Graphic Designer Business Card

Last Updated: April 27, 2024

Graphic Designer Business Card

In this advanced society that we are living in, the moment that we look at our surroundings in a business and marketing perspective, we almost always see printed materials that are used for promotion and advertisements. Additionally, when we browse through the internet or in social media, we often see online attractive posters, elegant banners, pop-up ads, etc. Aren’t you wondering who created these incredible designs? Did you ever ask yourself who might be behind these magnificent ideas?

15+ Graphic Designer Business Card Templates

Creative Business Card Template for Designers

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Black and Yellow Business Card Example

Black and Yellow Business Card Example

Double-Sided Design Card Example

Double-Sided Design Card Example

Well, obviously, they are artists who are working to create visual concepts either by the hand or by the use of computer software to create ideas that attract, inspire, and inform the public or widely known as graphic designers. Graphic designers play a lot of roles especially in marketing and that is the reason why they are among the most demanded jobs today. And although they are very well demanded by the public, there is also a significant increase in the number of professional graphic designers that are competing in the market. You may also see marketing business cards.

For this reason, they still need to boost their name in the industry, and let the people know that they are open for communication. One of the effective ways is through disseminating business cards.

Best business cards are proven effective and efficient through time so you can establish a communication with your current as well as potential customers.

What is a Graphic Design?

We might often hear the term graphic design that we always associate them with anything related to design and we no longer bother to know what really is graphic design and how important is it in today’s generation.

Basically, graphic design is considered a subset of visual communication and communication design. This involves visual communication as well as problem solving using typography, photography, and/or illustration. The person working this kind of job is the so called graphic designers. You may also see business card logo design examples.

Graphic designers create artistic symbols, images, and text and combine them together, forming and conveying ideas and messages. As we observed in our environment, graphic designs are commonly used in corporate designs such as logos and trademark for branding, editorial designs such as in newspapers, books, and magazines, advertising, communication design, web design, signage, product packaging, as well as way finding or environmental design.

Hence, if you are looking for someone who create these designs for you, better look for a credible graphic design to work for your project. On the other hand, if you are graphic designer yourself, better promote and enhance your branding through simple business cards just like the examples presented.

Designer Business Card Example

Designer Business Card Example

Ricochet Design Business Card Example

Ricochet Design Business Card Example

Clean Graphic Designer Business Card Example

Clean Graphic Designer Business Card Example

Duties and Tasks of a Graphic Designer

Graphic designers can work alone, but most often, they work closely with people in advertising, promotions, marketing, and public relations. These key persons are responsible and important especially in the fields of sales and marketing. They can work as a freelance graphic artist or designer or they can be employed in a large entity. But no matter they are freelancers or employees of a company, they have similar duties and tasks that they must perform with the goal of meeting customer satisfaction and establishing a name in the industry.

Typically, graphic designer do the following duties:

1. Meet with clients

First and foremost, the first duty of a graphic designer is to meet clients may it be personally or through online communication. You must be professional enough in talking with the customers, dealing them with utmost care and respect. Who knows, they might be your source of future big projects, and they might know big people who can become your clients in the future. You must maintain a good name for your to have a good exposure and branding. You may also see luxury business card examples.

Additionally, in meeting with the clients, you also have to determine the scope of the project as well as the demands and preferences of the client for his or her project.

2. Advise clients

After listening to the demands of the client, you must carefully think of ways on how to approach them and advise the client and propose strategies to meet his needs.

3. Brainstorm ideas

You may do this with or without the client. But most commonly, graphic designers would brainstorm ideas first and present them to their client after. In brainstorming, you must determine the message that the design should portray. Understand well the client’s need and form concepts and ideas based on your understanding. You may also like fashion business cards.

4. Create images

Now that you have clearly identified the customer needs, the next thing that you are going to do is to create images that identify a certain product, the one that conveys a message to the public or the target market.

5. Develop graphics

After creating a draft of images, you must develop graphics for your client demands such as logos, websites or product illustrations.

6. Determine the layout

Next, you must carefully determine the layout, incorporate colors that complements well with each other as well as the graphics, text, style, and the overall appearance of your project. You may also check out real estate business card designs & examples.

