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web designer business card designs and examples

As we browse the internet, we notice that there are lots of websites online owned by different companies or individuals. Most websites dealing with businesses serve as a way for their customers to be informed about the background of their company, the products and services that they offer, and other concerns as regards the company. Other websites also serve a personal blog for some and may be a source of income or entertainment.

All of these is easily noticeable. But aren’t you wondering who is behind those artistic and creative designs for the web? Have you asked yourself how did they incorporate those designs and create a user-friendly, interactive interface? Basically, web developers and web designers work hand in hand to achieve a functional website. You may also see examples of catering business cards.

For this article, we will be focusing the spotlight to the web designers who are a responsible layout, color, typography, graphics, and other visual aspects of the website. They must promote themselves to the public so that people will know that they are doing this stuff. A good way to be connected with people is by giving them modern business cards.

Elegant Software Developer Business Card Template

software developer business card
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Size: 3.5×2 inches + Bleed


Simple Web Designer Business Card

simple web designer business card

Modern Web Designer Business Card

modern web designer business card1

What Is a Web Design?

This encompasses many different skills and disciplines in the creation and maintenance of a website with different areas such as web graphic design, interface design, authoring, user experience design, and search engine optimization. Web design is usually used to describe the design process relating to the client side of a website including writing mark-up and overlaps with web engineering in the broader scope of web development.

What Is a Web Designer?

The role of a web designer is to create the look, layout, as well as the features of a website. They must understand and know the basics of computer languages, computer programming, and graphic design as these are primarily needed for the creation and maintenance of a site. The web designer is also responsible for maintaining the website and adding relevant designs and features. They must see to it that the website they created is appealing to the target market. You may also like how to design a personal business card.

As years go by, the role of a web designer has evolved to include other related aspects such as user experience design, search engine optimization, and website maintenance, which makes them no longer different from web designers and web developers.

Customizable Web Designer Business Card

customizable web designer business card

Creative Web Designer Business Card

creative web designer business card

Elegant Web Designer Business Card

elegant web designer business card

Skills and Techniques that a Web Designer Must Possess

Every web designer must possess a skill and must know the common techniques used in web designing. These skills can be acquired through proper teaching and education, observation from others, and experience. A web designer must not only be filled with these knowledge, but they are also expected to let themselves be updated with the new and revised tools for them to keep up with modernization. There are lots of competitive designers out there, so every designer must equip themselves even the basic and advanced knowledge with regard to web design so that they will not be left behind by the other competitors. You may also check out marketing business cards.

Among the most common skills and techniques that a web designer must possess are as follows:

1. Generated Content

The first thing that a web designer must know is that websites are generated in two ways: statically or dynamically. Static websites are simpler to host because the server only needed to serve static content and not execute server-side scripts. They store a unique file for every page of a static website and that when a page is requested, the same content is returned. Static websites are usually manually authored. On the other hand, dynamic websites are created with the use of server-side technology to generate webpages. Their content is usually extracted from one or more back-end databases. You may also see examples of best business cards.

2. Marketing and Communication Design

The web designer must know perfectly the trend as well as the preferences of their target for him or her to create and design a website that that appeals and interests them. They must also understand the website that they are designing, for example, retail or entertainment website. They are not expected to have a full knowledge regarding the process of the retail or entertainment, but they must know the basic and the purpose of their website. They must ensure that aesthetics do not clash with the clarity and accuracy of the content. You may also like examples of bakery business cards.

They must also make sure that the personality and reputation of the owner of the site may it a business or an individual is clearly and favorably portrayed.

3. Motion Graphics

Motion graphics refers to pieces of digital animation, creating an illusion of motion, that are usually combined with audio. These are commonly incorporated in websites for entertainment purposes. The web designer must know when to use or not use motion graphics since there are also websites that contains serious and formal content which might find animations distracting and unnecessary. You may also check out luxury business card examples.

