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Before your actual wedding day, a wedding shower or bridal shower can be done so that the bride can take time to relax. A time out from all the hectic schedules and on hand preparations can help a bride find the joy in the planning processes of the wedding. Aside from your Wedding Menu and other wedding cards, you should make sure that your wedding shower should also look great and cohesive with the wedding theme.

The Invitation Design that will be incorporated in the wedding shower is essential to be a reflection of the wedding shower program and the character of the bride. We have collected a number of wedding shower invitations that you can download from this post should you want to create one that best suits the wedding shower activity that you have in mind.

Wedding Shower Invitation Template

wedding shower
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Size: 4×6, 5×7 Inches,+ Bleed


Autumn Bridal Shower Invitation Template

autumn bridal shower invitation template
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Rose Bridal Shower Invitation

rose bridal shower invitation

Rustic Wedding Shower Invitation

rustic wedding shower invitation

Bridal Shower Invitation Template

bridal shower invitation template1

Modern Wedding Shower Invitation

modern couple shower invitation

How to Select the Wedding Shower Invitation Theme

Just like when making a diy wedding invitation, a wedding thank you card and other kinds of wedding cards; it is also a challenge to select the appropriate wedding shower invitation theme. These relies on certain factors like the decision of the host of the party, the timeliness of the wedding shower and other things that can affect the aesthetic that is fit to be placed in a wedding shower invitation. Here are some ways on how you can effectively select the bridal shower theme:

1. Develop the program of the wedding shower first. If you already have the list of activities that you prepared for the wedding shower, then it will be easier for you to know the kind of design that can reflect these activities.You may also see Desert wedding invitations

2. Know the theme of the wedding so you can showcase the same theme in the wedding shower invitation. This is mostly done if the wedding host or organizer is the bride herself of the wedding planners. However, you can still do this if you are a friend of the bride who would like to surprise her with a wedding shower themed after their wedding aesthetic and design. For instance, you can come up with a floral wedding shower invitation if you already know that a Floral Wedding invitation will be used for the actual wedding.

3. If you have planned a surprise for the bride, you can have it as a way to mysteriously reveal the party through a wedding shower invitation. Use silhouettes and other kinds of mysterious and exciting depictions on what can be expected in the wedding shower.You may also see outdoor Wedding invitations

4. Incorporate the personal qualities of the bride to make the wedding shower invitation truly her own. You can include the favorite songs, books, or even destinations of the bride so that she can appreciate the design even more.You may also see Funny wedding invitations

Floral Wedding Bridal Shower Invitation

navy blue stripes floral wedding bridal shower invitation

Vintage Bridal Shower Invitation

vintage bridal shower invitation

Laser Pink Wedding Bridal Shower Invitation

laser pink wedding bridal shower invitation

Floral Wedding Shower Invitation

floral wedding shower invitation

Tips When Developing a Wedding Shower Invitation

A wedding shower invitation is an important way to give information about the wedding shower that is to take place. If you are already in the process of developing the design and content of your wedding shower invitation, here are some tips that you may follow:

1. Make the design of the wedding shower invitation fun. Refer to different kinds of wedding shower invitations and even wedding invitations like Watercolor wedding invitations and Funny wedding invitations.

2. Know the number of people that you will invite. This will help you in terms of producing the appropriate amount of wedding shower invitations that you need to have.You may also see vintage wedding invitations

3. Have a theme that is fit for the celebration. Just as how Winter wedding invitations are perfect for winter weddings, your wedding shower invitation should also present the wedding shower in a way that proper expectations can be set.

Making a wedding shower invitation may not be as hard when developing the design of 50th wedding anniversary invitations based on how the events where the invitations will be used present the milestones of the couple. However, you should still find time to make the wedding shower invitation look presentable and visually attractive.

Watercolor Wedding Shower Invitation

watercolor wedding shower invitation

Elegant Wedding Shower Invitation

elegant wedding shower invitation

Autumn Wedding Shower Invitation

autumn wedding shower invitation

How to Create a Wedding Shower Invitation

Wedding card invitation design is used to make Gay Wedding invitations and other kinds of wedding invitations look great requires a process of design development. The same concept applies when making the overall aesthetic of a wedding shower invitation. Listed below are simple steps that can be useful when creating a basic wedding shower invitation if you are unaware on how to do so.

1. Have an idea on how you would like the wedding shower invitation to look like.

2. Refer to samples that can help you gather references in terms of designing the wedding shower invitation.

3. Create a draft of the wedding shower invitation that you want to achieve.You may also see  Fall wedding invitations

4. List down the necessary information that is essential to be in the wedding shower invitation.

5. Gather all the design items and materials that you will include in the wedding shower invitation.Modern wedding invitations

6. Use a template or identify a medium that you can use as the base of the wedding shower invitation.

7. Go back to your draft and try to realize the vision that you have while putting together the materials that you have collected. You may also see nautical wedding invitation

8. Adjust certain areas of the wedding shower invitation depending on how you think it can positively affect the overall impact of the design.You may also see Rustic wedding invitations

9. Review the entire wedding shower invitation before saving it as a document.

10. Print or electronically send the final wedding shower invitation to the invited guests.

Romantic Bridal Shower invitation

girly romantic floral wrap wedding bridal shower

Watercolor Floral Bridal Shower Invitation

watercolor floral bridal shower invitation

Classic Wedding Shower Invitation

classic wedding shower invitation

Boho Wedding Shower Invitation

boho wedding shower invitation

Stylish Wedding Shower Invitation

stylish wedding shower invitation

Vintage Floral Decor Bridal Shower Invitation

vintage floral decor for wedding bridal shower

Printable Couples Shower Invitation

printable couples shower invitation

Ready to Make a Wedding Shower Invitation That Works?

Wedding shower invitations can sometimes be formal and serious. In some instances, funny wedding showers can also be given out to ease the pressure of coming up with a perfect wedding day. These being said, wedding shower invitations can come in different formats, presentations, and shapes. You may also see vintage wedding invitations

If you are getting your design references from Burlap wedding invitations or Whimsical wedding invitations, ensure that you can add the whimsy and magical aesthetic in your wedding shower invitation. Being ready with how you make a wedding shower invitation is what can greatly affect the output that you will have.

With this, you have to make sure that you are well prepared before immersing yourself in the wedding shower invitation design development. Ensure that you remember the items that we have discussed so you can be knowledgeable on how you can come up with a beautiful and comprehensive wedding shower invitation.

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