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If you are starting your own business, you might have already known how important it is to make a name in the market so people will recognize your products and services and choose them over other brands. To make this happen, you must establish connections with people—to your customers and prospects, your suppliers, and all other parties interested in your business.

Managing Director Business Card Example

managing director business card example

Founder CEO Business Card Example

founder ceo business card example

These people can create a network of customers which can help you build your name in the industry as well as creating your brand. For you to achieve all these, you need the help of marketing collaterals and tools, one of which is the luxury business card.

Best business cards contain important information such as your name, the name of the company that you are working for as well as the logo, address, and contact details like contact number, email address, and website if applicable. This information along with a perfect layout and design for your card can achieve a perfect business card that suits you well.

Business Card 101—Size, Layout, and Format

You have to remember that simple business cards are not merely your tools in looking for clients; they are also the extension to you and your personality. Your personality will reflect on your business card; hence, you must design your business card carefully to make it as your representative. Design it to become something that expresses yourself and the things you do in a creative and attractive way.

Here are the basics in creating a business card or the business card 101—size, layout, and format.

1. Size

The standard size of a business card is 3.5″ × 2″. Unless you want to your card to be in a different size, the standard size should be used for this is the usual size of fashion business cards that would perfectly fit in the wallets or card holders. Hence, if you are considering to make a business card that is not on a standard size, make sure that it would still fit in common places where people usually place their cards to. Otherwise, you will find your business card in the trash bin.

2. Format

This pertains to the format you will use in saving your file in the computer after you are done creating your designs. Formats may be in GIF, JPG, PNG, PDF, and many others. It is recommended that you use Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, or Acrobat to design your card for these are the commonly used software that are user-friendly and easy to manipulate. Whatever format you will be using to design your card, make sure to check the file format requirements before you upload. You may also see real estate business card designs & examples.

3. Layout

For the layout of your general business card, you must maximize the space on both sides. Although the classic and traditional one-sided business card never goes out of style, there are a lot more layout that you can explore that are attractive and innovative. Examples of these unique business cards are those that are with full color, double-sided, folded, and with business card magnets. Never limit yourself to what you have traditionally known, and explore more for novel ideas.

Founder & CEO Business Card Design Example

founder ceo business card design example

Clean Black Minimal Business Card Example

clean black minimal business card example

Modern and Minimal Business Card Example

modern and minimal business card example1

Blue Gradient Business Card Design Template

blue gradient business card design template

Business Card Design Tips

Now that you already know the basics regarding the size, format, and layout of your business card, the next thing that you are going to decide is the design of your professional business card. There are things that you must consider to be placed in your card and maybe you do not know where to start. To make things simpler, below are the first things that you must keep in mind. They are as follows:

1. Logo

One of the things that is best to be included in your business card is your logo or the logo of your company that you are working for. Business cards are the best place to showcase your logo, thus promoting your brand in the process. It also makes the people aware of your business, making them familiar the next time they encounter your business. Familiarity is important because studies show that people prefer those that they are familiar with over those that they knew nothing about.

2. Color

Color is a very important aspect in designing for your attractive business card. Colors can affect the way people perceive your brand or your company and the also convey different demographics and emotions.

  • Demographics – Research shows that bright and bold colors are a powerful stimulus for men while warm and solf colors are usually preferred by most women.
  • Emotions – Colors can also affect the emotions of a person; blue and green are often associated with trust and dependability while orange and red connote confidence and cheer.

3. Face Time

You might also want to incorporate your photo on your elegant business card as it is a way for the clients to remember you. In choosing a photo, make sure it is professional looking and the quality is high. The quality of the photo can really affect the impression of the audience. If you have a poor-quality photo, they might think that you have not really devoted much on your business card and that you are not giving them your best. Remember that you business card is your reflection and the extension to your personality. Otherwise, never bother to add a photo for this may just ruin your overall design.

Business Card Design Inspirations

In your design process, you might think that you are already done when you already know the basics with regard to size, layout, and format and when you already decided and incorporated the logo, color, and picture that you think is best for your card. Well, you are not there yet. There are still things to consider like the overall presentation of your business card as well as its appeal to the audience. To give you inspirations to finish the design of your creative business card, here are a few inspirational tips for your card.

1. Color

You must carefully consider the color when you will create your own corporate business card. As stated above, color convey different demographics and emotions. Furthermore, you must know well who are your target market. Just as has been said, men and women have different preferences. Also, understand what your customer needs and relay them your message through the colors. You must take into consideration the effects of different hues of colors on the human psyche.

2. Style

Again, in choosing the style of your business card, you must take into consideration who are your target audience. You must decide on what vibe you are going to portray in your business card. Choose whether you want your card to be something minimal and classic or unique and bold. Or perhaps you want it either to be fun and whimsical or elegant and professional. The final verdict lies on your hands alone, but always bear in mind who your target audience is. You may also like travel agency business card designs.

3. Trend

As the world is constantly updating in terms of trends, you may find yourself be left out when you do not constantly update yourself to the trending designs. If you thoroughly search the web, there are a lot of unique, novel, and trending designs of business cards. There are also templates that are very handy and helpful especially when you immediately need one, just like the examples we presented above. But, being trendy does not always mean that it is attractive. There are also classic and traditional designs that are elegant, appealing, and most especially, appropriate for the type of business stated in the business card.

4. Industry

As has been said above, the look of your business card does not only depend on the trend for it to be attractive and appealing. It must also be related and appropriate to the business stated in the business card. Note that there is a little difference on the style and presentation between the business cards of the creative professionals and those of the business professionals. The industry that you are working also affects the presentation of your business card, and this is an important thing that you must take note. You may also check out lawyer business cards.

5. Finish

There are a lot of business cards that are just immediately thrown upon receiving because its appearance is not interesting at all. Given all the design tips and inspirations presented above, the last one that completes your design is the finish of your card. This pertains to the enhancements as well as accessories that you may incorporate in your card for a more visually appealing presentation. Examples are a metallic finish to your card, spot-gloss finish for your text or graphics, die-cut, as well as embossing or debossing. You might be interested in music business card examples.

Creative Director Minimal Business Card Example

creative director minimal business card example

Photographer Minimal Business Card Template Example

photographer minimal business card template example

Vertical Founder CEO Business Card Example

vertical founder ceo business card example

Design Specialist Minimal Business Card Example

design specialist minimal business card example

Gold Classic Minimal Business Card Example

gold classic minimal business card example


As a sum, this article provides you important information in the creation of a modern business card. As a basic, you must decide the size, format, and layout of your card before putting them into print. Tips are also given regarding the visual presentation of the business card such as the logo, color, and the face time which are very appealing when incorporated properly in your business card. Lastly, inspirations for your business card are given in the last section of this article.

Given all these things, it is expected that you can now decide on what design is best suitable for your business card. We believe that you have already a design in mind that you are expecting for your business card. Or if not, do not worry. Scroll back and see the amazing examples of minimal business card designs in store for you.

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