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When talking about studio, the first thing that would come in our mind is a space for working. A studio is can be used for art, acting, pottery, architecture, woodworks, dancing, photography, film-making, animation, graphic design, radio or television production, or music production.

The term studio is so broad that it encompasses all the works that can be done indoors. Just like any business entity, when a studio is designed to obtain profit, it is fitting that it should be endorsed or put its name in the market. Marketing your studio should be one of your top priorities especially when you are still new to the industry or you have just started your business. You must design and create your marketing materials such as elegant flyers, attractive banners, pamphlets, best posters, simple billboards, and best brochures, to have a wide coverage of your advertisement. You may also utilize the media such as television and radio.

In this article, we will are providing you studio brochure designs and examples perfect for your studio brochure needs. You may also check out other brochure designs as well:

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What is a Studio?

A studio is a workroom that serves a lot of purposes: art, acting, pottery, architecture, woodworks, dancing, photography, film-making, animation, graphic design, radio or television production, music production, and many others. You may also see examples of company brochure.

The word “studio” is derived from the Latin word “studium” from “studere” which means to study or zeal. Another popular term synonymous to studio, its French term, is “atelier” which is used to designate an artist’s studio as well as the studio or a fashion designer. This is also associated with as the home of an alchemist or a wizard. You may also like real estate brochure designs & examples.

Types of Studio

As what has been discussed, there are several types of studios, all with different purposes. These are as follows:

1. Art studio

An art studio is where an artwork is created or a place where art enthusiasts or growing artists will continue practicing and studying arts. Those artists are committed enough to continue their education in his or her formal discipline. Having an art studio will help unleash the creative and innovative minds of the artists in order for them to experiment and innovate more. Because of this, an art studio is considered as above the level of a mere production facility or workshop. Additionally, safety is also of concern in art studios since they have to preserve artworks and painting materials to prevent poisoning, chemical burns, fire, among others. You may also check out differences between a brochure and a pamphlet.

2. Educational studio

An education studio is a place where student learn to develop skill such as architecture, product design, and other skills related to design. Student, with the help at a college, learn to draft and design in an educational studio. It is colloquially referred simply as “studio” by students who spend late hours into doing projects and socializing.

There are two types of educational studio:

  • An open environment where students do visually centered work where faculty guidance is not available, allowing students to engage each other, help each other, and inspire each other.
  • Another type of education studio is similar to the one mentioned above only that it has an isolated space, instructor, and an added focus of directed criticism. You might be interested in examples of service brochures.

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3. Pottery studio

A studio pottery is where an individual potter will do his pottery works and it serves as his own studio. He may bring there his materials related to pottery, and the place is open for visit by his family and friends unless he will restrict them for safety purpose. It may also mean a design studio in a larger pottery manufacturing site where a group of potters can work for the company. These are the two subtypes of pottery studio, the former being the most common since potters usually work on their own. You may also see examples of business brochure design.

4. Production studios

Production studios are those which caters the productions of any arts but are usually for radio and television. This is the place where programs and radio commercials and television advertising are being recorded before it is being edited for proper release. There are two subtypes of production studios—animation studio and comics studio:

  • Animation studios – Animation studios may be production facilities or financial entities. In doing animations, the supervision from a master or a group of talented individuals is needed to oversee the work of newbie artist to enhance their skills and continue the legacy of doing digital works. With today’s uprising demand for animated films, animation studios have become more popular especially the established firms such as Disney and Pixar. You may also like examples of bi-fold brochure design.
  • Comics studios – Similar to the production of animations, in creating a comic strip or manga, as they are called in Japan, also needs the supervision from a more experience worker to oversee those who are still new to the production. A popular comic strip creator Eddie Campbell assembled a small studio to help him in his comic production and become the basis of the US comic book industry’s production method. You may also check out event brochure designs & examples.

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5. Instructional studio

There are universities who are creating studio setting which are for courses outside the artists’ realm, and among those projects is the Student-Centered Active Learning Environment for Undergraduate Programs (SCALE-UP). It promotes an active learning for more than 100 students in spaces that are carefully designed to facilitate interactions among the students as well as between the teams and the students. It has been observed that significant improvements in learning can be seen through this instructional studio. You might be interested in advertising brochure examples.

There are various subtypes of instructional studios which are as follows: mastering studio, acting studio, movie studio, photographic studio, radio studio, recording studio, and television studio.

  • Mastering studio

In audio production, a mastering studio refers to a facility specialized in audio mastering, the tasks of which include vinyl and tape transfers, vinyl cutting, audio restoration, CD compilation, corrective and tone-shaping EQ, dynamic control, stereo surround editing, and many others. The task is supervised by the mastering engineer who may perform small correction or improve the overall sound of a mix. The equipment may range from those high-end analog equipment with low-noise circuitry to digital hardware and plug-ins. Some even contain tape machines and vinyl lathes. You may also see travel brochure designs & examples.

On the other hand, in a video production, a mastering studio refers to the facility specialized in the post-production of video recordings, the tasks of which include video editing, mixing, color grading correction, audio mastering, among others.