4. Page Layout

The role of the web designer when it comes to page layout is that they must consider whether the site’s page layout should be consistent on different pages. They must also consider the page pixel width for aligning objects in the layout design. It is common nowadays that the pages are aligned in the center for aesthetics on larger screens. They must also ensure that the width of the website must match the current most popular browser window at the current most popular screen resolution. You might be interested in graphic designer business card designs.

5. Quality of Code

Web designers must also consider conforming to the standards as this is usually a good practice. Failure to conform the standards does not necessarily mean that the website is not functional or prone to error; standards can relate to correct layout to ensure readability of the pages. There is so called tag soup or the pages that are poorly coded.

6. Typography

Another task of a web designer is to be responsible for the typography of the website like limiting the typefaces to be used to ensure readability by the users, for aesthetic purposes, as well as to ensure that the font is recognized by a browser. They are also responsible to include fonts that are safe or those that will not be altered when opened in another browser to avoid complications. You may also see music business card examples.

7. User Experience Design and Interactive Design

Web designers must also ensure that the website is user-friendly. He or she must also decide whether or not to use interactive interfaces that require plug-ins. Plug-ins may be required for advanced interactive functions. This is an important feature of a website but the designer must see to it that the user can interact with it with ease. You may also like fashion business cards.

Downloadable Web Developer Business Card

downloadable web developer business card

Graphic and Web Design Business Card

graphic and web design business card

Business Card for Web Design and Development Agency

business card for web design and development agency

Other Jobs Involved in the Creation of a Website

The role of a web designer in making a website usual focuses on the visual aspect of a website. Also, they must have a knowledge on HTML, CSS, and other markup languages. However, web designers are not the only people who are involved in the creation of a website. There are still many other groups of people with different skills but are still helpful in the generation of a website. You may also see business card samples.

These people work hand in hand to accomplish and complete the making of a website may it be for their personal use or, as is most common in the society today, for their clients who need their services to create a website for them.

1. Web developers

They specialize in developing World Wide Web applications or the creation of the website that are functional and useful for the users.

2. Graphic designers

They are responsible for creating and developing artistic symbols, images, and text and combine them together, forming and conveying ideas and messages as well as layouts and buttons for the website. You may also like examples of makeup artist business cards.

3. Internet marketing specialists

They help maintain the web presence through marketing and promotional techniques. They see to it that the website is appealing and attractive to the public, especially to their target market.

4. SEO writers

These writers are responsible to research and recommend the correct words to be incorporated in the site to make it more accessible to the readers. They must also ensure that the site can easily be found and searched on a lot of search engines. You may also check out travel agency business card designs and examples.

5. UX designers

UX designers, or user experience designer, is responsible in incorporating user-centered design, information architecture, interaction design, and visual design.

Web Design Service Business Card Template

web design service business card template

Web or Graphic Designers Business Card

web or graphic designers business card1

Cool Web Designer Business Card

cool web designer business card

Creative Web Designer or Developer Business Card

creative web designer or developer business card

Editable Web Designer Business Card

editable web designer business card1

Fully Editable Web Designer Business Card

fully editable web designer business card

Web Designer and Developer Business Card Design Example

web designer and developer business card design example


As has been discussed, a web designer is important for they are the ones involved in the layout, color, typography, graphics, and other visual aspects of the website. They are also responsible to add interesting stuff on the website to make it more attractive and, at the same time, functional and interactive. You might be interested in examples of student business cards.

They must also possess skills and techniques to get their job done and to satisfy the demands of their customers whenever they are creating web designers for their clients. The skills and techniques that they must possess are as follows: generated content, marketing and communication design, motion graphics, page layout, quality of code, typography, and user experience design and interactive design. You may also see examples of name card design.

Along with the web designers in creating and making the website attractive and functional are the web developer, graphic designers, internet marketing specialists, SEO writers, as well as UX designers. These people work hand in hand to complete the creation of a functional website. You may also like examples of business card design.

These people must let themselves be known to the public by disseminating their business cards. And to reiterate, several examples of business cards for web designers are presented in the above section. Scroll back now!

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