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Anime (Japanese animation) is very influential not just for the young ones but for adults as well. Let’s be honest, there was a moment in our lives when we were hooked with anime. Watching anime was part of our daily routine and we would devote an hour or two everyday just to watch our favorite show on television.

Anime does not only provide entertainment but also gives life lessons as well. Due to the popularity of anime, it has translated to numerous retail products and merchandise, such as but not limited to bags, notebooks, ball pens, pendants, watches, wallets, shirts, hoodies and jackets, stickers, caps and mugs. You may also see thank you greeting cards.

Anime has also penetrated the greeting card industry as there are numerous pre-designed cards which you can buy at various card stores. But if you want to customize your own greeting card without having to do much work, we have some affordable yet attractive anime greeting card designs you can use for your event or purpose. Check them out below!

Sailor Moon Romance Greeting Card Design Example

Sailor Moon Romance Greeting Card Design

Happy Anniversary Sailor Moon Greeting Card Example

Happy Anniversary Sailor Moon Greeting Cards

Original Sailor Moon Watercolor Greeting Card Example

Original Sailor Moon Watercolor Greeting Card

Life Lessons Learned in Anime

Of the many animes you’ve watched, how many impacted your life? How many stories can you still recall? What lessons have you learned? People would stereotype anime viewers as weird, unsociable and downright creepy, but little do they know that most anime present life lessons, albeit in a more cartoonish and oftentimes ridiculous manner. Here are some important lessons that anime have and continues to teach us. You may also see graduation greeting cards.

Be bold and courageous

The most popular anime have taught us to be bold and courageous in times of struggle and despair. A lot of animes have also taught us that sometimes, it is not our enemies that make our knees tremble in fear, but, we ourselves, can be our own greatest enemies. You may also see musical greeting cards.

Never give up

Another lesson that we can acquire from watching anime is to never ever give up. Never give up on the things you want to pursue in life. All your inspirations should come from within and no one should ever make your decisions for you. Block out all the unnecessary noise in your life and work on achieving your goals.

There are many anime promoting this kind of lesson such as Bleach, Fairy Tail, Hitman Reborn, Hunter X Hunter, Kingdom, Law of Ueki, Seven Deadly Sins, and of course Naruto. The main character of Naruto, Naruto Uzumaki exemplifies the “never say die” attitude as he keeps on reminding his comrades to never give up and keep fighting. One his goals was also to become a “Hokage” or leader of the village, in which he eventually attained after a long and tiring struggle against evil entities. You may also see holiday greeting cards.

Stay inspired and determined

There are also a lot of anime that remind us to stay inspired and determined. Whatever distractions that may come in your way, focus sight on your goals and the ways on how to achieve them. Your goals may be unreachable for now, but as long as you keep yourself inspired while never looking back, you will eventually achieve them. You may also see anniversary greeting cards.

Follow your dreams

There are anime that tend to do a good job of showing how difficult it is to follow your dreams, just like One Piece. The main character, Luffy, faced numerous obstacles in his dream of becoming a pirate king. He never gave in to all the strong opponents he faced, including that one battle where he almost died. Luffy is an example that the challenges we face in life are opportunities for us to push beyond our limits. You may also see romantic greeting cards.

Revenge does no good

There are antagonists in anime that only become such individuals because they are seeking revenge from people who wronged them or to the ones they love. However, most of the time, their evil plans fail because of the wrong motive, and violence is never the answer to any problem. Hence, this teaches us that revenge does no good to people who are seeking them. Learn to forgive and practice acceptance as often as possible. You may also see funny greeting cards.

 Anime Greeting Card Design Example

Hand-Drawn Clannad Dango Daikazoku Kawaii Anime Greeting Card

Cool Pokemon Friendship Card Example

Valentine Greeting Card Example

Sexy Jutsu Naruto Greeting Card

School Girl Anime Valentine’s Day Greeting Card Example


Printable Pun Totoro Birthday Greeting Card Example

Printable Pun Totoro Birthday Greeting Card

Spirited Away Valentines Day Greeting Card Example

Spirited Away Valentines Day Greeting Card

Life Lessons Learned in Anime (continuation)

Teamwork is key

As observed in three of the most popular anime such as One Piece, Naruto, and Fairy Tail, you can overcome a lot of troubles when you are with your friends (“nakama”). Teamwork is key for any group’s success and that the popular saying which goes “no man is an island” rings true in this situation. Thus, you should learn to take care of your friends and make them feel that they are not taken for granted. In a life full of unpredictable weather conditions, they are your navigators, shipwrights, helmsmen, blacksmiths, quartermasters, and riggers. You may also see birthday greeting cards.

You determine your own future

You are write your own life story and you determine your own future. You cannot blame anyone for the mess they may have created in your life. You are responsible for getting up, trusting and loving again, and working hard to pursue your own dreams and goals. Make the right decisions, and continuously learn—not only through your own experience but also through the experience of others. But also don’t forget to enjoy life especially in the company of family and friends. You may also see love greeting cards.

Grades do not determine intelligence

As proven by Nara Shikamaru in the anime Naruto, grades do not determine your intelligence. There are things in real life that are not taught in school. Also, there are those that have high grades in school but are not very intelligent when it comes to practical situations. This is due in part to students wanting to go to school mainly because of earning good grades, and not learning the lessons by heart. You may also see vintage greeting cards.

Family doesn’t have to be determined by blood

Anime has also taught us that family is not only determined by your blood. Sometimes, those people who protect and never leave your side during tough times are the people that can be considered as your family. If those people who share the same blood with you are the first ones to turn their backs whenever you face a crisis, they cannot be considered as family.

Take for example the popular anime Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, brothers Edward and Alfonse Elric lost both of their parents at a young age, so they relied on their neighbours Winrey and Pinako Rockbell, as well as their friends in the military Roy Mustang and Maes Hughes to get them through life’s most difficult challenges. You may also see blank greeting cards.

Make sacrifices in order to protect your loved ones

In Naruto, it has been said over and over again that you become stronger the moment you pledge your life for someone. In real life, you must also make sacrifices in order to protect your loved ones. With this, you have the reason to continue living and to appear stronger than ever before. Your loved ones serve as an inspiration for you to keep fighting and believing in yourself. You may also see watercolor greeting cards.

Everyone is capable of change (if they are willing to)

There are anime characters that would immediately pop out of our minds upon hearing the word “change”. Take for example Ultear, Jellal, and Meredy in the anime Fairy Tail who once went down the wrong path at a young age but eventually switched sides to fight evil and restore peace. This reminds us that no matter how evil our hearts may be, there is always a room for change, only if we are only willing to do so. Open your heart while it’s not too late and accept your flaws. It can help you become a better person. You may also see fall greeting cards.

End Credits…

Undoubtedly, anime has a huge impact not just to the “otaku” (anime obsessed) community but to regular individuals as well. Anime taught us a lot of things, like to never give up and stay determined, be brave and courageous when facing trials, and to follow your dreams and never look back, among others. You may also see disney greeting cards.

To compensate for the inability to obtain anime-related things such as detailed and colorful anime attire (although you can always do this through cosplay), superpowers, the ability to travel through time and to different galaxies, and those big “kawaii” eyes and other anime Japanese expressions, we have presented something better: greeting cards! We incorporated numerous designs from different anime for your viewing pleasure. Purchase them now! You may also see photo greeting cards.

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