Masquerade Ball Birthday Invitation

From art to pop culture, anyone can think up of thousands of ideas for their perfect birthday theme. If you are celebrating your birthday soon and you want to throw a memorable and unique party for your friends, then throwing a masquerade theme party, with Tudor-themed meet contemporary times of the 21st century with robins and vicars and tarts as your decoration is the perfect theme for your party. You may also see lunch invitation designs & examples.

By picking a masquerade theme, the theme itself is generalized to begin with. Nowadays, people fused it with other similar themes to make their parties seem unique and fun. However, if this is your first time in deciding and planning a masquerade theme for your birthday, it may not be the best idea to fuse two ideas together.

Masquerade Party Invitation Template

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Masquerade Ball Invitation Template

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This is your first big event and you don’t want it to flop immensely. So if you decided on a cocktail masquerade party, then stick with it. You may also like invitation email examples & samples.

Different kinds of birthday parties are being celebrated throughout the world, depending on the taste of the birthday celebrant.

Only choose one theme and nothing more. Besides, if you want an elegant party, then better stick with your plan. The simpler it is, the more elegant. On the other hand, if you’re brave enough to combine two themes for your birthday and want to make it wacky, then go for it.

It’s up to you how you will plan your party but keep in mind that your theme must be manageable enough for you. You may also check out business invitation designs & examples.

Here are some ideas for elegant themes:

A color theme. This is a clever idea because all of the dresses will create a huge visual impact and while people are restricted in what colors they can wear, they can have total freedom with their masks. A few ideas could include:

1. Black and White 

2. Pastel colors, earth tones, warm tones, cool tones, neon colors, jewel colors such as amethyst, ruby, emerald, gold, silver, ruby, opal, topaz, zircon, etc.

3. Old Hollywood Glamour. Probably the most glamorous and elegant event. The gals will love you for it— who doesn’t love slim-cut dresses, drop-waist skirts, and beautiful hair? And the gentlemen will get the opportunity to look dapper. You may also see examples of invitation envelope.

4. Mardi Gras. Perfect for a more relaxed, fun, but still very elegant, event.

Masquerade Birthday Invitation Design Example

Masquerade Birthday Invitation Design Example

Sweet Sixteen Masquerade Invitation Example

Sweet Sixteen Masquerade Invitation Example

Cool Masquerade Ball Invitation Example

Cool Masquerade Ball Invitation Example

Superhero Masquerade Invitation Example

Superhero Masquerade Invitation Example

30th Birthday Masquerade Invitation Example

30th Birthday Masquerade Invitation Example

1. Make the Invitation

If your birthday is a big event that you probably invited a hundred people and you’re more than a month out from the event date, it is recommended you should send a Save The Date.

The save-the-date serves two purposes: first, it tells your guests to pencil in your party on that day and second, it serves as a teaser to hype everyone for the party. If you hint at what’s to come, people will be giddy with excitement and curiosity once you’re ready to send the actual invite.

It is best recommended to send out paper invites. You want something that looks good but also feels good to touch. A heavy, textured card stock is perfect for your invitation.

However, if you don’t want to spend some dough on paper invites, then e-mail is ok. Just make your invitation look as nice as you would’ve if it had been on the paper. Avoid plain text in an e-mail; it’s too formal, dull, boring and nothing about that is special.

Make sure to give as much information as possible in your invitation. For example, date, time, venue (and a location map if the venue is obscure and hard to reach by commute). You also want to include the theme, dress code, entertainment, and whether there will be refreshments. The more information you give to people, the better. You may also see examples of invitation design.

Once your done with the invitations and save the dates, start planning your party:

First, try to consider the weather conditions:

When is your event going to take place? Summer? Winter? If it’s too cold (or too hot) have it indoors. But if it’s during a temperate season, outdoors is a great option; just make sure you have a backup plan in case it rains.

2. Balance your budget

If you have a large budget, then you don’t need to get frazzled too much with the planning since this makes things slightly easier. Think of gorgeous venues that you’ve been to or heard of around town, and go inquire about their services during events.

However, if you are on a tight budget, then ask around about alternatives. Sometimes large B&Bs or Inns will let you rent out the entire house for a small fee, and many are quite beautiful and with lots of character. Or you could host it in your own home or garden, or someone else’s home. You may also check out party invitation examples.

