Music Email Signature

Last Updated: April 27, 2024

Music Email Signature

Corporate professionals wearing their sharp suits are not the only ones who can use an email signature. Remember not all jobs involve financial and marketing services and not everyone works in Wall Street. Being a musician is a full-time job too, and they also use email signatures to transact with clients and other musicians in their industry.

If you are a budding musician or have been in the industry for a quite a while now, you have to make use of a simple email signature. To help you create one, we have provided some examples as well as tips in making a music email signature.

Music Email Signature Template

Music Email Signature Template

Tips in Creating a Music Email Signature

Listed below are some important tips in creating a music email signature.

1. Emphasize personal information

An email signature is dependent on the personal information you provide. Personal information relates to your full name (including titles like Mr., Ms., Mrs., Atty., Dr., Engr., etc., if necessary), job position or designation, contact number, and hyperlinks to your social media or website. You may be asking why a musicians need to add a title in his email signature. The title adds to the professionalism of the email signature.

Did you know of the some of the most popular musicians had other careers as well? Nils Edenloff of Rural Alberta Advantage was a chemical engineer, Ozzy Osbourne did plumbing and other construction work, Mick Jagger (Rolling Stones) was a porter at a mental hospital, Cyndi Lauper worked in a vet clinic and was also an ear piercer, and Gene Simmons was an editorial assistant at fashion magazine Vogue. You may also see company email signature examples.

Even if you want to emphasize on the design of your professional email signature, you should give priority to your personal information more as the information you provide is the actual essence of an email signature. Remember that an email signature is not a poster or a billboard where they emphasize on the “go hard, go big or go home” attitude can incorporate as many designs as they want.

2. Use a minimalist design

Speaking of designs, use a minimalist design for your email signature as much as possible. A minimalist design utilizes a “minimal” and “simple” design, meaning less colors and less designs are used. A minimalist design also avoids the use of embellishments such as shadows, bevels, gradients, or textures. You may also like the dos and don’ts of a good email signature.

A minimalist design is preferred for general email signatures due to the emphasis on the personal information being provided. The design needs to take a backseat so that the personal information can be easily seen. One suggestion in creating a design for your music email signature is to choose from the designs listed in the subsequent section and choose from one or two colors to match the design.

You have two options in implementing the colors and designs in the email signature: use colors that match the design or use colors that create a contrast from the designs. The first option focuses on the color and design using similar combinations. An example would be choosing a red guitar image and also having a red colored background mixed with a dash of white for the borders. You may also check out beauty parlor email signature designs & examples.

The second option meanwhile involves focusing more on contrast between the color and design (for example: the same red guitar image but instead of a red and white background, green and blue will be used). Remember when applying contrast in the formal email signature, the end product should be still visually appealing and not a result of simply combining elements together just for the sake of it.

3. Include your photo

Adding a photo is essential in your email signature. The photo adds to the professionalism as well as legitimacy of the email signature. Since this article focuses on a music email signature, you don’t have to use a picture with you wearing a suit and tie, or a business attire. Additionally, don’t use a picture with you expressing a comical facial expression. You might be interested in human resource email signature designs & examples.

A current photo of you wearing a simple smile will do. Remember that you are still interacting with clients, so keep it professional.

4. Have a backup or alternate design

Creating an email signature is not difficult. They are just an add-on in an email but they are highly important in email communication. You can easily create an email signature in a matter of minutes, so why not mix up your email signature collection by creating a backup or alternate design.

You can switch up your email signature designs depending on the client you are in contact with. But remember that a backup or alternate design should be consistent with your original email signature design. For example, if you are an artist limited to using the drums, then most of your alternate email signatures should focus on drum set-based designs. You may also see hotel travel email signature designs & examples.

Music Designs You Can Implement in Your Email Signature

If you will be creating a music email signature, you can use the following designs listed below. As previously mentioned, you can also use one of the designs to avoid overstuffing the design in the email signature.

1. The artist

This is one of the most common designs used for a simple email signature, although it might cause the email signature’s design to be overcrowded. Your photo is already included in the email signature, so make sure the image of the artist you include is smaller and be placed in the background.

If you are not comfortable adding another photo of yourself in the email signature, you can add a photo of the artist you admire or look up to. Although you can use a photo of any artist, it is suggested that you choose an artist or musician that produces or releases songs similar to your genre. You may also like business email signature examples.

For example, if you are an R&B artist you can use photos of popular R&B singers such as Boyz II Men, Aaliyah, Usher, Bruno Mars, Destiny’s Child, and Michael Jackson.

Additionally, if you sing classic 1960’s and 1970’s songs, you can add photos of The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Queen, Led Zepellin, Jimmy Hendrix, and other great artists of those decades. Some of the names listed are bands, so incorporate them in the background of the email signature instead. You may also check out teacher email signature designs & examples.

2. The song (or lyrics)

Another design you can implement in your email signature is writing down the lyrics of your own songs or lyrics of your favorite songs. Again, to avoid overstuffing the email signature, insert the lyrics in the background of the email signature and set the opacity to low. Your personal information should be the highlight of the general email signature, and not the song lyrics.

It is highly suggested that you insert only one or two lines of the song. It can be a line that you can relate with or it can be lyrics that are associated most with the song.

Take for example using a line from Whitney Houston’s “Greatest Love of All,” which says, “If I fail, if I succeed, at least I’ll live as I believe.” You can also use the lyrics of Journey’s very popular “Don’t Stop Believin,” which states “Some will win, some will lose, some were born to sing the blues, Oh, the movie never ends it goes on and on.” You might be interested in wedding planner email signature examples.

3. The instrument

One design that you can also implement is the use of instrument images. Guitars, piano (keyboard or synthesizer), drums (physical drums or electronic drum machine), violin, saxophone, xylophone, triangle, banjo, trumpet, cello, accordion, bag pipe, flute—there are numerous instruments you can include in the email signature. You may also see sales email signature designs & examples.

Instruments add another visual element to your email signature. Just like the other designs, insert them in the background or in a small corner of the professional email signature so that it can still be seen despite the size. Instruments are usually associated with music, since music is, after all, created by using various musical instruments.

It is highly suggested that in the email signature, you use an image of the instrument that you personally perform with. For example, use an image of a guitar if you play the guitar, or drums if you play drums in a band.

We hope you found this article to be informative as well as helpful when you will be making your own music email signature. As previously mentioned, an email signature is not only used by professionals wearing fancy and sleek suits. The formal email signature applies for every position, musicians included.

The great thing about music email signatures is that numerous designs can be implemented in them, compared to other formal types of standard email signatures where the design that can be used is very limited. For your music email signature, you can either use different colors as well as images of instruments or your favorite music artists.

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