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We have become so absorbed with our busy lives that we often fail to observe everything around us. If you know how to take a breather every once in a while, you’ll notice how every material thing around us has some sort of mark on it. These “marks” are called logos, and they do more for a business than you can imagine.

For starters, a business that would want to be recognized by its market would need a visual representation of the brand for consumers to remember. This is where logo designs come in. But these symbols are more than just an image or text used to represent a brand, as there are certain characteristics of a logo that people should take notice of.

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Basic Attributes of an Effective Logo Design

Add an image, type in your company name, and you’re good to go, right? Well, not really. There are various elements that make an effective logo design, and it would be a great idea to keep these in mind.


You’re probably getting sick of hearing how simplicity is key in design, but it’s been said once, so there’s a good reason why it should be pointed out again. For one thing, it’s easy to achieve a memorable and versatile minimal logo design once it’s made simple. That’s because simple designs tend to be a lot easier to remember than complicated ones, giving your brand an extra boost of popularity among customers. But then again, you also have to make sure you’re in the “good” side of being simple, lying somewhere in between boring and overdramatic.


In society, every individual has a unique character that allows them to stand out. It’s what identifies us as an individual, making us different from the rest. Applying the same concept to a logo design, a distinctive logo is what makes it worth remembering. It could bear certain qualities that a viewer may find interesting. Although it might be impossible to achieve a logo design that’s completely one-of-a-kind, there are still certain aspects of a logo that makes it unique.


A memorable logo design is one that you could instantly recall at the mere mention of the brand name and possibly describe to a friend when the time calls for it. For any company, a memorable logo design serves as an advantage, as customers are likely to recognize your brand more compared to the competition. Prospective customers may easily distinguish your brand in a shelf full of items, likely choosing you over other options when making purchases. As for companies that have yet to establish themselves, a good professional logo design can definitely help make a positive impression.


Have you ever wondered how logos are used?

We can find business logos in storefronts and on company products, but logos are also used as an identity for marketing in more ways than one. That includes everything from business documents to advertising brochures, anything that investors and clients are likely to encounter. With that in mind, creating a logo that is flexible enough to adapt to any possible medium is essential. And when we say “adapt”, we mean look remarkable enough to appeal to an audience. This is why a simple design is necessary, especially if you don’t want your logo to end up like a small smudge on a business card.


You might have every other element on this list locked down with your logo design but if there’s one thing you have to be absolutely sure of, it’s the appropriateness of your creation. You see, there are instances when a logo hits all the right marks, except being suitable enough for its intended industry and market that is. A law firm demands an elegant and professional logo design, while a toy store needs a fun and colorful icon to represent it. Remember, your company logo should reflect the essence of your business in order for customers to understand its nature.

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Types of Logo Designs to Choose From

Ever noticed how logos come in different forms? That’s because there are specific types of logo designs that you could use for any purpose.

1. Monogram Logos

There are instances when companies or organizations with seemingly lengthy names opt to go with their initials as their logo (picture out NASA and IBM). This type of logo design is called monogram logos or letter marks. But because the focus is more on type than an actual icon, it’s important to come up with a design that would effectively represent the essence of your company, while still appearing legibly on print. If the market isn’t quite familiar with your brand yet, then it would be best to include your full name below just for the time being.

2. Logotypes

And yet another common practice we’ve seen around, companies using their business name as their logo design. From Coca-Cola to Samsung, it’s hard not to miss these logo designs, especially when their names are practically thrown at you to recognize. This is great for companies bearing catchy business names, as they’re often a lot easier to remember. However, choosing or creating the right font for this is critical to its success. You don’t want to come up with a logo that anyone could reproduce without much effort, so it’s important to pay attention to the look and feel of your text as well.

3. Pictorial Marks

As humans, we seem to be drawn to graphic-based designs a lot more than the plain text. In fact, there’s a long list of popular brands that could be distinguished without the help of their brand name. Let’s take Apple, for example. We could easily recognize the company thanks to their iconic round logo design, along with the strong brand recognition they have successfully built. But the biggest challenge that every designer has to face with pictorial marks is whether or not their creation is timeless enough to withstand the changing market.

4. Combination Marks

We have images and we have text, but who says we can’t have both for a logo?

A combination mark is another common type of logo design, with big names like Burger King and Lacoste carrying it. One advantage that comes with combination marks is that they’re a lot easier to trademark compared to the ordinary pictorial marks. That’s because they carry a distinctive look that we often associate with one another.

5. Emblem

Emblems are a lot similar to combination marks, except they appear more like a badge or a seal, which makes it a common type of logo design for universities and government agencies. It’s almost as if the whole look would not be complete once you take away a single quality from it. But because of how detailed this type of logo can be, it also makes it a little less versatile than the rest. This is why you have to make sure that your creation remains simple enough to pass the test.

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Top Logo Design Mistakes to Avoid

On the process of designing your logo? Here are a few points that every entrepreneur and logo designer should remember by heart.

  • Have it designed by an amateur. It’s necessary for entrepreneurs to invest in all things of excellent quality for the good of the business, and the company’s logo should be a part of that plan. Sure, hiring a professional to do the job might be costly, but that investment will surely go a long way. A professional would know more about the essential qualities that a good logo design should have and since it’s a joint effort, you’re likely to meet halfway.
  • Become reliant on trends. While there’s nothing wrong with following the latest fads, you should still keep an eye out for any warning signs. Because of how quickly trends come and go, the lifespan of your logo is bound to be cut short. You don’t want to become a victim of the cliché community, as that won’t do you any favors at all.  
  • Overdoing it. Not to be a killjoy to your artsy fest, but sometimes the creative mind can go a little too wild. Chances are, you’ll come up with a completely distinctive design with nothing just like it in the market, but you’ll also be going against the idea of simplicity. You have to consider the overall impact of the logo, not just the kind of shapes and colors to include.
  • Using one too many fonts. For logo designs that include text, this is one thing to keep in mind. Using too many fonts can make a logo messy, or even unprofessional in form. Having a maximum of two fonts is standard practice, one that you should apply to your own creation.
  • Copying others. There may be thousands of fashion logo designs out there, but that’s no excuse to start copying for your own benefit. And who said copying will bring you a great fortune? Not only will this cause an identity crisis for your company, let alone confusion among consumers, but it could also lead to legal trouble at some point. A good and sensible designer would look to other logo designs for inspiration, not come up with a carbon copy of an existing one.

Logos are a huge part of every business, posing as a visual symbol that affects a consumer’s perception. But for any type of business, whether it’s a family-run restaurant or a small hair salon, it’s important to be aware of the role that a good logo design plays. It’s something that entrepreneurs and logo designers should take seriously, one that both parties should invest a good amount of time and effort in.

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