7. Present the design

Now that you have initially drafted your design, you must present this to your client or the art director that you are meeting with. You may explain how you come up with your design, and you can also interpret the graphics and illustrations that you incorporate in your design for this clarifies everything to the client. Moreover, in this stage, it is almost always that a client will request revisions on your design. You must accept the feedback well and understand what the client wanted to change on your design. You might be interested in corporate business card designs and examples.

8. Incorporate changes

After your client specify the things needed to be revised on you design, you must incorporate the said changes based on what you understood regarding the request of your client. Make sure that you meet the client’s preferences so you would easily come up with the final design without any more revisions. You may also see examples of bakery business cards.

9. Reviewing and rechecking

Lastly, if your design is approved by your client, you may check for grammatical and graphical errors before putting them into print. Reviewing and rechecking is an absolute must because you might end up trashing your design if you will find out errors only after printing. Careful review and recheck must be done in order for you to avoid additional costs that might be incurred in reprinting or republishing. You may also like examples of catering business cards.

Unixart Graphic Designer Business Card Example

Unixart Graphic Designer Business Card Example

Green Web Designer Business Card Example

Green Web Designer Business Card Example

Important Qualities of a Graphic Designer

In order to be considered a credible and trustworthy graphic designer, they must possess qualities that are important in their profession. These qualities can help them immediately boost their branding for themselves or for the company that they are working in. These are also the qualities that are most sought by the customers and prospective clients. They are as follows:

1. Artistic Ability

A graphic designer is expected to create artistic designs that are interesting, attractive, as well as appealing to the clients and customers. They are also expected to generate rough illustrations of their ideas by sketching them in tangible papers or by the use of a computer software. You may also see music business card examples.

2. Creativity

A graphic designer must be able to create novel ideas and approaches to efficiently communicate these ideas to the customers. They must also come up with unique ideas for their clients that convey recognizable meaning. They are expected to come up with designs that are fresh to the eyes of the public.

3. Computer Skills

As mentioned in the artistic ability subtopic, they are expected to generate rough illustrations of their ideas by sketching them in tangible papers or by the use of a computer software. Hence, they must be able to use different types of computer software related to design and they must be educated with the updates of those software. You may also like business thank-you cards.

4. Analytical Skills

Another important skill that a graphic designer must possess is the analytical skill or the ability to look at their work from the perspective of their clients to meet their client needs. They must also know how to examine their designs and see how might the customers perceive about them.

5. Time-Management Skills

A graphic designer must also possess time-management skills. They often work on multiple projects at the same time, with each project having a deadline different from the others; hence, they must know how to budget their time well and they must know what are the things needed to be prioritized, such as urgent projects. You may also check out business greeting card designs and examples.

6. Communication Skills

Last but not the least, they must maintain a good communication with their clients and customers as well as other designers to ensure that they meet their client needs and that they have conveyed and expressed the right information of the design they are working on.

Beach Graphic Designer Business Card Example

Beach Graphic Designer Business Card Example

Pastel Graphic Designer Business Card Example

Pastel Graphic Designer Business Card Example

Minimalist Graphic Designer Business Card Example

Minimalist Graphic Designer Business Card Example

Colorful Graphic Designer Business Card Example

Colorful Graphic Designer Business Card Example

Modern Folding Business Card Example

Modern Folding Business Card Example

Cool Chic Business Card Example

Cool Chic Business Card Example

Pro Graphic Designer Business Card Example

Pro Graphic Designer Business Card Example

Wrap Up

In sum, we really need the services of graphic designers for they know very well how to create and formulate ideas and new concepts often using computer software, conveying these artistic ideas and messages to the users or the customers. For them to be credible and trustworthy, they must possess these key qualities: artistic ability, creativity, computer skills, analytical skills, time-management skill, and communication skills. You might be interested in examples of student business cards.

Moreover, they must know their duties and tasks as a graphic designer which can be summarized as follows: meet with clients, advise clients, brainstorm ideas, create images, develop graphics, determine the layout, present the design, incorporate changes, review and recheck. If done properly, this process would undoubtedly result to a project well done leading to customer satisfaction. You may also see how to design a personal business card.

Lastly, don’t forget to check out the examples of graphic design business cards presented above and never miss a business opportunity that may come in your way.

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