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There’s something heartwarming about thank-you cards that’s impossible to ignore. It only takes a few minutes to come up with, yet it can leave a lasting impact on a person’s life. Extending your thanks through a card, whether it’s typewritten or handwritten, is highly encouraged in this age of digital communication. So if you’re thinking about thanking friends, family, and other guests for their presence during an important event of your life, let’s say your wedding day, then sending a wedding thank-you card will surely be appreciated.

Simple Thank-You Card

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Wedding Thank-You Card

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Gray Thank-You Card


Handwritten vs. Typewritten Cards

Living in an age of chat rooms, online messengers, and texting, do people still appreciate the old-fashioned way of writing cards?

As humans, we always consider efficiency when completing personal projects. It’s not that we’re being too lazy to spare an extra minute for a task, but there’s nothing like crossing off an item from our daily to-do’s at a quicker rate. And since technology continues to develop to make our lives a lot easier, it comes as no surprise that people would rather send a text than write a letter. But what does this mean when writing thank-you cards? While it’s no different as writing travel postcards and the like, thank-you cards are sometimes pre-made, consisting of printed text that would only require the name of the sender and the recipient.

But there’s something different about typewritten cards from handwritten cards, especially if you’re a sucker for personalized, heartfelt messages. Although it purely depends on preference and comfort, most people would say that it’s proper etiquette to write cards by hand. The thing is, handwritten cards seem more personal, considering that someone would even exert the time and energy to write a message regardless of how one’s penmanship may look. It’s appropriate for formal and sensitive situations as well, specifically when you want to reach out to your recipient in a heart-to-heart manner.

At the end of the day, there’s no real rule on how you should write your greeting card. If it’s the thought that counts, then why should a typewritten or handwritten card actually matter, right? The effort should be put into the actual words and message you want to relay to a person, knowing that this is the whole point of writing the card in the first place. Whatever you decide on doing, just make sure you have everything you want to say written in the card.

Rustic Wedding Card

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Newlyweds Thank-You Card


Plain Wedding Card

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Vintage Thank-You Card

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Five Good Reasons To Write Thank-You Cards

There’s always something good that comes from expressing your gratitude through writing. A simple message is enough to brighten one’s day. So if you actually took the time to put it in a card? That’s another level of appreciation that can turn a frown upside down in a matter of seconds. Whether it’s a post-holiday thank-you card or wedding cards, here are five good reasons why you should get that pen and paper ready.

  • It’s the right thing to do. How did you ask? In a world where good manners and politeness are relatively rare, it’s hard not to commend the sincerity of a thank-you card. It’s not everyday someone would willingly go the extra mile to express their gratitude in the form of a thank-you card. Not only will it make you feel special, but it’s also fun to look back to after a couple of years, even when you both fail to communicate with each other as much as before. Expressing your gratitude with a little effort will definitely go a long way.
  • Some people still do it, even Jimmy Fallon and Michelle Obama. If you aren’t up-to-date with the latest news in pop culture, then the name of the late night talk show host probably won’t ring a bell. But to fill you in, Jimmy Fallon is famous for saying thank-you to his colleagues the old-school way on his show. He even influenced the former first lady, Michelle Obama, to do the same. Having influential personalities do the small yet kind deed is quite inspirational, especially when we get too caught up in the modern world to actually appreciate something as simple as writing a thank you card.
  • It makes you different. Nowadays, we don’t expect people to send thank-you cards for any given circumstance, not even for a wedding. But that’s what makes the whole thing a lot more exciting. Sending a thank-you card is a thoughtful gesture that’s surprisingly uncommon these days, mostly because social media has become a preferable alternative. But if you really want to make an effort to stand out, a thank-you card is one thing that’s hard to miss.
  • Gratitude will go a long way. Showing gratitude through the use of a thank-you card awakens different kinds of emotions. You see, there are said to be psychological benefits that come along with it. Although it would take a whole other article to go into detail, the idea of it revolves around learning how to be extra thankful for even the smallest acts of goodness. It reduces depression, so they say. And it’s true if you think about it, considering how showing gratitude would make you realize that it is good in the world and it deserves to be recognized in any way you can.
  • It’s an important part of our culture. Writing messages through letters, postcard designs, and cards has always been a common method of communication for centuries. The accessibility of these materials has prompted society to interact in the form of writing, considering that electronic devices weren’t as accessible back then. This traditional craft has allowed us to express ourselves openly with another, where every thought and word put into the message matters. The beauty lies on the sweet act of exerting a little bit of effort, without expecting a response from the recipient as well.

Thank-You Card

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Rustic Thank-You Card

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Gold Foil Wedding Card

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Rustic Floral Wedding Card

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Tips on Writing a Thoughtful Thank-You Card

There’s more to writing a thank-you card than just a personal means of showing gratitude, as it can impact a person’s life in more ways than one. Knowing this, here are a few tips to bear in mind.

Show Appreciation

Is it a hassle to write a thank-you card? Probably so, especially if you don’t put your heart and mind into it. But remember that there’s always a story behind these cards. Somebody must have offered a hand during a time of need, been there when no one else was, or gave you something that made you smile. Whatever the reason may be, sometimes a direct “thank you” won’t seem enough to express your gratitude. Even if you aren’t good with words, there are different ways to say thank-you in a card. You could relive the moment you’re thankful for or tell a person how much their kind gesture means to you. A strategically written card has the ability to lighten the mood and make anyone’s day a whole lot better.

Send It at the Right Time

So maybe there isn’t an exact moment that demands a thank-you card, as you could always make it a pleasant surprise by sending it at a random time. But if you’re on the fence with your decision, there are instances when sending a thank-you card becomes the most appropriate response. For example, you might have received a gift during your birthday, baby shower, anniversary, wedding, or for the holidays. If sending a text isn’t enough for you, then a thank-you card might do the trick perfectly. A simple favor, gift, or act of kindness deserves a good card to make one feel appreciated.

If you were too caught up with life to send the card right on time, don’t see this as a hindrance. Keep in mind that it’s never too late to tell a person how grateful you are.

Influence Others

As a parent, you know how important it is to teach your child good manners. And although saying “thank you” already constitutes to being polite, there’s no harm in encouraging the use of thank-you cards to express one’s gratitude. For one thing, it’s a nice act that makes both parties involved feel good. This allows the child to become more creative with the various elements of the card, which includes the message and the graphics, if you opt to design a customized card that is. You could also influence friends and family to do the same. Writing a card might not be for everyone, but it’s certainly a tradition that shouldn’t be forgotten.

Writing and sending a thank-you card might as well be a dying art form but that doesn’t mean we should see it as a stop sign. The use of a physical card rather than the mainstream social media to send our thanks will always be something to look up to. But if you decide on using an e-card instead, don’t feel as if it’s anything less than special. Through it all, it’s about making a person feel appreciated at a time when people struggle to understand their purpose in this world.

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