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If you will be holding or organizing a conference, you must be well aware that it must be promoted properly to disseminate the information to the right persons. This marketing can greatly help you in gathering people to attend to your event.

Hence, in order to persuade people, your modern brochure must be informative enough. It must contain information about the speakers, venue, travel arrangements, among others. It must be clear, persuasive, and encouraging to the readers so they will sign up or reserve their spot to your conference. You may also include an introduction from a prominent speaker that provides a helpful overview of the event and that welcomes the potential attendees or delegates. Your brochure must also clearly specify the benefits that the attendees can acquire when they attend in your event. You may also set out the timetables and details of the sessions.

Lastly, aside from your brochure, you must maintain a constant communication with your prospects through other marketing and advertising tools such as posting on social media, handling flyers, posting flyers and attractive banners, and many others.

To help you in design your brochure, below are some elegant conference brochures that you can choose from. It comes in different designs so you have a lot of options for your conference brochure. Check them out in the next section and see if there is anything that suits your preference. Or, you may also want to check other brochure designs as well:

Great Ideas Conference Brochure

great ideas conference brochure

Conference Schedule and Workshop Info Brochure

conference schedule and workshop info brochure

What is a Conference

Generally, the term “conference” is used to indicate a formal meeting for discussion which is most commonly adopted by many organizations for their regular meetings. Not only that, it can also be used for presentations in a traditional way, that is, papers followed by questions. Customarily, it will involve the gathering of members of the same field of expertise. It will take place over a day or few days depending on the type or nature or length of discussion and tends to have an objective outcome on completion. You may also see advertising brochure examples.

There is this called breakout session which forms a part of a conference, which can be meetings, workshops, seminars, or presentations. These are designed for smaller groups at a large conference, the purpose of which is to engage those who are interested in specific topics.

Trifold Business Conference Brochure Template

trifold business conference brochure template

99U Conference Branding Collateral 2014

99u conference branding collateral 2014

Expectations Conference Bifold Brochure

expectations conference bifold brochure

Types of Conferences

When talking about conferences, there are a lot of types of conferences that you must know in order to understand the nature of conferences. They primarily differ in the topics discussed or the agenda of the conference. They may also differ in the length of time, the venue, as well as the participants. You may also like real estate brochure designs & examples.

Hence, if you will be conducting your own conference or you will be organizing a conference, here is a list of the types of conference and a brief discussion for each type. Take note the nature for each type so you will understand and be oriented of the flow of activities as well as the behavior of the participants.

1. Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Annual General Meeting or AGM is a shareholders’ meeting where stockholders or shareholders will be updated by the board of directors for the annual progress of the organization. Usually, this is the time to elect for new board members. In some organizations, especially corporations and cooperatives, this is also the time that they will issue the dividends of the members. Additional perks include raffle draws to win a vehicle, a gift certificate, or even a sack of rice, depending on the company holding the event. You may also check out tri-fold brochure designs & examples.

2. Banquets

A banquet is a gathering of people over a large meal or feast complete from appetizers, main courses, desserts, as well as alcholic beverages such as beer or wine. It serves as a way for most companies to celebrate achievements and boost employee morale. During this time, awarding to the deserving employees and top performers will also take place. Recognition of those who get promoted or those who are newly appointed to the position will also be celebrated during the event. Moreover, it also serves a purpose such as a charitable gathering, a ceremony, or a celebration in honor of the achievement of many people. You might be interested in examples of business brochure design.

3. Board Meetings

A board meeting is a formal meeting of the board of directors of an organization, held a few times in a year. This involves the gathering of a company’s board of directors or decision makers to discuss the issues and problems that the company is facing, the progress of the organization, the areas and aspects that needs to be improved, as well as the plans for the upcoming projects and events. The meeting is usually presided over by a chairperson of the organization and quorum requirements must be reached to start the meeting. The discussions and deliberations are to be recorded in the minutes. You may also see brochure examples in psd.

4. Colloquium

Colloquium is a term used to indicate both traditional and conversational seminar usually led by different lecturer on each of the different topic at each meeting. It tends to privilege the aspect of debate. This conference would usually take a couple of days. The lecturers on a colloquium is expected to have a lot of knowledge about the subject matter that is being discussed. You may also like examples of modern brochure design.

This can also be applied to students in which they can discuss and share with other people an overview of their research for their tutorial and thesis. The lecturer must present the topic and the conclusion reached as a result of his or research. This is also the perfect time to bring into the discussion your problems in finding the material or meeting with your advisor or getting a response from a questionnaire. You may also raise questions during the discussion. This is like an oral progress report and process report combined. You may also check out free brochure design examples.

