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A wedding invitation is always dreamy, simple, and magical when it comes to its appearance. There are different designs that are applied in the layout of a wedding invitation and one of the most favored by couples is the usage of laces. A lace wedding invitation exudes the mentioned characteristics that are commonly associated with wedding invites. Hence, it is a great way to present the wedding to the expected guests.

Creating a lace wedding invitation is just like creating a Lunch Invitation where there are different Invitation Design options that you may select from. The difference between the two is that a wedding invitation is much more special and takes a longer time to plan out and develop since it will be used for a very important event in a couple’s life.

Victorian Floral Lace Wedding Invitation

victorian floral lace design wedding invitation

Retro Style Lace Design Wedding Invitation

retro style lace design wedding invitation

Elegant Lace Design Wedding Invitation

elegant lace design wedding invitation

The Right Lace Design For You

If you want to create an Elegant Wedding invitation, add lace to your invitation design. Just because you will use lace designs for your wedding invitation does not mean that you will specifically use a particular kind of lace. Your aesthetic should not be sacrificed when using lace designs. You do not need to worry when it comes to this matter as there are actually a lot of lace designs that can fit your aesthetic. There are different kinds of lace wedding invitations and a few of them are as follows:

  • A Victorian lace wedding invitation will look good if you have an English-inspired wedding. This works best if you can incorporate dainty details like pearls in the design of your wedding invitation as well.
  • If you want a trendy yet soft lace wedding invitation, you can use a retro style lace wedding invitation. Mix the unconventional retro aesthetic with different colored laces so you can spice up the overall visuals of your wedding invitation.
  • A bohemian lace wedding invitation can be realized if you will use laces together with different bohemian icons like dream catchers and feathers. The softness of lace and the message that the bohemian design relays are amazing to be put together as they can highlight the love that you are currently celebrating during your wedding.
  • If you want to be on the traditional route, it will be easy for you to come up with a unique floral lace wedding invitation. All you need to do is to ensure that the floral lace that you will use is specifically design just for your wedding. You can also combine different kinds of readily made laces or various lace vectors so you can make your wedding invitation look more original and themed.

To achieve cohesion to your wedding, make sure that your Wedding Party Invitations and all the other wedding cards also have lace designs in them. This will help your wedding materials and tools to look good and organized when put together.

Elegant Floral Lace Neutral Wedding Invitation

elegant floral lace neutral wedding invitation

Vintage Lace Wedding Invitation

vintage lace wedding invitation

Lace Gold Wedding Invitation

lace gold wedding invitation

Retro Decorative Lace Wedding Invitation

retro decorative lace wedding invitation

Tips When Creating a Lace Wedding Invitation

A lot of couples use lace wedding invitations. With this, you have to make sure that your wedding invitation design will still somehow be different when compared to generic lace wedding invitations. Listed below are some of the tips that can be helpful with your design undertaking when developing a lace wedding invitation:

  • Incorporate various designs in your wedding invitation. As an example, you can use laces to design a tree silhouette so you can come up with Forest wedding invitations with lace features on them. You can also do this with Island wedding invitations by adding laces as the burlap design in your invitation background.
  • Use different colors of laces. A lace is not just white in color. You can use off-white, cream and other soft shades like pink and blush. However, you can also be more artistic and use vibrant lace colors like blue, violet and green. It all depends on how you will put these laces all together that can make your wedding invitation still look cohesive.
  • Be specific with the kind of lace inclusion that you would like to add in your wedding invitation design. The way you incorporate lace in the wedding invitation is very important. Do you want it to serve as the background of the document? Do you want to use it in the edges of your invitation so that it can look like document borders? You have to be precise with how you will use your lace designs so you can ensure that it will not ruin the entirety of the wedding invitation visuals.
  • Make sure that the lace design is appropriate to your wedding theme or motif. If you will have an outdoor wedding, ensure that the lace design that you will use is beautiful to look at when added to Outdoor Wedding invitations. Even if laces are used in Traditional wedding invitations, you still have to find a way on how you can place it in your modern wedding invitation design without veering away from your wedding’s intended overall look.

Country Floral Vintage Lace Design Wedding Invitation

country floral vintage lace design wedding invitation

Classic Lace Wedding Invitation

classic lace wedding invitation

Why Use a Lace Wedding Invitation

A lace wedding invitation is one of the most sought-after design that are picked by couples for their wedding. With this, there must be an underlying reason why a lace wedding invitation is a popular choice. Some of the reasons why we think lace wedding invitations are always used include the following:

  • Lace is always on trend. There are different ways on how lace designs can be interpreted which makes it an easy design material to work on.
  • A lace wedding invitation is traditional but it also has room for development. As mentioned above, there are a lot of ways on how a lace design can be incorporated in a wedding invitation. As an example, Vintage wedding invitations can include laces and other vintage items together to achieve the look that the couple would like to realize for their vintage-themed wedding.
  • A lace wedding invitation is pleasing to look at. The softness of the lace design reflects the softness of the occasion. Since a wedding day is a very intimate event, using a lace wedding invitation is just appropriate.
  • The design of your lace wedding invitation can actually be used to your Wedding rehearsal invitations and other wedding cards as well. Doing this can make your wedding tools, materials, and other visuals look put together and well-planned.

Rustic Country Classy Floral Lace Burlap Wedding Invitation

classy floral lace burlap wedding

Burlap and Lace Wedding Invitation Suite

burlap and lace wedding invitation suite

Printable Lace Wedding Invitation

printable lace wedding invitation

May it be Fall wedding invitations or Rustic invitations that you would like to use for your wedding day, do not forget that you can always add lace to the design of the wedding invitation. Never be afraid to play with the lace design aesthetic as it can create a lot of drama to the overall look of your wedding invitation.Using a template when creating a lace wedding invitation can be very helpful as it will allow you to have an easier time in putting together all the materials and information that you would like to include in the invitation. More so, referring to samples is very beneficial so you can be aware on how to make the most out of the lace wedding invitation development. Create one now and have a wonderful time inviting guests to your wedding.

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