14+ Whimsical Wedding Invitation Designs & Examples in PSD | AI | EPS Vector

There are a lot of Wedding Invitation designs and formats that couples can choose from. The specific kind of wedding invitation that will be used for a wedding will depend on the event’s theme, color motif, and overall aesthetic. One of the less chosen design is a whimsical wedding invitation. Even if it is not a popular choice, you can still use it especially if it matches the design of your wedding.

A whimsical wedding invitation should look playful, magical and interesting. It should spark curiosity about the grandeur of the wedding and all the other elements that guests will experience should they attend the event. You can include different items in a whimsical wedding invitation including your Wedding Logo and all the other content that you want to show to your guests. You can refer to the samples below if you have no idea on how to start creating a whimsical wedding invitation.

Whimsical Black Cat Wedding Invitation

Golden and Silver Whimsical Wedding Invitation

Vintage Whimsical Wedding Invitation

How to Make Your Wedding Invitation Whimsical

If you want to have a whimsical wedding invitation, you have to ensure that you will not use common designs in common ways as well. You have to go the extra mile when developing the whimsical aesthetic that you would like your wedding invitation to portray. Here are some of the things that can help you make your wedding invitation whimsical:

1. Start with an attainable idea that you want to execute. The design of your Printable wedding invitation can be achieved if you can incorporate whimsical items as planned. There are different themes that you can play with so that you can achieve the idea that you have in mind.

2. Consider the location of the wedding event. One thing that can truly help your whimsical wedding invitation be effective is the location of your wedding. As an example, you can make magical Island wedding invitations by adding fireflies and fairy lights in your invitation design. This way, your guests can have an idea that you are going for a whimsical island theme for your wedding.

3. As much as possible, use an outdoor setting as the base of your wedding invitation design. It is a fact that outdoor Wedding invitations especially those with forest or garden design settings tend to look more striking and fairytale-like. If this is not what you want, you can develop an indoor setting design that looks like it is the inside of a palace.

Whimsical Beach Wedding Invitation

Blush Whimsical Wedding Invitation

Whimsical Floral Wedding Invitation

Design Tips to Help Your Whimsical Wedding Invitation Stand Out

A whimsical wedding invitation is not a Traditional wedding invitation which is why a few couples tend to not use it. However, there are a lot of ways on how you can use this kind of wedding invitation while still following traditional and customary designs. Here are some of the design tips that can help you ensure that your whimsical wedding invitation will stand out:

1. Always create coherence with the actual wedding design and the design of the wedding invitation. As much as possible, all wedding cards should contain the same elements so that you can properly brand the image and theme of the wedding.You may also see Funny wedding invitations

2. Ensure that the text or font style go well with the whimsical aesthetic of your wedding invitation. The content of your wedding invitation is very important which is why you should always highlight it rather than cover it up with flamboyant but unnecessary design materials.You may also see Blank Wedding invitations

3. Use earth tones and other kinds of natural elements. This will make your wedding invitation look magical and out of this world. You can get inspiration from Desert wedding invitations or Fall wedding invitations. The different kinds of elements can make your whimsical wedding invitation be more playful and creative.

4.  If you will pattern the design of your whimsical wedding invitation to your Wedding rehearsal invitations, it will be best if you will have a continuous design flow. Moreover, you can also use the exact same template and just tweak a few details for it to fit the new undertaking where it will be used.

Whimsical Antler Wedding Invitation

Whimsical Watercolor Wedding Invitation

Pink Whimsical Floral Wedding Invitation

Whimsical Lovebirds Wedding Invitation

What to Put in a Whimsical Wedding Invitation

The content, both the information and design items, that you will place in a whimsical wedding invitation should go well together. You have the responsibility to make the wedding invitation look like a cohesive document so that people will not have a hard time identifying the details that they want to know while feasting on the whimsical theme that you have incorporated in the wedding card. Here are some of the things that you need to include in a whimsical wedding invitation in terms of content:
1. The names of the couple to be wedded
2. The date, time and location of the wedding
3. The wedding program
4. A message of invitation to the guest who is expected to receive the card.You may also see Burlap wedding invitations
5. The theme of the wedding and the expected attire of guests
6. Other information that you would like your guests to be aware ofOn the other hand, here are some design items that you can include in the wedding invitation template so you can come up with Modern wedding invitations with a touch of whimsy:
  • Whimsical animals like cats
  • Abstract floral patterns
  • Magical elements like fairy dusts
  • Lights
  • Rays of the sun or the moon’s shadow

Just like Gay Wedding invitations that are easy to create if you are already aware of the design that can help you incorporate a gay wedding in an invitation, you can also efficiently come up with a great whimsical wedding invitation if your design processes are well-planned and organized.

Modern Whimsical Wedding Invitation

Whimsical Tree Wedding Invitation

Midnight Sparkle Whimsical Wedding Card

Elegant Whimsical Wedding Invitation

Having a great wedding invitation is a good start to make your guests feel welcomed to your wedding. May it be Chalkboard wedding invitations or a nautical wedding invitation that you would like to develop into a whimsical wedding invitation, all you need to do is to ensure that magical elements and other playful design aspects are applied.

Create a whimsical wedding invitation that can fully reflect the proceedings of your wedding program. It will be very helpful if you present your wedding accordingly even before the event so that people can be aware on what to wear and how to prepare for your wedding should they decide to attend. Use a whimsical wedding invitation accordingly so that you can benefit from its benefits.You may also see Wedding Anniversary Invitation

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