14+ Outdoor Wedding Invitation Designs & Examples in PSD | AI | EPS Vector

An outdoor wedding is becoming a favorite in the wedding industry. Aside from being a trendy way to get married, it also allows the couple to be wedded in a location that is very close to their heart or in a place where they truly want to celebrate their love for each other. Outdoor weddings can be more organized and cohesive design-wise if outdoor wedding cards will be used – including wedding invitations and even Wedding Menu Examples.

If you want to create Diy Wedding invitations that are outdoor-inspired, there are different ways on how you can make it unique and specifically for the wedding celebration that you will have. You can incorporate the aesthetics of Watercolor wedding invitations or you can also apply your own design interpretations. To give you more idea on how you can design your outdoor wedding invitation, browse through the samples that we have put together just for you in this post.

Elegant Outdoor Wedding Invitation

elegant outdoor wedding invitation

Navy Blue Wedding Invitation

navy blue wedding invitation

Printable Outdoor Wedding Invitation�>printable outdoor wedding invitation

How to Design Outdoor Wedding Invitations

An outdoor wedding invitation should already give an idea of the set-up that you will have for your wedding day. Having a clear vision of the design that you want to have can make it easier for you to come up with an outdoor wedding invitation that is fit and appropriate to be used for the celebration. Here are some ways on how you can effectively design outdoor wedding invitations:

1. Refer to your Wedding shower invitation design if it already has an outdoor theme. Make sure that you can continue the flow of the design story so all your wedding cards have something to do with one another in terms of how they are designed.

2. Be original when developing your own outdoor wedding invitations. Start with Blank Wedding invitations and develop its design based on the aesthetics and design vision that you have in mind.

3. Make your background simple especially if you want to have an elegant outdoor wedding invitation. Ensure that the design items that you will put are relevant so they can present the theme of your wedding day accordingly.You may also see Modern wedding invitations

Rustic Wedding Invitation

rustic wedding invitation

Mountain Wedding Invitation

mountain wedding invitation

Forest Outdoor Wedding Invitation

forest outdoor wedding invitation

Design Items to Include in an Outdoor Wedding Invitation

Just like in the creation of Funny wedding invitations and other kinds of wedding invitations, the selection and combination of design items can affect the overall design of the wedding card a lot. If you want you 50th wedding anniversary invitations to have the same design as your wedding invitation now, you have to make sure that you will have a classic and timeless wedding invitation design that is best to be used for outdoor wedding ceremonies. A few of the design items that you can place in an outdoor wedding invitation are listed below.

1. Since you have an outdoor theme, it is only fitting if you will use Burlap wedding invitations. The earthy texture of the burlap design will go well with flowers and other natural elements.

2. If you want to have Formal wedding invitations, use an image of the wedding location as your wedding invitation design. This may be simple but this design undertaking has an understated elegance which works best for formal and classic wedding celebration.

3. Use plants and other elements that are commonly seen outdoors. You can use trees, flowers and the like as your design items so you can reflect the location where your wedding will be held.You may also see Wedding rehearsal invitations

Classic Wedding Invitation

classic wedding invitation1

Floral Outdoor Wedding Invitation

floral outdoor wedding invitation

Kraft Lace Outdoor Wedding Invitation

kraft lace outdoor wedding invitation

Tips in Making Outdoor Wedding Invitations

Designing an outdoor wedding invitation can be a challenge especially if it is your first time to immerse in this kind of activity. However, there are basic guides that will allow you to implement design processes with ease. Some of the useful tips that can help you make a unique and visually pleasing outdoor wedding invitation include these items:

1. Be aware of the venue of the wedding. There are different outdoor wedding locations which is why there are also a variety of outdoor wedding invitation designs. Knowing where you will be wedded can help you select the appropriate design items that you can place in your wedding cards. As an example, a rustic outdoor location can make it easier for you to select what Rustic wedding invitations to use.

2. Use realistic design materials. There are fairy lights and lamp posts that are usually seen in outdoor wedding locations. Adding them in the design of your wedding invitation can help you set accurate impressions about your wedding and where it will be held. These design materials will also go well with Bohemian Wedding invitations and Romantic Wedding invitations.

3. Use the outdoor wedding and reception location as your design references. You can observe the items present in the location so you can also incorporate them in your design. May it be Desert wedding invitations, forest wedding invitations or garden wedding invitations that you will make; getting inspired of the wedding ceremony surroundings can help you develop an attractive design.

Vintage Wedding Invitation

vintage wedding invitation

Summer String Lights Palm Tree Wedding Invitation

string lights palm tree wedding invitation

Modern Outdoor Wedding Invitation

modern outdoor wedding invitation

Simple Wedding Outdoor Wedding Invitation

simple wedding outdoor wedding invitation

Garden Style Wedding Invitation

garden style wedding invitation

Decided to Use Outdoor Wedding Invitations?

Have you already made up your mind in relation to using outdoor wedding invitations? If you do so, know how to cohesively put together all the design items that you have in mind. Just like in a Traditional wedding invitation, it is important for an outdoor wedding invitation to not look cluttered. As much as possible, select design items with the same aesthetic and visual design so it can be easier for you to place them side by side in the layout of your wedding invitation.

Use a lot of greens and other earthen tones when designing your outdoor wedding invitation. This is highly recommended especially if you will be wedded in a garden or a forest location. A great design can even make it possible for you to use your wedding invitation aesthetic as a reference for your Wedding Anniversary Invitation. Do not forget to refer to the samples that we have listed here so you can be more inspired to design your own outdoor wedding invitation.

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