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Whenever you wish to invite people to come over to an event you plan to hold, you need to think about the best kind of invitations you should make. While you can always take a look at the many different Examples of Invitation Designs you can find online to help you, you also have to take into account just what kind will go well with the event you’re holding.

So let’s say that your establishment is planning to have happy hour on a specific day and you want people to know all about it. This will mean that you should go through the different Event Invitation Examples that will help make that clear to your invitees. This article is going to focus on how you will go about in creating happy hour invitations and tell all that you need to know about them.

Happy Hour Invitation Design

Happy Hour Cocktails Party Invitation

What Is Happy Hour?

Before you start making the invitations for the event, you’ll need to know exactly what type of event it is first. Happy hour is a marketing strategy that many establishments such as bars, restaurants, or even bowling alleys use in order to sell customers their alcoholic drinks at a discounted price. This is one of the best ways to gain a lot of people on a single day, especially if they’re already the legal age which allows them to drink alcoholic beverages.You may also see Graduation Invitations

Aside from discounted drinks, there are other benefits that customers can gain from the Happy Hour event. There might be certain items in the menu that will be sold for a much cheaper price than usual or there might be complimentary items such as appetizers for every specific amount of drinks ordered. You may also see Ticket Invitations

So now that you know what this type of event is, you may now proceed to create the invitation.

1. The Steps in Making the Invitation

Whether you’re making Holiday Party InvitationsPicnic Invitation Designs, or happy hour invitations, you must know that there are certain pieces of information that all of them will need in order to properly convey what kind of event the recipients are invited to.

So here are the steps that will ensure that they’re all in the invitation that you plan on creating:

2. Know the Best Time You Should Hold the Happy Hour Event

When you really think about it, there’s always that specific time wherein people would usually buy alcoholic drinks. Whether it’s because they’re hanging out with their friends or they have nothing better to do, you should try to determine when is the best time to hold the happy hour event to guarantee that your establishment is able to gain a lot of customers on that specific date. You may also see Chalkboard Invitations

So let’s say that there’s an upcoming even such Saint Patrick’s Day and that’s a time where just about drinks to their hearts content. You can set happy hour on that exact date to ensure that people will be flocking to your establishment the moment you open your doors. If there aren’t any holidays coming, then you can decide to hold the event around the weekends within a certain week of every month. If you see that it’s a big success, then you can keep holding happy hour during those dates to ensure that you keep gaining a profit.You may also see Rustic Invitations

Simple Happy Hour Invitation

Happy Hour Birthday Invitation

Happy Hour Party Invitation

Happy Hour Bachelorette Invitation

4. Point Out the Reason for the Happy Hour

This kind of event isn’t just for establishments that need to gain a profit, but it can also be held by people that just want to celebrate in honor of something special that occurred. But in order for the invitees to know why it’s being celebrated in the first place, that will mean it’s your responsibility to explain it properly in the invitation. You may also see Reunion Save the Date Invitation

You’ll want to guarantee that you’re able to convey the reason in the most effective way possible to get the point across. Because let’s say that you’re planning to have a barbecue party where there’ll be a ton of drinks. When you start making the  BBQ Invitations, you don’t want to overload it with too much information. Instead, you should try to make it as brief, yet informative as you can possibly make it so that the readers will get what they need.

Not only will you be explaining it to them in the shortest amount of time possible, but you’ll also help them out in terms of letting these people know what they should expect out of the event, what the appropriate attire would be, etc. Just be sure that you’re very clear with the purpose as to avoid confusion from the people you’ve invited. You may also see Creative Invitations

5. Be Sure to Inform These People Where the Location Is

If you were to send out Formal Invitations for a wedding ceremony, wouldn’t you want the friends and family that you’ve invited to know exactly where it’s going to be held? It’s pretty much the same when you’re inviting people over for Happy Hour as you want them to know where the venue is so that they can purchase as much alcohol as they please.

So how are you going to do that? Simple, you’ll need to provide your invitees with all the details regarding the venue of the Happy Hour event. This will mean that you’ll have to write down the complete name of the establishment, the street address, the name of the area, etc.

If you aren’t the owner of the establishment and you simply want to hold happy hour for entertainment purpose and not for a profit, then you can choose whatever location you want to put into the invitation. Just make sure that the place that you’ve chosen is one that’s accessible to everyone, and that it’s able to provide alcoholic drinks. Because if you choose a place that’s  not suited for a happy hour event, then don’t expect your invitees to have a good time the moment they arrive. You may also see Elegant Invitations

Employee Holiday Happy Hour Invitation

Printable Happy Hour Baby Shower Invitation

Happy Hour Invitation Card

Happy Hour Party Invitation Design

Happy Hour Lager Invitation

Chalkboard Happy Hour Invitation

6. Write Down the Exact Time that It Will Start

If you were to send out Luncheon Invitations, the people would usually expect that it takes place during lunch hours  (around 12:00  to 1:00 pm at best). So when you think about a Happy Hour event, you need to know the best time that people usually go out for drinks and take advantage of that. Set the time around late afternoon or early in the evening as that’s usually when people are done with work and no longer have any other obligations to attend to.

Also, there should be a period where you end the Happy Hour event as you can’t maintain the discounts for a long period of time. Try to see the best time in which you can end it without disappointing your customers.You may also see Baby Shower Invitation

7. Edit the Invitations

Before you even think about sending these out to the people you want to invite, you need to remember to check the invitations for any mistakes that you may have missed. This is everything from the spelling, grammar, and even the information regarding the Happy Hour event. So what you’ll want to do is go through the invitations at least twice to spot and fix any errors immediately. Once you’re done with that, all you have to do is make the right amount of copies and send them to the people you want to invite.You may also see Business Invitation

In the event that you would like to learn how to create other types of event invitations, then we have a ton of Printable Event Invitations that you can reference or even make use of whenever you like. Just go through our site and find whatever it is that you can use.

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