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Instead of just sending a plain text message or chat message to invite someone over one of your special events, sending out invitation cards is the best way to create a buzz for your event. Never underestimate the power of sending out invitation cards in style because who knows? This might be one of the key factors that the people you have invited will definitely attend your event and your invitation card is even one of the reasons they are definitely attending your event because it made them ecstatic. You may also like congratulations greeting card examples.

Invitation Card Template

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Business Invitation Card Example

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Annual Corporate Conference Invitation Card Example

Arabian Nights Invitation Card Example

No matter how simple or grand your event may be, be it a birthday party or a wedding invitation, sending out invitation card to invite your friends and loved ones can be a great and stylish way to so especially if you would want to make your upcoming memorable for everyone and it will also help you in making sure that you have not missed inviting someone. When your invited guests will be finally receiving your invitation card, it gives them a heads-up regarding your upcoming event.

To help you with your event’s invitation card, here are some of the best invitation card examples you can find on the internet that we have compiled just for you. You can choose any of these invitation card examples to invite your beloved loved ones for your special event. You can also definitely personalize these invitation card templates and make your own personality stand out through your personalized design. You may also check out examples of creative greeting cards.

What are Invitation Cards?

As the term suggests, invitation card is a kind of card you sent to the guests of your choice that would contain your request to go to somewhere or something, commonly an event, as well as the important details such as the date and the time of the event, as well as the dress code if ever the event requires them to follow, that you are inviting the person to. You may also see best greeting card designs & examples.

Invitation cards also help in setting the mood as well as the atmosphere of the whatever event the invitation card will be all about. It is ideal if you would create a personalized invitation card so that you will be able to easily relate your special event and you can also have a full control of the design and the contents that will surely make your event a memorable one. You may also like congratulations greeting card examples.

Avengers Birthday Invitation Card Example

Black and White Birthday Invitation Card Example

Business Event Invitation Card Example

Tips to Create Invitation Cards that Attract Attendees

Are you about to create the design of your invitation card? Do take note of these design tips to ensure that you are definitely on your way to creating spectacular invitation cards:

Make sure that you would keep the details of your event crystal clear and direct to the point. Keep in mind that invitation cards are not invitation letters where you can include a few backgrounds although you can definitely include a short note. Imagine this: when you have finally sent your invitation letter to a guest, he or she will feel pumped and excited about the event even by just receiving the formal letter alone even if he or she has not read anything about it yet.

However, you will only dampen his or her excitement when as soon as he or she would open the invitation card, he or she will be greeted by a very long note that can already be considered as a letter. All the guests want and should know regarding the event is the time, place, venue, additional important details such the dress code of the event. Anything more than that is unnecessary. You may also check out examples of creative greeting cards.

You have to make sure that you would highlight the reason or the purpose of the event. If it is for a wedding, a birthday, or an anniversary celebration, make sure that you would clearly indicate that. It is not like everyone knows about all of your scheduled events and important dates in your life that people should immediately get what your vague invitation card could mean.

Do not leave the interpretation of your vague invitation letter in the hands of your guests and keep also in mind that they also have other things to do and that it would also be impossible for them to buy a wedding gift when what they have bought is a gift for a baby shower event. You might be interested in thank-you card examples.

Invitation cards can somehow be considered as an advertising tool– you have to make sure that people will indeed attend to your event and it is similar to that of making sure that your advertisement flyers are enough to convince people to buy your product or avail of your service. Additionally, do not forget to add a call to action. Find a way that people can contact you for any queries or concerns.

You could also add words or phrases that can entice them to attend the event, such as “Please mark your calendars!”, and it is one way of aggressively (although in written form) inviting them to your event. You can state that you are always free to answer their queries and concerns, such as “You can contact me via e-mail or text message should you have any questions and concerns”, and this is another way to invite them to your event without being aggressive but still, effectively done.  You may also see anime greeting card designs & examples.

Christmas Invitation Card Example

Conference Invitation Card Example

Flamingo Pineapple Card Example

Graduation Invitation Cards Example

Jungle Safari Invitation Card Example

Importance of Sending An Invitation Card

If you thought that sending out a physical, tangible invitation card is obsolete then you are totally wrong. Sure, the use of social media and group messaging is more convenient when we would be inviting people who are in the different parts of the globe but nothing beats the personal touch that invitation cards can give to the invited guests. You might be interested in birthday card designs & examples.

