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When we think of a Wedding Invitation, we always visualize an Invitation Design with laces, flowers and ribbons. However, this is not always the case. There still other kinds of wedding invitation designs that work really well even if they are not considered traditional. Use a rustic wedding invitation as an example. In terms of its design aesthetic, it is simple and direct to the point. The simplicity of a rustic theme makes the wedding invitation look refined, soft, and romantic.

If you want to have a rustic wedding invitation for your wedding, then there is no reason why you should not have one. Even if it can sometimes be underrated by other people, what is essential is for you to come up with a wedding invitation design that best represents the aesthetic that you will incorporate in all your wedding cards, materials and program. We have collected samples of rustic wedding invitations for your reference.You may also see nautical wedding invitation

Classic Rustic Wedding Invitation Template

Craft Wedding Invitation

Elegant Rustic Wedding Invitation

Wooden Rustic Wedding Invitation

Should I Use a Rustic Wedding Invitation?

Not all couples would like to have a rustic wedding invitation. However, if you are curious with how this design can work for your wedding, there is no harm in trying to develop one. Here are some of the instances where a rustic wedding invitation is highly-suggested to be used:

1. If you want to create a Lunch Invitation for your wedding guests, a rustic wedding invitation is a good choice. The simple act of eating together in a lunch reception can be presented well through the aesthetic of a rustic wedding invitation.

2. You can have a rustic wedding invitation if you have a minimalist wedding aesthetic. This can be seen in garden weddings, rustic beach weddings and other wedding celebrations that are simple in nature. Keep in mind that a rustic wedding invitation can also be a Formal Wedding invitation so do not be afraid to use a rustic wedding invitation if you have a formal wedding event.

3. If your theme for your wedding program and reception is rustic, then there is no other best way to go than having a rustic wedding invitation. You can also use a rustic theme for your Wedding Party Invitations and other wedding cards.

Simple Rustic Wedding Invitation

Printable Rustic Wedding Invitation

Vintage Rustic Wedding Invitation

Design Tips for Rustic Wedding Invitations

A rustic theme can be applied in a bridal party invitation, wedding program invitation, wedding reception invitation and other kinds of invitation materials. The way you design these cards is what can identify its effectiveness in terms of getting the attention of people and carrying out the purpose of its creation. Listed below are some design tips which can be helpful in your undertaking in designing a rustic wedding invitation.

1. Have an idea of the location of the wedding. Develop Indoor Wedding invitations, if the wedding program will be done in an enclosed venue. On the other hand, design a rustic outdoor invitation if the venue will be in a garden, a forest, or a beach. Doing this can set proper expectations for the guests of the wedding.You may also see Floral Wedding Invitation

2. Incorporate a rustic theme in different kinds of wedding invitations. You can create rustic fairytale wedding invitations by applying design elements that can add a rustic vibe to a fairy tale inspired wedding invitation.

3. Use a design approach that can be associated with arts and crafts. This can make the rustic wedding invitation look hand made which is a great way to present the theme of the wedding.You may also see Traditional wedding invitations

Classic Rustic Wedding Invitation

Pink Rustic Wedding Invitation

Country Rustic Wedding Invitation

How to Make a Rustic Wedding Invitation Look Great

When making a rustic wedding invitation, you should already have an idea in mind on how you would like to design the wedding invitation. This will help you come up with an effective and highly-usable rustic wedding invitation. You can get references from Modern wedding invitations and Vintage wedding invitations to get a wider perspective on how you will be able to achieve a rustic look for your wedding invitation. Here are some ways on how you can make a rustic wedding invitation look great:

1. Get design inspiration from other kinds of wedding invitations. It is best to start with nautical wedding invitation and forest wedding invitations or those where you can easily incorporate a rustic vibe.

2. Practice simplicity when designing the rustic wedding invitation. You do not want to go overboard when it comes to adding all the materials which will not work for the advantage of the wedding invitation design.Snow Wedding Invitation

3. Use wood and other earthen tones when making the background of the invitation. You can even add these textures in negative spaces present in the wedding invitation to make it look more rustic.Whimsical wedding invitations

4. Include fairy lights in your rustic wedding invitation. This can create a contrast with the woods and other nature-related elements that you have placed in the wedding invitation design. More so, this can make the wedding card look whimsical.You may also see vintage wedding invitations

Rustic Wreath Wedding Invitation

Watercolor Floral Wedding Invitation

Rustic Tree Wedding Invitation

Autumn Leaves String Lights Rustic Fall Wedding Invitation

Cool Rustic Wedding Invitation

DIY Wedding Invitation

Rustic Country Sunflowers Mason Jar Wedding Invitation

Design Tips for Rustic Wedding Invitations

Designing your rustic wedding invitation is a great way to make the specified wedding card be more personal. If you do not know how to start designing your own wedding invitation, a few of the design tips for rustic wedding invitations are as follows:

1. Use boards and other paper textures as your background. This will allow the rustic theme to be realized even more. You can also incorporate torn paper designs and other imperfections as it will work best for the design aesthetic that you would like to achieve.You may also see Printable wedding invitation

2. Incorporate arrows, stars, dots, vertical lines and other simple design materials in your rustic wedding invitation design. It is best if you will keep a monotone color palette so that each design, though different from one another, will still go well together.You may also see Romantic Wedding invitations

3. Plants, succulents and leaves can make a rustic wedding invitation look more toned down. A minimalist approach can help you come up with the best rustic wedding invitations. This is the reason why design placement is key when developing this kind of wedding invitation.You may also see Floral Wedding Invitation

Aside from a Disney wedding invitation and other popularly used wedding invitation cards, why not try rustic invitations? Develop one and see how your love for this kind of aesthetic grow. Remember this discussion as well as the samples that we have listed here so you can have an easier time when it is already your turn to come up with a classic rustic wedding invitation.

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