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Have you ever purchased a ticket to some local event and wondered why companies even bothered to spend so much of their time and attention trying to make a creative event ticket? Why are tickets even necessary? How different would it be if a company decided to use tickets as a gate pass to an event? To understand the role of tickets in the world of business, let’s discuss matters down to the basics. You may also like music event ticket designs & examples.

Creative Event Ticket Template

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Multipurpose Event Ticket Template

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Live Event Ticket Template

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The Importance of Tickets in Events

Ever wondered why tickets are an important aspect of any profitable event? If money is the sole reason why organizers sell tickets, couldn’t we just pay for the fees before we enter the venue? There are several reasons why organizers establish a ticketing system for their events. Apart from being a point of entry, tickets can also help keep the event under tight surveillance for the the safety and security of attendees. You may also see plane boarding ticket examples.

1. To control crowds

Although an event is made open to the public without charge, some organizers require participants to register for tickets in order to control the number of people at the location. Most indoor venues can only hold a limited capacity of people, whether it’s a seated or a standing event. If a venue is designed to accommodate a maximum of 25,000 people, going over the limit will make them vulnerable to potential risks and disasters. Stampedes are a common danger faced by many events that cater to thousands of attendees. Regardless of the number of security personnel at the scene, they’re likely to be outnumbered by a ratio of 1:10. You may also like vintage event ticket designs & examples.

Tickets enable organizers to manage the number of people that come to the event in accordance to the venue’s rightful capacity. If the tickets sell out, non-ticket holders may not be allowed to enter the venue regardless of how much they’re willing to pay. You may also see carnival event ticket examples.

2. To measure the number of attendees

Ticket sales are one of the factors that help organizers measure the success of their event. If ticket sales reach or even exceed their expected number, the costs and expenses used to put together the whole thing would be covered accordingly. It would also serve as a baseline to estimate the materials and equipment that need to be purchased or rented for the event. This would mean great things for the company; otherwise, they may have to raise the bar with their promotional efforts. You may also like blank festival ticket.

Music Concert Event Ticket Template

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Free Event Admission Ticket Template

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Free BBQ Event Ticket Template

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Concert Event Ticket Template

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Creative Chalkboard Event Ticket Example

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3. To ensure security and safety

Large functions are an easy target for pickpockets, thieves, terrorists, and other criminals. This is why attendees are required to show their tickets and surrender their belongings for inspection before they may be allowed to enter the venue. This is another reason why attendees must be careful when buying tickets. There have been many cases of scalpers selling sold-out concert event tickets for twice its original price, and you can find many fake tickets online that are sold for the same amount. You may also see football tournament ticket examples.

4. To promote the event

Tickets can also act as a promotional tool to market the event. This is why many organizers design their tickets so attractively in order to appeal to their target audiences. It can even be used as a memorabilia after the event has passed. This way, participants can look back at the memories made at the event along with the company responsible for bringing it all together. You may also see Halloween party retro ticket examples.

And if you’re clever enough, you’ll know that a ticket can also serve as an opening to advertise your brand. Building brand awareness will help boost customer recognition to increase sales at your next event. You may also see VIP event ticket.

Creative Event Ticket Example

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Creative Music Event Ticket Example

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Creative Retro Event Ticket Example

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Creative Round-Corner Event Ticket Example

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Tips for Hosting a Successful Event on a Strict Budget

There’s no point in selling tickets if you fail to give attendees an experience worth paying for. Tickets are just a tiny part of your worries, as there are so many aspects of an event that must be attended to before the actual day.

Although event planning is always an exciting process to go through, it can also get pretty stressful, especially when money becomes an issue. It’s easy to fantasize on a lavish function when budgets are the least of your worries. However, it’s impossible not to worry about budgeting when your primary reason for hosting the event is to raise funds or profit. You might be interested in concert ticket examples.

Fortunately, it’s easy for an event to generate a good turn out if it is done correctly. It’s not about hosting a huge event, as oftentimes, people can enjoy the little things if they’re memorable enough to cherish. That being said, here are some tips on how you can host a successful event on a tame budget:

1. Plan ahead.

There are a lot of perks that come during the early stages of planning. For one, it allows you to conduct an event cost analysis beforehand. This will make it easier to assess the estimated budget for the event based on the fixed and variable costs. Some suppliers and venue owners offer special discounts to early birds as well. This way, you’ll have enough time to plan out every single detail of the event without being on a time crunch. You might be interested in ticket invitation designs & examples.

And since some unforeseen circumstances may greatly affect the planning process, having a contingency plan in place will also keep you prepared.

2. Consider party packages.

This may not be necessary for smaller, more manageable events, but anybody who’s hosting a medium to large function may benefit from this.

There are so many aspects of an event that must be taken care of. Like for instance, charity dinners are usually formal by nature. This means that everything from table setting, seat charts, lighting, and other equipment must be finalized weeks before the big day. Fortunately, some companies offer special discounted party packages that can solve eight of your ten problems at once. This will take the weight out of your shoulders to keep you a few steps away from a breakdown. You may also check out wedding invitation ticket examples.