If you are still not convinced, here are some of the things that makes invitation card still relevant and important even to this age:

1. Invitation cards set the tone for the event

The things about invitation card are that these are the perfect way that you can convey that overall tone of your special event. For example, you are to throw a baby shower, you could design your invitation in a way that it would show that your event is indeed about a baby shower. You could cut your card in a shape to that of a baby. If you would host a Christmas party, you could also decorate your card in a way that it would show the Christmas feels– you could cut your Christmas invitation card to that of a Christmas tree.

Invitation cards can give present you the opportunity of showing your creativity to your invited guests. It can definitely be a factor that people will attend your party knowing that it would be a fun and colorful one. This is also the indication of your guests what to expect during your event. You may also like floral greeting card examples.

2. Invitation cards are informative

Of course, what’s an invitation card without important information? In order for your event to become successful, you should really include the most important information in your invitation card. Aside from answering the basic who, what, where, when, or why questions, you may also include the dress code of the event. If your event is a potluck kind, you can include in your invitation card that your guests are to bring food. If you are going to hold a big event, you may also want to include the location of where your guests should be parking their cars. You may also check out examples of student business cards.

3. Invitation cards create anticipation

One of the best thing that invitation card bring is that it creates anticipation. It makes people feel excited about your upcoming event. Once you will send an invitation card that has a design that reflects the overall theme of the event, this will create a mental picture of what to expect during the event, what food will be eaten, what games will be played, and what are other surprising but exciting activities that await them.

For example, you are going to hold a surprise engagement party that only your mutual friends know, your invited mutual guests will get excited about how you are going to propose to your bride-to-be. Your invitation card is one of the factors that will heighten the emotions of your invited mutual friends during the actual day of the event. You might be interested in handmade card designs and examples.

4. Invitation cards make your event memorable

If you are only to send out your invites digitally, particularly on social media or emails, chances are, your invite will get covered up with a lot of other message or notifications your invited guests will receive. Put yourself in the shoes of the invited guests and that you will receive an invitation via a chat message or an email.

For sure, you are going to read about and even get excited about it. But after scrolling the rest of your social media feeds and reading a ton of emails, you might possibly forget the event altogether. But with an invitation card, especially if it is well-designed enough, you will totally be reminded of the event you are invited to. Plus, it can also serve as a memorabilia or a keepsake especially if it is a very sentimental event like your grandparents’ Diamond anniversary.  You may also like congratulations greeting card examples.

By sending out invitation cards to invite your loved ones, you can be assured that they will surely attend your event. They might put your beautifully designed invitation card where they can place it in some place of their homes where they can view or see it anytime. You may also see Holiday Card Designs & Examples.

Kids Birthday Invitation Card Example

Medieval Manuscript Birthday Invitation Card Example

Painting Invitation Card Example

Parkour Birthday Party Invitation Card Example

Passport Invitation Card Example

Pokemon Birthday Invitation Card Example

Different Types of Invitation Cards

We have uploaded various types of invitation cards here in the article and even on our entire website. All of these are ready to be customized by you especially if you have run out of ideas on how to create your own invitation card. Here are some of the types:

1. Wedding Invitation Card

One of the ways you can create an unforgettable and a one-of-a-kind wedding is that you should be sending out wedding invitation cards to your special guests. If you are a creative couple, unleash the artistic beast within yourselves by having a personalized creative touch in your wedding card.

We have some templates of wedding invitation cards uploaded in this article but you might be interested in some articles here on our website that provides you a wide variety of wedding invitation card examples and wedding invitation designs. Here are the links:

2. Birthday Party Invitation Card

If you want to invite your guests for your birthday in fashion, you can always send out party invitation party. Your birthday party invitation card could also provide the hint of what your birthday party theme would be.

We have some templates of birthday invitation cards uploaded in this article but you might be interested in some articles here on our website that provides you other birthday invitation card examples. Here are the links:

3. Business Related Invitation Card

If you are a boss in a company and that you are about to conduct a special event where are you will be inviting your employees as well as your clients as guests, you can always make use of an invitation card to inform them of the said event.

