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Name badges are useful for anyone to know what you are called without having to say your name repeatedly and all over again. These name badges are usually used for work. Also, personalized branded staff name badges makes the staff of a company to stand out from the crowd and confirm their position and role within their organization, but are these the only reasons why staff name badges is important in business? You may also see examples of vintage logo.

Disney Name Badge Design

disney name badge design

Brand Name Badge Vintage Design

brand name badge vintage design

Brand Name Badge Design

brand name badge design

Wood Name Badge Design

wood name badge design

1. Get your name badges right for the first time

Social experiments have long confirmed that uniforms and embellishments, even name badges have an influence in human contact situations and it is a critical factor to consider the old expression of the general rule of conduct,“you only get one chance to make a first impression!” Even the first initial contact could influence someone in a manner that can be very difficult to reverse; so getting it right for the first time is truly important. You may also see graphic design portfolio examples.

2. Being trustworthy is very important

Name badges not only gives sense of authority and knowledge but total respect when it is worn by a competent employee. When anyone needs help approaches a member of your staff, these help wash away the intimidation and uncertainty of a customer towards an inquiry of a certain product.

Companies also has their values, ideals, principles and success and thus successful organizations are normally guided by highly-driven, professionally minded, ambitious individuals and groups who work hard to develop these characteristics over a wide circle of employees. This circulation of company values, ideals and principles are an integral part of success, and forging a spirit of teamwork and belonging plays a big part in the bigger picture. You may also like examples of vector design.

3. What do staff name badges mean to employees?

Name badges serve as a constant reminder to the wearer, of their alliance and obligations during their undertaking of their duties and can help promote self-worth, pride and promote understanding of brand values. Even though a personalized branded name badge can  make up for a disinterested, unmotivated or under performing employee (although it may work sometimes) but it can help make something better given that all the other pieces of the puzzle have been put in place.

4. Different types of name badges

Name badges come in different guises depending on how or where they are to be used including  for the staff, conferences in different places, security, exhibition, promotional etc. Name badges can be manufactured in a variety of ways depending on the technology employed by the company supplying them. They can be supplied using:

  • Printed card with polypropylene pockets & lanyards
  • Engraving
  • Screen-printing
  • Hot-foiling
  • Dye sublimation
  • Stamping
  • Digitally printed with domed resin coating

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5. Name badges can help identify employees and volunteers to each other

Sometimes, especially in larger companies, it can be difficult to remember everyone’s name. Not all people in the company will always be interacting with each other and so, by wearing name tags, or other personal identification, newer employees and other team members in the company can easily recognize each other. Name badges also provide accountability to employees as once a name tag is worn, it requires the wearer to accept responsibility for his/her actions and not to make any mischief in his/her work. You might be interested in attractive portfolio examples.

6. Build Company Recognition

 Corporate branding is a rising trend and by adding a business or organization logo to a name tag, every employee or volunteer will be identified quickly and easily. Name tags and name badges are typically used in only an office or retail setting.

7. Conversation Starters

Name tags are great way for customers and employees to interact with each other. Name badges let the person know exactly who they are going to approach if they need help. If a customer needs assistance, they will know exactly who to ask for an assistance. You may also see magazine cover design.

8. Provides Security In Offices and Retail Settings

When employees wear their name badges, they can be easily identified and acknowledged whether they truly belong in the company. Outsiders are unlikely welcome inside the premises of the company. Name tags are really valuable in most companies to protect their identity or sensitive information for security purposes.

Even though personal identification may not seem to be as common as it once used to be, name tags and name badges will always have an important place in any work environment. By making the name tags put into a company’s culture, consumers and customers will be able to relate to the company’s brand. Name badges eliminate any barrier between the customer and employees. You may also like examples of work portfolios.

9. Better Communication

According to studies related in psychology in business terms, it is shown that communication is enhanced between people if they know each others name. This is especially true in large companies where employees may have to interact on a regular basis with fellow employees they have never met before.

Name tags instantly break down that barrier, the barrier of being suspicious and intimidated to a person since you barely know them at all, especially for new employees who are meeting a lot of the employees and may feel overwhelmed of meeting lots of people at once and have trouble remembering everyone’s name. With the use of name tags, everyone can communicate efficiently and they can even form a bond of friendship easily since they get to know the employees’ names right away. You may also check out digital portfolio examples.

Magnetic Wood Name Badge Design

magnetic wood name badge design

Elegant Wedding Name Badge Vintage Design

elegant wedding name badge vintage design

Nurse Name Badge Design

nurse name badge design

Brand Name Badge Vintage Design Example

brand name badge vintage design example

Additional tips on wearing badges

1. Stay on the right side

Contrary to traditional practice among right-handed people who reach across their chests to place their name tags to the left, name tags are actually better placed on the right side. A simple way to remember this is “on the right to follow the line of sight.” The people glancing at your tag have a more natural line of vision to your eyes as they reach out to shake your extended right hand. This placement also helps to avoid the awkward glance to the left that may signify you have no idea who the other person is. You may also see hotel logo design examples.

2. Make it easy to spot

The purpose of a name tag is to make it easy for others to see your name, therefore avoid placing your name tag on your pant leg, purse or dangling from the bottom of your shirt at your hip, or any place where it can be covered by your hair (just make sure you wear a ponytail or style your hair in such way it won’t obstruct the view of your name tag).

3. Put your first name and last name

In your name tag, it is advisable to include your first and last name. Depending on the company’s rule of what to put in the name badge, some business experts suggest not to include a title in your name badge, which may inhibit interaction if you appear to rank above, such as of you’re a supervisor or a manager or below others on the corporate ladder. Their reason is that the position of the employee will become clear in the course of conversation after you’ve connected with someone. You may also like examples of branding and identity design.

4. Make sure your name badge is eligible

Your name tag is totally futile if no one can read and understand it. Good name tag etiquette also means good handwriting. Since name badges are usually printed or engraved, use a clear font, specifically, use capital block letters so anyone can read the writings in your name badge and they won’t have a hard time reading it. They can also save themselves from embarrassment if they pronounce your name wrong.

5. Go for the metal

Unless if the company provides it, if you’re purchasing your own name tag, opt for a lightweight metallic one instead of a cheap plastic version. Plastic ones have a tendency to break easily or the print on it will fade. If you don’t want to bother yourself with the fuss of inserting pins through the fabric of your clothing (you don’t want to get pricked by the sharp needle of the pin) there are countless number of clip-on and magnetic versions available. You may also check out attractive portfolio examples.

6. Put it on at all times

By all means anytime you are in the company or during your working hours, wear your name tag. Most companies have a strict rule of letting their staff wear their name badges inside the company’s premises. If name tags are provided at an event, use them. Avoid being a name tag snob. They are present there to make the meet and greet with other people easier and less awkward for them repeating to introduce themselves to the guests.

7. Provide name badges to people when there are events

If you are assigned to lead a business event, prepare name tags, preferably blank name tags, along with a pen or marker, to write their names in. This is to avoid misspelling their names and letting them write their names the way they want to be called (some people want to be called by their nicknames or by their second name). You might be interested in examples of stunning coffeehouse branding design.

Personal Name Badge Design

personal name badge design

Pink Name Badge Design

pink name badge design

Personal Name Badge Vintage Design

personal name badge vintage design

Funny Name Badge Design

funny name badge design

Engraved Name Badge Designs

engraved name badge designs

Erasable Hello Name Badges

erasable hello name badges

Customized Name Badge Design

customized name badge design

Now that you already are aware of the importance of name badges, this article can be a helpful way of letting you appreciate name badges and not just take them for granted.

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