3. Note down additional fees.

With or without a party package, additional fees are hard to avoid. Charges for power, security, and transportation are likely to change without prior warning. When this happens, you’d want to note down those numbers to make sure you’re still on the right track.

4. Choose an appropriate means of entertainment.

You need to choose between hiring a live band or a DJ, as hiring both performers comes with a hefty price. Unless you’re hosting an actual music event, you can decide between the two options by evaluating the type of crowds you hope to attract. While DJs are usually a lot cheaper than bands, you still need to consider the preferences of your audience to keep them entertained. You may also like invitation ticket examples.

5. Less talking, more watching.

If you don’t have the budget to hire a speaker at the event, you might as well use videos to fill in the dead air. These videos must stay relevant to the purpose of your event in order to keep attendees engaged. You can even ask event sponsors for videos they wish to share at the event for a more strategic approach. In some cases, visual graphics tend to be a better choice than an actual speaker. You may also see summer party ticket designs & examples.

6. Avoid open bars.

Whatever you do, do not entertain the idea of an open bar. Guests have a bad habit of abusing what comes free to them, and a heavy liquor bill will definitely burn a hole in your pocket. Instead, try offering a glass of champagne to guests by having your waiters serve them on trays. This way, you can control the number of glasses that guests consume and make sure no one’s having way too much fun with the drinks. You may also see event show time ticket examples.

7. Hire a caterer.

Serving food on a platter in each table may seem convenient to guests, but this also leaves room for wasted food and leftovers. This is why you might want to stick with the old-fashioned catering for the event. But if the venue or the party package already comes with a caterer, then all the better.

8. Crowdsource for giveaway gifts or prize options.

Some events offer freebies to guests as part of their ticket privileges, especially for VIP event tickets. Aside from a comfortable spot at the event, VIP ticket holders are likely to receive special packages containing a few goodies from sponsoring companies. You can also add in a few giveaways as consolation for people to remember the event. There are a lot of businesses that offer awesome discounts for bulk orders as well, so you might want to make the most out of that. You may also see multipurpose retro party ticket designs.

9. Have a strict attendance policy.

Organizing an event takes time, effort, and money, so the last thing you would want is to see all your hard work go to waste just because a few people were too lazy to come. Though this is only applicable to some types of events, it wouldn’t hurt to implement an attendance policy with guests. Since it’s common for social gatherings to use invitation tickets that also serve as passes to the event, you can use this to monitor the number of people who can and cannot come to your function for quick and accurate preparation.

Creative Sports Event Ticket Example

creative sports event ticket example

Creative Ticket for Events Example

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Elegant Creative Event Ticket Example

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How to Design a Creative Event Ticket

Tickets are designed for several different purposes. It can be used to reserve you a place at an event, secure a food and drinks stub in your honor, or to simply get you past security. The only problem is, some people seem to forget how important it is to design a ticket that’s just as useful as it is attractive. Ticket designs also function as a key marketing medium for events. This will help increase public exposure and encourage potential customers to take action.

If you’re feeling a bit lost with your event ticket design, here are a few guidelines to get you through:

1. Pay attention to details.

As a professional, it’s only right to aim for a ticket design that meets market standards. You wouldn’t want to charge customers $100 for a ticket, only to provide with a product that’s fresh from a kindergarten art class. The best you could is to pay attention to every minor detail that fills the ticket.

2. Keep it informative and attractive.

While we’ve already established how important it is to design a ticket that can easily catch a person’s attention, you still need to make sure that it serves its desired purpose. From a participant’s perspective, the ticket should carry essential information about the event such as the name of the event, date and time, venue, and the holder’s seat number or section. It might be necessary to include a few guidelines that attendees must know about such as Meet & Greet details, the time entrance gates are set to open, and other terms and conditions regarding the ticket. You may also see fundraiser ticket designs.

3. Create a clean layout.

As tempting as it is to go all out with your ticket design, you need to remember the value of simplicity. Important information must remain visible even from afar. Avoid overlapping your designs with unnecessary graphics that only leave a clutter on your layout. It’s best to research on the latest trends in ticket designs to check what your audience might want to see. Be sure to craft a design that’s unique and distinguishable from competitors. The purpose of designing the ticket is to stand out, not fall behind the shadows of existing creations. You may also see basketball ticket invitation cards.

4. Maximize space wisely.

We all know that most ticket sizes are just as small as the palm of our hands. Working with a limited space can be quite challenging, especially when your primary aim is to inform and attract customers. The best you could do is to make the most out of what you have. White space will help emphasize the main details of the ticket design, and you could also add a few lines and shapes to outline its edges. Avoid packing on the graphics, or you could end up with an overwhelming product. You may also see birthday invitation ticket designs.

5. Stick to a theme.

It’s a good idea to design a ticket that reflects the essence of your event. Focusing on a single theme will make it easier to decide which elements would best suit the design. Besides establishing consistency, this will also embed the theme of the event on people’s minds to help create a sense of excitement for them to look forward to.

So the next time you find yourself hosting a personal or corporate event, be sure to have those tickets ready! With the help of these guidelines and examples, you’re sure to obtain a smooth sailing event in no time. You may also see wedding ceremony boarding pass tickets.

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