Ocean Creature Greeting Card

Last Updated: April 27, 2024

Ocean Creature Greeting Card

Imagine yourself standing on the edge of a ship (similar to Rose of Titanic), facing the deep, vast ocean, under a clear blue sky with your perfectly messy hair blown by the strong northeast wind. What a perfect moment to contemplate and be amazed with the great view of the sky meeting the sea!

In an unfathomable ocean full of secrets and mystery, we can’t help ourselves but stand in awe of the great ocean expanse. We never know what other creatures await in the deep. We know that there are numerous kinds of animals, plants, and other organisms, but we don’t know what lies in deeper caves under the ocean. So for now, we will just leave the secrets concealed and the deep oceans untouched, and just appreciate the beauty that the nature is giving us.For nature lovers, especially those who had a great affection for the ocean and ocean creatures, you might like to check the different greeting cards below with ocean creature designs on its face. You may also see  vacation greeting cards.

Examples of Ocean Creature Greeting Cards

Black and White Octopus Greeting Card

Ocean Underwater Collection Designs for Greeting Cards

Happy Monster Fish Greeting Card

Happy Monster Fish Greeting Card

Hand-Painted Fish Greeting Card

Watercolor Mermaid Design for Greeting Cards

Kraken Greeting Card

Kraken Greeting Card

Sea Life Watercolor Set Designs for Greeting Cards

Mermaid Sea Creatures Greeting Card

Jelly Pals Greeting Cards

Jelly Pals Greeting Cards

Seahorse Greeding Card

Deep Water Mythical Creatures

Did it ever happen to you that you wonder what lies in the deep waters that are not yet fathomed even by the expert sea divers? Did you get curious what might be other creatures lurking in under the ocean? Well, you are not alone. Many people are marveling what really are the hidden secrets of the sea. What is more hilarious is that many people are even claiming that they saw mysterious creatures appearing in the waters. We don’t know, it might be true. Or maybe not. However, there are a lot of folktales we hear about deep water mythical creatures. Apart from the urban legends, there are also movies that can trigger and increase our doubts on whether or not those creatures really exist. We know there are possibilities that these might be true, but we always end up doubtful to what we believe in. You may also see christmas greeting cards.

Here are some of the great deep water mythical creatures that are worth the read. It is up to you to believe or not on their existence.

1. Abaia

Abaia is said to be a large eel-like monster of the Melanesian mythology that lives in the freshwater lakes in the Fiji, Solomon, and Vanuatu Islands. The legend says that Abaia protected all other creatures in the lake because it considers them as its children, thus killing anyone who will harm and disturb them or just those who attempted to do the same. One day, a man saw the lake full of fish. Unaware of the Abaia at the bottom of the lake, he caught so many fish and returned the next day with the village people whom he told about the abundant lake full of fish. The people had a great time catching fish until a certain woman accidentally captured the Abaia. Although the Abaia managed to escape, it became furious to the people because of what they did to the fish in the lake, resulting to his retaliation causing a great rain to fall during the night. The rain never stopped and the lake waters rise, which resulted to a great flood all over the village, drowning all the people except for an old woman who did not eat the fish in the lake and who saved herself in a tree. You may also see anniversary greeting cards.

Until now, although this is obviously a byproduct of imagination, it is believed that there are really huge eels dwelling in the bottom of these lakes.

2. Amabie

Amabie, in the Japanese legends, is a sea creature, a mermaid or merman with three legs who is said to emerge from the sea and prophesies either abundance or epidemic. In the legend, night after night, the town’s people in Higo Province spot a glowing object in the sea. So the town’s official went to investigate the matter. When he arrived at the shore, the Amabie appeared before him with its body covered in scales, had long hair, and a mouth like a bird’s bill. It identified itself as the Amabie and went on to deliver a prophecy that there will be six years of good harvest and if an illness will spread, show the picture of the Amabie for a complete health recovery. Thereafter, it returned to the sea. You may also see romantic greeting cards.

For some, they considered Amabie as a type of mermaid, a sea creature, but for others, they considered it as more of a deity since it has the ability to repel pestilence.

3. Each-uisge

Each-uisge, in the Scottish folklore, is a shape-shifting water spirit that lives in the sea, sea lochs, and fresh water locks around the Scottish highlands. It can take the form of a normal horse or that of a handsome man or an enormous bird such s a boobrie. You may also see wedding greeting cards.

In its horse form, it will encourage a man to ride in it. He will do no harm to the man as long as they are on a track away from the waters. But the moment that they have come near to a water source, it will bind itself to its rider and immediately goes to the deepest part of the loch, drowning its victim. It then tears his body apart and devour the parts except for the liver, which is seen floating to the water surface after. You may also see thank you greeting cards.

