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As we can observe along the streets, restaurants are everywhere. This is because restaurants are very convenient when it comes to serving food, especially when you don’t have an ample amount of time cooking your own food. Restaurants are also life savers when you’re stomach is grumbling in hunger and you need to travel miles away to get back to your place. Because investors and managers as well as marketers understand the demand of restaurants, a lot of restaurants quickly emerged in the market which heightened the competition of restaurants and shops in serving food for the people. You may also see cafe menus.

Now, the problem faced by the competitors is how to stand from the rest by having an edge over the others through your product quality or customer satisfaction. A lot of marketing strategies have been designed and devised to test which is the most efficient and effective to maintain the name of a certain company in the spotlight. One of the commonly used marketing tools is the menu. Menus are designed to showcase to the public what a certain company is offering.

Now you know in part the importance of having a menu, you may check out our examples below for some free menu designs. You may also take a look at our other menu designs:

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Quick Tips for a Menu that Sells

It is not all the time that your menu would sell only because of the food; some other things may be a factor, too!
In this section, provided are the quick tips for making a menu that sells. If you would like your menu to be the first one that would catch people’s attention while entering your restaurant, better work out your menu more and adhere to the tips below:

1. Group Bestselling Items Together

Anticipate that your customers’ eye will wander through your menu in each and every page. Group together your bestselling items for the following reasons:

1. When asked what your bestselling items are, you can immediately show them the page of your bestselling dishes or desserts. You may also see menu designs.

2. When they got hooked by your bestselling items, they won’t stop whining to try those food until they ordered them.

3. This is also to show outsiders and prospective customers that you have a lot of bestselling items that you can offer to your customers—to improve quality food because of competition. You may also see lunch menus.

4. When they’re through browsing the bestselling treat, they are now open for the other dishes listed in your menu. They would explore more on the food you have and scan to the next pages. This is another way to allure your customers to buy products other than the main thing that a restaurant is offering. You may also see modern menu designs.

2. Avoid the Use of Dollar Signs

This is one thing that restaurateurs must avoid as your restaurant may appear money over quality when you present a menu with the overuse of dollar signs. Customers will become money-conscious and may focus on the prices rather than on the dishes, scanning for the least expensive items. You may also see printable menus.

Because of this, some restaurants incorporate prices in their menus without the use of dollar signs or any other monetary sign. You might fret and ask, “How will they know if the monetary is really in dollars and not other currencies?” When a business is established in a specific country, it is manifested that the currency used for the items inside the restaurant is the same as what is commonly used in the country. Hence, it is our own instinct that tells us on what currency to present to the restaurant when ordering a menu. You may also see salad menus.

Hence, it is better and safer not to include the currency in your menu.

3. Consider Your Menu as a Tour Guide

Similar to a tour guide, restaurant menus will help customers in the following ways:

1. Your menu escorts the customers on each dish and other places of your menu where their eyes drifted.

2. Your menu describes tour points of interest to customers by stating a brief description of the dish.

3. The staff attending to the customer can monitor them and are ready to take orders.

4. The staff can also provide recommendations on the bestselling items of a restaurant.

5. Your menu can answer to the possible queries of a customer supplemented by the staff taking the order.

4. Keep Your Menus Clean

Menus are a reflection of a company’s brand, personality, and branding. However, restaurant menus are susceptible to grease, stains, and other common restaurant wear and tear. Thus, if menus are stained and are unkempt, the restaurant will appear to be old, cheap, and not monitored. For this reason, restaurant should keep their menus clean and monitor them every after serving. A durable menu is very much preferred for they are made of thick paper with a special finish may it be matter or gloss or laminated. Some restaurants would even spend a huge amount of money in printing their menus on wood and other conventional materials for an increased aesthetic and durability of the menu. You may also see food menu examples.

5. Keep Your Menus Updated

Your menu must be updated in terms of pricing and offering.

We all know that prices in goods and other commodities significantly fluctuates each year. So, restaurants must conduct a profitability analysis and learn from the market the reasonable price for their dish. Because some fluctuations are not normal like when their is a sudden increase of prices, when a restaurant is constant with their pricing, they would undoubtedly lose profitability. On the other hand, when market prices significantly decrease and the restaurant does not go with this decrease, its pricing would be greatly far above other competitors which would keep the customers from coming in your restaurant. You may also see bakery menus.

Additionally, you must also evaluate and update your menu offering, your dishes, at lease twice a year for there are menus that are seasonal and there are also those that will lose its popularity after a short time. Those menus that are rarely ordered must be replaced so your menu should reach its potential by serving customers dishes they would most probably want. If and when you are hesitant in changing your entire dish, you can look for ways so that new dishes can be created from the same ingredients you use in your current dish. With proper promotion and launching, customers are likely to try the new dish that you are offering. You may also see pizza menu examples.

6. Avoid Too Much Jargon

It is true that culinary words may be appetizing and attractive for customers. However, when a menu description is written by a chef, it is more likely that they are written using industry jargon that only culinary professional would understand but cannot be appreciated by mere customers. Remember that the goal of your menu is to give assistance to the customers in choosing a dish for their meal and to increase profitability, and customers would most probably get a lot more about your menu if the details make the customers hungry and read more like an explanation rather than a recipe. You may also see bar menus.

7. Avoid the Use of Hard-to-Read Fonts

Fonts also affect the overall presentation of your menu. We sometimes tend to play with fonts in our layout; however, for menus, the simpler the font, the better. Avoid cursive fonts for these can just cause distraction to the eyes of the readers. Instead, use a font that is easy to read in print like Sans Serif or Times. You may also see wedding menus.

8. Include Digital Menu Boards

Aside from your paper or printed menu, also include digital menu boards, the ones especially placed in the counters. It did not only increase the aesthetic of your restaurant but also provide customers a great visual view of and an easy read in your menu.Static menu boards are difficult to update when implementing changes; hence, marketers come up with the solution of a digital menu board. But, for convenience to other customers, the traditional printed menu is also offered for a close encounter of your menu to the customers. You may also see menu cards.

9. Make Sure Your Staff is Trained and Familiar with Your Menu

In offering your menu to your customers, there must be a person attending to the possible queries of a customer, your staff who will take the orders. Make sure that your staff is trained enough in greeting the customer, explaining a certain dish, recommending bestselling items, taking the orders, and providing comfort for the customers while waiting for their ordered food. Thus, they must undergo a personality training so they learn the proper way in approaching customers, they must study all the dishes offered in your restaurant, they must observe what items are fast-selling, and they must be mindful as regards the mood of the customer. You may also see seafood menus.

10. Limited-Time Offers

By including limited-time offers in your menu, it is an evidence that your are constantly updating what you can offer to the public. That is also a way to attract new diners in coming to your restaurants and to entice your long-term customers to try something new. This new feature can remarkably help in carrying a restaurant branding forward as customers would usually take these rare opportunities especially that they are limited or offered only for a short period of time, allowing the company to grow and increase its profitability. You may also see catering menus.

Winding Up

Menus are important as they serve as a guide for your customers to the items that you are offering. In making a menu, you have to make sure that you have an edge over your competitors and bear in mind the following tips: group best-selling items together, avoid the use of a dollar sign, consider your menu as a tour guide, keep your menus clean, keep your menus updated, and lastly, make sure your staff is trained and familiar with your menu. These tips might be simple, but these are actually the common things that are being overlooked by most of the restaurants. You may also see barbecue menus.

To help you with the design of your menu, hopefully our free menu examples offered above will help. Check it out again if you miss it!

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