We have some templates of any business-related invitation cards uploaded in this article but you might be interested in some articles here on our website that provides you more business-related invitation card examples or business-related cards. Here are the links:

4. Special, Creative and Unique Invitation Cards

For your creative and unique events or even those events that are not typically held by most of us, only an equally creative and unique invitation card would fit for the event. Some of the stylish invitation card designs include retro designs, vintage designs, and handmade designs. Here are the links to the articles:

Pororo Birthday Invitation Card Example

Summer Party Invitation Template Example

Benefits of Using Traditional Invitation Cards

With all of the advancements in technology, you might have probably thought that sending out invitation cards is old school and that anyone who is still sending out invitation cards in this era is someone who has been living under a rock. But no; sending out invitation cards are still in today. In fact, if you would send out invitation cards in this era, you and your event will stand out more. If you would still need some convincing that invitation cards are still something that is at this time, here are some of the benefits of sending out traditional invitation cards:

1. You can apply your own personal style

Even if you will be using templates for your invitation card, you can always still add your personal touch and apply your personal style on your invitation card. By adding your personal style to your invitation card, you can make an inexpensive template look expensive. When you design your card with a personal touch, it will mean so much to your invited guests.

If you are a creative person, the invitation card for your event is something that you can grab as an opportunity where you can show your artistic side to your invited guests. And if your invited guests already know of your artistic prowess, they will feel proud knowing that you are the one who made the design of your event.

Imagine it’s your wedding and that you have shared with your friends before that you have always wanted to be hands-on with your wedding preparations, especially the design of your invitation card. Your friends will be happy to hear that you have made one of your goals come true. You may also see Wedding Invitation Card Designs & Examples.

2. You can send an invite to everyone

And by everyone, it means your grandparents who do not have and who does not like to adapt and adjust to the modern world plus you might have friends or other family members who have sworn off social media.

There are also some people who cannot check their social media accounts regularly and there are also some people whose jobs do not have a laptop where they can easily check their emails. Nothing beats a tangible invitation card; aside from the fact that you can send an invite to everyone who is on your guest list, you can also be assured that they will be able to read and even get excited with your upcoming event. You might be interested in handmade card designs and examples.

3. You can clarify who is invited

With invitation cards, you can clarify who are the specific people that are invited to your event. There are some cases when you would just send an invitation via word of mouth and that is not a very effective and efficient way of inviting guests because what if the food you are to prepare is good only for fifty people, but, unfortunately,  one of your guests, who have received your invite via word of mouth, has brought five other people?

You do not want additional stress especially if you are the main celebrant of the event. Through sending invitation cards, you can clarify that the invite you have sent them is only addressed to a single person (the receiver himself), a plus one is allowed, or bring your entire family. Your invited guests will surely understand that you are only limiting the number of people you are inviting since most of them have probably held events and also limited the number of invited guests. You may also see Masquerade Ball Birthday Invitation Designs and Examples.

4. You can still make room for privacy

There are some events like engagement party or wedding ceremony wherein you would want to keep the privacy and the intimacy. If you do not want your event to become publicized too much, you can always send out an invitation letter that informs your invited guests to keep the information of your upcoming event private and not to share it to those who are not invited so they would not feel slighted.

For sure, your exclusive guests will understand if you want to keep your event exclusive. If you do not want to get your special event ruined, sending an exclusive invitation card is the best way to effectively do so. You may also see Reunion Save the Date Invitation Designs and Examples.

5. You can never go wrong with sending invitation cards

Other people can comment whatever they want to comment about the act of sending invitation cards but that does not change the fact that invitation cards are timeless and that you can never go wrong if you want to spread the information of your upcoming event with the use of invitation card. Keep in mind that what really matters is that your beloved family members and friends will have a great time during your event and that before the event, they already know the necessary information of your events such as the date, time, and venue. You may also see Ninja Themed Birthday Party Invitation Designs and Example.

In the end, what really matters most is that your guests will have fun and be well-fed during your event and that they will not get lost in coming to your event because the invitation card you have given them have effectively informed them of all the things that you need in order to attend the event. We hope you could make use of all these invitation card examples for your event and our suggested links have been of great help. Have fun sending out invitation cards! You may also like disney greeting card designs & examples.

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