  • Acting studio

An acting studio is a place or workspace where actors can rehearse and refine their piece. Acting classes and workshops may also be conducted in the place. This is very similar to a dance studio where classes, practices, workshops, etc. are being held in the studio, teaching people in different age brackets with regard to acting. Among the most notable acting studios in New York is the Neighborhood Playhouse and Actors Studio. They are honing the talent and skill of many young individuals and nurture them to become good actors and actresses someday soon. You may also like examples of education brochure design.

  • Movie studio

A movie studio, also known as film studio, is a place where an entertainment company make films through the facilities they have inside their studio. Most entertainment industries do not own their own studios, but instead, rented a space from other companies and make it as their own working space. On the other hand, there are also independently owned studio facilities that serve not as an entertainment company but just a seller of studio space for entertainment companies. One of the renowned film studios in the world is the Ramoji Film City in India, being certified by the Guinness World Records as the world’s largest Film Studio complex. It is the largest film city and is a very popular recreation center with tourist attractions like amusement park. You may also check out tri-fold brochure designs & examples.

  • Photographic studio

A photographic studio, also known as a photography studio, is where photographic training and exhibit or display of photographs may be accommodated. It is also a workspace used to take, develop, print, duplicate, and do other things related to photographs. This usually consists of the following: a darkroom, where photographers can make prints or carry out other related tasks; a main studio, where photographs are taken; a display room, where they can showcase their finished piece; and other space for other related work. You might be interested in nonprofit brochure examples.

The studio is often owned by one or a group of photographers who create and sell their own works. Some may need assistants especially those large photography studios. They may also sell others’ photographs, with a permission from the owner.

  • Radio studio

A radio studio is where a radio program or radio show is produced may it be for live broadcast or for recording purposes, with a soundproof room to avoid unwanted noise to mix into the broadcast. This is very similar to recording studios especially in their equipment to record audio for later broadcast. Also, they used similar principles such as sound isolation which is needed especially for live broadcast. Other equipment may include telephone hybrid, POTS codec, dead air alarm, broadcast delay, and emergency alert system decoder. You may also see examples and techniques for designing food brochures.

This is designed for groups of people to work in a live-to-air situations.

  • Recording studio

A recording studio is where sound recording, mixing, audio production of instrumental or vocal musical performances, and spoken words takes place. It can also be used to record singers, instrumental musicians, voice-over artists, or the soundtracks. It typically consists of studio or live room and the control room. The studio room consists of microphones and mic stands and is a space where instrumentalists or the vocalists can perform. On the other hand, in the control room, the sound from the studio is recorded and manipulated and is where sound engineers and record producers operate. There are also audio mixing consoles, effect units, and computers with software that are specialized for recording. Additionally, there are also isolation booths intended to accommodate drums, electric guitar amplifiers and speakers, and many other loud instruments. You may also like examples of hotel brochure design.

  • Television studio

A television studio, also known as television production studio, is where video productions take place. The recording may either be for live television video tape,or for the acquisition of raw footage for post-production. This studio is very similar to the movie studios. It contains a studio floor where the actions that will be recorded and viewed take place, a production-control room where composition of the outgoing program takes place, master control room which houses equipment that is too noisy or runs too hot for the production-control room, make-up or changing rooms, and the green room or the reception area for crew, talent, and visitors. You may also check out psd marketing brochure examples.

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6. Yoga studio

A yoga studio is where yoga classes and instruction take place. This is typical nowadays especially more and more people are becoming interested into attending yoga sessions and classes. The room can be as simple as a singe room; it can also be as complex with a multiple rooms with amenities like built-in props and heated or humidified rooms for hot yoga. But the most common ones are the small studios, catering less than 100 students per week with less than six instructors. The sessions may take for a week or a month depending on the classes that the yoga studio is offering. You might be interested in examples of recruitment brochure design.

7. Martial arts studio

A martial arts studio is where martial art lessons and classes take place. They may also offer classes in taekwondo class, self-defense class, weapon-based martial arts, camp, after school programs, stress relief class, and many others. The students will be categorized on age brackets and be taught accordingly in their specific levels. The instructors serve as a guide especially for the beginners and also the ones who will motivate the continuing students to study their art more and to enhance their skills. They are expected to be adept in what they are teaching; hence, parents entrusted their children to them. You may also see creative brochure examples for designers.

Nowadays, martial arts studios are increasing in numbers especially in the cities because many people are becoming interested into doing martial arts. These are becoming popular especially in children with ages between 4 to 10 years old, the ages in which children started to assess themselves what they like to do during spare time or in the future, especially if they have the full support of their parents. You may also like a4 brochure designs and examples.

8. Epitome

Similar to other business entities, if you want to promote the services offered in your studio, you really need to work on your marketing aspect. Whatever type of studio you may be running—art studio, educational studio, pottery studio, production studio, instructional studio, yoga and martial arts studio—you must have your own advertising materials to promote your studio. Of the different advertising materials, business flyers, printable banners, pamphlets, vintage posters, digital billboards, and free brochures, you can find lots of examples above which you must browse through again if you have not gone through it. The designs are surely satisfying, and you can certainly find a brochure that is fit your studio brochure needs.

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