Things to look for in a space:

1. The capacity to hold the number of people you expect to come

2. High ceilings (avoid low ceilings unless you’re sure you don’t have tall guests coming over)

3. A staircase (if possible) for great for dramatic effect and for people walking into the venue

4. Both an indoor and outdoor area; depending on the weather 

5. Easy access from where your guests are arriving

6. Good valet and taxi service—you don’t want people queuing for hours

7. Someone from the venue who will help you coordinate the other elements such as catering, entertainment, decoration services. This is particularly helpful on the day of the event.

As you’ll be busy on the day of, it’s always good to have someone who can give directions, sort out last-minute logistical issues, and show your suppliers where to set up. You might be interested in event invitation examples.

Remember, it is up to you if you’re going for an elegant masquerade ball or not. If you’re going for an elegant one, put away the tinsel, balloons, or streamers. There’s three things you want to use to transform your space: fabric, fresh flowers, and lighting to set the mood.

Elegant Masquerade Party Invitation Example

Elegant Masquerade Party Invitation Example

Awesome Masquerade Invitation Example

Awesome Masquerade Invitation Example

Masquerade Ball Birthday Invitation Example

Masquerade Ball Birthday Invitation Example

3. More details about the venue you’re going to throw your party.

Once again, if you’re hiring a venue, look around. What do the walls look like? Does it have an inoffensive color, or tastefully decorated with art? If the answer is yes, then you’re fortunate.

You’ve just saved yourself some time and money. If the walls are, however, unattractive or not suited to your taste, or not suited to the party theme, then you want to drape them with fabric, floor to ceiling. You may also see invitation flyer designs & examples.

We don’t recommend you do this yourself unless you’re particularly handy, but there are companies out there that do this relatively inexpensively.Ask the venue if they know of someone. They likely will if they’ve ever hosted a wedding. If you don’t want to hire decorators, ask your friends to decorate with you.

4. Flower power

Using fresh cut flowers is the easiest way to embellish a lifeless space. If your budget allows it, consult with a florist to create custom arrangements to fit your theme. Go for elegant flowers in rich hues and simple set-ups.

5. Lighting aesthetic

It’s not a secret that lighting can really set the mood for an event. You want soft, yellow, red, orange, violet, green lights rather than harsh white lights. If it is safe, use candles (must be placed in candelabras or other types of candle holders, and place them where they can’t be knocked over).

If you think that’s not a risk you want to take, lots of stores now stock battery-operated candles which can look realistic and create a nice glow.

Golden fairy lights can also look beautiful hidden in flower arrangements. It can also great a soft, warm glow around if you hang it on walls and ceilings. For main lights, speak to your venue organizers and find out what kind of lights they have available. You may also like holiday invitation examples.

Attractive Masquerade Birthday Invitation Example

Attractive Masquerade Birthday Invitation Example

Quinceanera Masquerade Invitation Example

Quinceanera Masquerade Birthday Invitation

6. Food for everyone

Food at a masquerade ball can be tricky. Masks are not always the easiest things to eat in, so you want to make sure you serve some small canapés. Don’t forget to remember to go for quality over quantity, and select a good number of savory and sweet canapés .

Ensure that the food fits your theme. Always ensure that you have at least one vegan/vegetarian option too. You may also check out birthday invitation designs & examples.

Another really good idea is to have a couple of live food stations such as a station that serves tiny bowls of upscale fries that has truffle, parmesan, or caviar. Again, make sure it fits the theme, and remember:

people get cranky when they get hungry, so make sure your top priority is food and to feed everyone and make sure they are all well-fed!

7. Fun and games

The main event at a masquerade party is the unveiling of mask at midnight or an hour when your party will be over, when all the guests remove their masks and reveal their identities. But, since this doesn’t happen until then, you might want to keep your guests entertained in other ways so they won’t get bored. You may also see baby shower invitation examples.

A live band is always the best option for musical entertainment. If you are going with a formal theme, you may want a string quartet or bosa nova. Think of your theme, and find someone who can play music to represent that theme.

If a band is not available, then a reputable DJ who understands the mood you are trying to create is also a good option. You may also like bridal shower invitation examples.

Games can also be a way to entertain your guests. Make sure the games will involved everyone even the wallflowers. Make sure that everyone can enjoy the party. You can also set up a live dance since everyone loves dancing at parties.

Elegant Masquerade Invitation Example

Elegant Masquerade Birthday Invitation

50th Birthday Masquerade Ball Invitation Example

50th Birthday Masquerade Ball Invitation

Once you got everything planned, relax and enjoy your party!

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