed millions of followers around the world. The number of fans have surely increased after the Harry Potter spin-off, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them was released a few years ago. The Fantastic Beasts sequel will be released in November this year.You may also see event show time ticket examples

Who would have thought that a children’s book about wizards, wands, broomsticks, potions, flying cars, giant animals, and floating objects would become so popular? The great thing about the wizarding world of Hogwarts is that the movies are filled with hundreds of characters, objects, and symbols that you can use.

Green Event Cinema Ticket Example

green event cinema ticket example1

Small Blue Cinema Ticket Example

small blue cinema ticket example1


Star Wars

Aside from acquiring Marvel, the house of mouse also acquired one of the biggest movie franchises of all time—Star Wars (specifically, Lucas Arts Ltd.). Star Wars was already a household name during the 1970s, as the first ever Star Wars movie was released (the name was later renamed to Star Wars: A New Hope). It was nominated for numerous Oscar awards (including Best Movie, Best Actor for Harrison Ford, and Best Original Soundtrack) and raised the standard on how science fiction movies are made.You may also see carnival event ticket examples

The second movie in the original trilogy, The Empire Strikes Back, is listed as one of the 1000 greatest films of all time. But you really can’t watch The Empire Strikes Back alone and disregard the other two films in the original trilogy, Star Wars and Return of the Jedi. You probably should watch the prequel trilogy that was released in the early 2000s and the new trilogy that began in 2015. The franchise also probably created the best movie villain of all time in Darth Vader, the most lovable movie robot of all time in R2-D2, and the most awesome movie weapon of all time in the lightsaber. You may also see multipurpose show ticket examples.

The lightsaber alone can bring wonders to your cinema ticket designs. But Star Wars lore isn’t just about lightsabers, as there are hundreds of designs of space ships and various human and alien characters at your disposal.

Japanese Animation

Japanese animation, or commonly referred as “anime,” is popular around the world to say the least. Although anime shows such as Dragon Ball, Naruto, Gundam, Cowboy Bebop, Hunter X Hunter, Slam Dunk, Fullmetal Alchemist, Neon Genesis Evangelion, and One Piece have a worldwide following, there are also anime movies that are as popular, if not more popular than the mentioned shows.You may also see vector train ticket designs

Studio Ghibli, the animation studio that has been dubbed as the Disney of Asia, has released some of the greatest movies of all time, including Princess Mononoke, My Neighbor Totoro, Spirited Away, and Grave of the Fireflies. As Studio Ghibli is focused on family-friendly movies, there is Akira, Ghost in the Shell, and Blood: The Last Vampire, three of the best high-adrenaline and action-packed anime movies you will ever see in your life.

For the designs, the anime shows mentioned above also released movies so you can use them in your cinema ticket designs. But if you are focusing on anime movies alone such as the Ghibli films, then you can also go for it taking into account that your potential guests will be also aware of these movies.You may also see watercolor event ticket examples 

We have provided some examples to help you create your own cinema ticket design for your special event (i.e. birthday, wedding, graduation party, retirement party, etc.). The examples we provided can be purchased at very affordable prices. Once the purchase has been made, you can then edit the tickets to fit your own cinema ticket design.

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