In its human form, it will appear as a handsome man and is only recognizable through the weed or sand and mud in its hair.

Because of this, people are afraid and are very much cautious in approaching animals and stranger near the water’s edge as it might be the Each-uisge in one of its forms.

4. Finfolk

Finfolk, in the Orkney folklore, were shape-shifing sorcerers who are dark and gloomy that was said to reside in a luxurious city at the bottom of the sea called Finfolkaheem. These amphibious creatures have numerous other abilities and skills apart from shapeshifting that could help them in their dark motives, like abducting humans to become its slaves. In order to capture humans, they will transform themselves as sea animals, plants, or floating clothes. As their target is approaching, they will find the right time to leap up, surprise the victim, and grab him in an instant. They will transport their victims to their homes, forcing them to become a husband or wife in one of the finfolk, performing domestic duties for the rest of their lives. You may also see floral greeting cards.

However, they are not without a weakness. Because they are innately greedy, they have a weakness for silver things like coins and jewelry. Thus, it is possible to escape the abduction of the Finfolk by tossing silver coins or jewelriy away from oneself, as the legend says. You may also see corporate greeting cards.

5. The Sea Bishop

Sea Bishop, or the bishop-fish, according to the legend, is a sea monster that was caught at the coast of Poland. Several legends have appeared. In the first legend, it was said the creature was caught in Poland in 1531, but it have not done much since it immediately died a few days later because it refused to eat anything. On the other hand, there was another legend saying that the creature was captured in the 13th century and was sent to the king of Poland. In front of the King, it begged to be set free and be back to the sea. It was then released, and right after, it made a sign of the cross, which probably inspired his name, and dove right back into the sea. You may also see love greeting cards.

Many historians believed that this legend might have been inspired by the giant squid, a real sea creature, which was spotted near the Canary Islands and was described as a creature with long tails and many arms, probably tentacles, and with an elliptical-shaped head which is very similar to that of a bishop’s hat. You may also see animated greeting cards.

6. Umibozu

Umibozu, according to the Japanese folklore, is a humanoid giant with a black skin and a big head with a pair of bulging huge eyes. According to the legend, the sign for Umibozu’s presence is a calm sea, the time wanted by most sailors and the time when every crew in the ship is a little bit relaxed. After then, Umibozu wouldd immediately emerge from the surface without a warning along with the most horrible weather. It is said to smash the hulls of a ship or capsize it. You may also see congratulation greeting cards.

But again, you can trick this creature so you won’t have a disastrous end. Occasionally, it will a demand a barrel from the crew of the ship, and it would fill the barrel with waters and pour it onto the ship’s deck, causing the ship to sink. To prevent this to happen, the crew must give it a bottomless barrel so it would scoop and scoop and the ship can have the chance to flee. You may also see fall greeting cards.

7. Vodyanoy

Vodyanoy, according to the East-Slavic tradition, is a water-dwelling creature with a flabby body and wide face with greenish hair and beard that are long enough to reach up to his feet. It lives in rivers, ponds, and streams. They are said to cause villages to drown and floods to arise. Another thing than they are blamed of is for kidnapping girls through their disguise as a flower on the shore or ponds. Once the victim is approaching, they seize her and captured her and took her to its kingdom where she will be forced to marry and serve him. You may also see disney greeting cards.

In the legend, there is a way in order to get rid of it. Because it is said that the creature is an unbaptized spirit of a man or a man who committed suicide, it is known to be afraid of saint waters or holy waters. Thus, the people blessed the water for it to leave. However, other tales have also been told that fishermen offered Vodyanoy a tobaccor in exchange for an abundant fish capture. You may also see rustic greeting cards.

Tote Up

Under the ocean lies countless adventures and mysteries that no one can fathom. A lot of stories and tales have been told about what lies in the deep, but no one really dared to see (because it is almost impossible) if the tales were true. Some of the mythical creatures that are said to dwell under the waters are as follows: Abaia, Amabie, Each-uisge, Finfolk, The Sea Bishop, Umibozu, and Vodyanoy. These creatures are said to lurk in the dark and deep waters and most are not accustomed to visitors and disturbance. You may also see blank greeting cards.

However, there is no solid proof that could provide evidence to these tales; thus, these remained as tales told until today. Whether it may be true or not, these stories are really great, the one that gives you the urge to tell it to your great grandchildren in the future. For now, all we can do is leave the deep unstirred and just value what the ocean is giving us. We must take care of the creatures we know and those creatures we believe are dwelling on the ocean floor. You may also see anime greeting cards.

Lastly, don’t miss the different ocean creature designs of greeting cards presented in the above section.

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