Brochure League of California Cities Annual Conference Programs

brochure league of california cities annual conference programs

Half-fold Business Conference Brochure Template

half fold business conference brochure template

5. Conclave

Conclave is the common term used to indicate the meeting of cardinals specifically to choose a new pope in which only cardinals who are 80 and below are eligible to vote. This is usually held in the Sistine Chapel and would usually take days in choosing a new pope. The cardinals must not divulge anything to the outside world and must take a vow of secrecy. They shall not leave the city-state if the decisions were not yet made and even do not have access to radio, television, mobile phones, and other modes of communication. You might be interested in examples of company brochure.

However, conclave is not just used for the meeting of cardinals in the election of the pope; it essentially means closed-door meetings to be attended by individuals of power and influence.

6. Congress

Although the term congress is often associated in reference to the legislative branch of the government, it also refers to a regularly scheduled formal meetings involving decision-making, debate, and voting by the representatives of different nations, constituent states, organizations, or other groups. This term was said to be chosen by the 13 British colonies for the Continental Congress to emphasize the status of each colony. You may also see medical brochure examples.

7. Consumer Shows

Consumer shows, also known as trade show, exhibition, expo, or gate show, is a conference open to the public. This features different classes and types of products and services from the particular industry holding the event such as arts and crafts, design, industrial products, or agricultural products. Many booths may be set up where the participants can showcase their products and services and where people can gather around to take a look and buy those things. Anything is approved in the area as long as it is related to the particular field chosen by the organizers. You may also like examples of bi-fold brochure design.

8. Convention

A convention is a planned and coordinated gathering of people in order to discuss or engage in some common interest which are usually based on industry, profession, and fandom. It ordinarily runs for a few days and also tends to have a registration or an entrance fee. It may also feature keynote speakers, vendor displays, and other information and activities that might bring interest to the attendees. The commonly held conventions are professional conventions, which focus on the advancements related to a certain profession; fan conventions, which feature shows, exhibit, and displays based on pop culture; and sci-fi convention, which features both professional and fan conventions. You may also check out best brochure examples.

Interflow Design Conference Brochure

interflow design conference brochure

Premier Conference Bifold Brochure Pack

premier conference bifold brochure pack

Social Conference Bifold Conference Brochure Pack

social conference bifold conference brochure pack

9. Gala

Gala is a festive celebration marking a special occasion or other glamorous affairs which often include dinner party. This celebration may also include entertainment and awards, in which people are dressed formally to fit in with the event and the fancy venue.

10. Press Conference

A press conference is a formal gathering or meeting organized for the purpose of disseminating information to the media usually by any newsmaker such as businessmen, politicians, law enforcers, and sports organizers. This is also an opportunity for the media to ask relevant questions and also an opportunity for the newsmakes to address issues, questions, and problems that concerns the public. In some instances, there may be difficulties to attract major media when the announcement is not that large or newsworthy to share.  You might be interested in event brochure designs & examples.

11. Product Launches

Product launches are often presented into the market especially when it is the debut of the launching of the product or a way to generate maximum exposure about a new product. This signifies the point at which consumers first have an overview to the new product. This is also the time when product samples are available to be distributed for free to the public. In this way, companies market their new products and they can also boost their brand name in the industry, for marketers believed that the more you expose your name in the public, the more people be aware of your brand and the more they will trust in your company for exposure will oftentimes equate to credibility. You may also see differences between a brochure and a pamphlet.

12. Roundtable

The term roundtable connotes the equality of all the participants in a meeting, similar to the equality of the roundness of the table and where discussion plays the leading role in this kind of meeting. Each of the participants got to have a turn to take the floor. It is usually participated by academics who are also the keynote speakers. The discuss usually revolves around a certain subject commonly known and studied by the participants. You may also like brochure designs & examples.

13. Seminar

This is a form of academic instruction offered by a commercial or professional organization, the function of which is to bring together small groups for one or recurring meetings. The meeting or discussion will focus on a particular subject in one meeting and another discussion on the next meeting. The attendees will listen to the discussions of the experts to acquire new knowledge or to be informed of a certain topic and may be called to participate the discussion at times. You may also check out indesign brochure examples.

Venture Conference Brochure Pack

venture conference brochure pack

Future Conference Bifold Brochure

future conference bifold brochure

Conference Agenda Brochure

conference agenda brochure


In sum, conference is a general term used to indicate discussions and other formal gatherings. There are many types of conference depending on the subject matter and the area of focus on the discussion. The different types of conference are as follows: annual general meetings, banquets, board meetings, colloquium, conclave, congress, consumer shows, convention, gala, press conference, product launches, roundtable, and seminars. These meetings often involve formal and intellectual discussions among the attendees or the delegates. You might be interested in sales promotion brochures.

Hence, when you will be having a conference, it is important for you know the above-mentioned types of conference. Also, you must know how to market your conference or to let people know that you will be having one in case they will be interested in your conference or they are the target audience for your conference. You may also see landscape brochure designs and examples.

Lastly, never forget to check the examples of conference brochure designs presented above.

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