10+ Best Wedding Gift Card Examples [Download Now]

Finding the right gift to give to friends or family members on their wedding day will always be a challenge. Luckily you can always give gift card templates as generous wedding gifts. Gift cards are prepaid cards that can be used to purchase products and/or services from specific business establishments. It is a good gift alternative that allows the couple to purchase what they actually want instead of giving what you think they want. That way you can avoid giving things that the couple will end up not using in the future.

Wedding Gift Card Examples

1. Art Wedding Gift Card


Some couples collect shoes, others collect gadgets, and there are other couples who take their time to curate and collect special art pieces. If you know a couple that does, it is best to give them a wedding gift that you know they will truly appreciate. This art wedding gift card can be used to purchase various art in different media which is perfect for the art collector couple.

2. Wedding Rental and Decor Gift Card


If you truly want to give a generous wedding gift to a friend or family member, why not help out as early as the wedding preparation? You can give assistance to the couple and help take down their stress level a couple of notches by giving them a gift card for their wedding decor rental. This wedding gift card example will surely help the couple save a couple of cash that they can use for their honeymoon. Talk about thinking ahead!

3. Wedding Wishes Gift Card


Unsure of what to get and where to get the perfect wedding gift for your to-be-wed friends or family members? Why not purchase a gift card that they can use to purchase from any brands and business establishments? This wedding wishes gift card example is flexible and carries a couple of brands that can be used to purchase from various stores. Giving them this gift card as a wedding gift will surely help them choose items that they can actually use in their new home.

4. Housewares Wedding Gift Card


As the couple starts a new journey in their lives and as they start to make their new home, they most definitely will need new dishes and housewares that they can use. But giving them that as a gift is both confusing and challenging; thus, it is better to let them decide which style they would like and let them transport them at their own convenience. This gift card that is specifically for housewares purchases will help the couple in making their new home as cozy and complete as possible.

5. Happy Wedding Day Gift Card


Aside from the dishes, the couple will also need a few things to make their home as aesthetically pleasing and comfortable as they want it to be. Giving them huge boxes that contain house decors as a gift on their wedding reception is not only challenging to you but to the couple as well. Thus, giving them a gift card that they can use to purchase home decors that they actually prefer is a much better option. This wedding day gift card example with simple and untelling design will surely lead them to a great surprise.

6. Now and Forever Wedding Gift Card


Um, who doesn’t love Target? If you are still confused where you should get the gift card you want to give as a gift to the newlywed, Target should definitely be on top of that list. The couple will surely get various things from the store, from groceries to body care products down to house decors and appliances, the store has it all. Giving them this beautifully and intricately designed gift card along with a generous amount will surely excite them as they start to furnish their own home.

7. Jewelry Wedding Gift Card


Aside from home decors, appliances and housewares you can also give the couple a gift of jewelry. Giving jewelry as a wedding gift is not only useful but also a good investment for the couple. Since the groom will most likely not wear any jewelry, giving a pair of dainty but elegant pair of earrings or a beautiful necklace as a bridal gift is a good idea. You can give a jewelry wedding gift card in advance so that the couple can choose the design and jewel or stone that they prefer.

8. Dream Holiday Wedding Gift Card


Not every couple has the budget to go on their dream holiday or honeymoon. It can be quite expensive, but if you want to give an over-the-top wedding gift, why not give them the luxury to go on their dream holiday, right? You can purchase this travel gift card to give as an extravagant wedding gift to the newlywed. Some major banks and travel agencies will allow you to purchase a card solely for this purpose. The expense for the gift will all be worth it, just ask them to send you a postcard when they get to their destination.

9. Wedding Photo Shoot Gift Card


Preserving the memories that lead up to their most awaited day is on top of the couple’s list of priorities. As an advance wedding gift, you can shoulder the expense for the wedding photo shoot by giving them a photo shoot gift card. This will surely take the stress of booking and paying for the wedding photographer off their shoulders. That way you can also get a good photo of you taken on that day. Honestly, it’s a win-win.

10. Day Spa Wedding Gift Card


A good pamper session will surely help the couple relax a couple of days before or after their wedding. Giving them a spa gift card as a wedding gift will let the couples relax through a calming and soothing massage and other services offered by the spa you recommend. The stress and headaches caused by wedding planning and wedding reception hangover will surely be cured with a good session at the spa.

11. Home Improvement Retail Wedding Gift Card


While other couples are just starting to build their new dream house, some will immediately jump to a total house renovation. If both scenarios apply to your to-be-wed friends or family members, giving them a gift card that they can use to purchase the needed materials for the building process is surely a big help. Giving them this wedding gift card that they can use to purchase materials and products at their local Lowe’s will help them save a couple of cash that they can use for other important things.

As simple and plain as it may seem, giving gift cards as a wedding gift can go a long way. It can surely help the couple purchase what they actually prefer as opposed to giving them something that you like but they actually don’t. The purpose of this article is to give you an idea and inspiration on what generous and practical wedding gift alternatives you can give to friends and family members on their wedding day.

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