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After nine months of bearing a child, women have to go through one of the most painful yet also one of the most magical experience: giving birth. Giving birth is not an easy thing and women must be lauded for their strength and resilience during times like this. You may also like graduation announcement designs & examples.

Other options aside from giving birth are available for women, but when women choose to bring a child into this world, it will always be one of the biggest and best decisions a woman can make.

Since giving birth is one of those special moments in your life as a parent, it is expected that you would want to announce to everyone you may know that you have given birth to a beautiful child.

Of course, you are a proud parent of your son or daughter, and you should be. No, it is not a move desperate for attention and praises; it is just a gesture to let everyone special to you know that you have successfully given birth and that both you, as the mom, and the baby are doing great. You may also see promotion announcement designs and examples.

free birth announcement design

Announcing the birth of your child can be in the form of a birth announcement card that you can send to your family and friends. Typically, this includes relevant information regarding the baby as well as his or her photo. This is a great way to introduce the baby to your family and friends, especially those who are currently living from you. This way you can let them know that there is another addition to your growing family. You may also like party invitation examples.

Through this announcement, your family and friends can live up to their anticipation and they will for sure be as excited as you are with the birth of your child. That way, too, you can give them hints that they can send in gifts for the newborn and they can visit to see the cuteness of your baby. It will surely be a joy to witness the happiness they radiate or the joy they send in through their response when they know that you are safe after delivering a healthy baby. You may also check out announcement email examples & samples.

Typography Birth Announcement Design Example

typography free birth announcement design example

Baby Girl Birth Announcement Design Example

baby girl free birth announcement design example

Birth Announcement Etiquette

After nine months of carrying a child in a womb, hours of excruciating labor, and all those painful pushes, a healthy and beautiful child is given birth. After hearing the child’s first cry, people are most probably very ready to announce to the world that a child has been successfully delivered. The friends and family of the parents will surely wait for the announcement confirming the birth and they are just as excited as the parents are. You may also see moving announcement card designs and examples.

Almost immediately after giving birth, the parents start to think how to announce such wonderful news. The parents start to think about all the information to include, in what way to make the announcement, and so on. The parents would most likely want to have the authority on what to share. You may also like death announcement designs and examples.

However, there will be times when family and friends get too excited and announce the big news themselves without the parents’ consent. As a family member or a friend of the parents, should you make that announcement yourself? How do you go on announcing the big news without frustrating the parents of the newborn? To help you answer all those questions, here is a short guide in handling birth announcement for the family and friends:

1. Consider family politics

You need to take into consideration of the dynamic of the family because they play a huge role in birth announcements. There may be family politics that you need to keep in mind.

May be the parents had already planned how to do the announcement. The parents of the newborn should get to decide who to tell the news first before announcing it to everyone else. It should be discussed even before the child is actually born to avoid other people from telling the news first and stealing the parents’ special moment. You may also check out party announcement designs and examples.

2. Let them have their moment

If you are one of the first few people who get to receive the birth announcement text message or call, do not immediately jump into announcing the news to the world.

Although the weight of the news may excite you, you should not, in any way or form, announce about it. You should feel pleased and honored that the new parents have considered you as one of the special people in their life. If they haven’t posted about the birth in any social media platform, don’t do it for them. Congratulate them in private, and when they decide to share the news to everyone else, that’s when you congratulate them publicly. You might be interested in funeral announcement designs and examples.

3. Ask permission before sharing the news

Although some parents don’t mind and even though you are part of the family, asking permission to share the news about the birth of the child is still a courteous gesture.

Other friends and family may be offended to know about such an important matter from someone else instead of the parents; likewise for the parents, they may feel frustrated or even angry that you shared the news to everyone else without checking if it’s okay with them first. Always ask permission from the parents before you publicly acknowledge the birth of the parents’ child. You may also see baby announcement designs and examples.

4. Don’t share photos without approval

Just like the above mentioned tip, taking photos of the child and posting it without knowledge and approval from the parents is just plain rude and disrespectful. The parents of the child may be particularly cautious when it comes to sharing photos of the newborn on social media and they are not going to be happy when you post a photo of their child on your profile. Your friends and family are not their friends and family, you need to remember that. You may also like event invitation examples.

With the freedom of these websites, the photo can easily be used for exploitation among other things. Always ask permission from the parents first before posting the image of the newborn child on social media.

5. It is not your news to share

You may think, “Who needs all these rules about birth announcements?” But there have been a lot of relationships that has been strained because of this, and with the convenience of social media, it can make matters worse. There will be parents who would seem nonchalant if you share their big news and there will also be parents who care about stuff like these. And for those parents who do care, you have to keep in mind their decisions and preferences. You have to ask permission and get their approval regarding sharing such big news. Do not steal their thunder.

Little Owl Birth Announcement Design Example

little owl free birth announcement design example

Photo Birth Announcement Design Example

photo free birth announcement design example

Purple Birth Announcement Design Example

purple birth announcement design example

Basic Photo Birth Announcement Design Example

basic photo birth announcement design example

Movie Inspired Birth Announcement Design Example

movie inspired birth announcement design example

What to Write in a Birth Announcement

When you get too excited on the birth of your child, you may forget the right words to say. Your mind goes blank on what words to use to convey how happy and excited you are for such a wonderful moment and you might need help from someone with an editorial prowess. Fret not, here is a list of easy wordings, quotes, and other ideas on what to write in your birth announcement card, perfect posters, letter, etc.:

1. Include Basic Information

This is the easiest part of making a birth announcement. You should always include some of the basic information of the newborn to help people get to know the baby. These information should not be forgotten because then the announcement would lose its significance if the people don’t know the who you’re doing the announcement for. These are the basic information you should include:

  • Parents’ full names
  • Baby’s full name
  • Baby’s birth date
  • Baby’s gender (if the name is not clearly male or female)
  • Baby’s weight and length (commonly included but not required)

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2. Baby Girl Birth Announcement Ideas

You want to make the announcement of the birth of your baby girl sweet and whimsical but it can be hard to make on on your own. Here some wordings or ideas you can use for a baby girl birth announcement:

  • Twinkle, twinkle, little star. Do you know how loved you are? Introducing our baby girl…
  • We’re tickled pink to have a new baby daughter!
  • Welcome to the world, precious girl. Announcing the arrival of our daughter…
  • Welcome a baby sister to the Douglas Family!
  • Thank heaven for little girls. Introducing our daughter…
  • Our littlest lovebug…

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3. Baby Boy Birth Announcement Ideas

For variety, you can also use other ideas to announce the birth of your baby boy. Here are some ideas for a baby boy birth announcement:

  • How wonderful life is now he’s in the world. Announcing the arrival of our son…
  • Babies are such a joy, we’re excited to welcome our new baby boy!
  • Oh boy, he’s finally here! Welcoming little [baby’s name] to the world.
  • Our little man has arrived!
  • He’s officially a big brother! Say hello to [older son]’s new best friend.
  • King of the Chan House…

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4. Twins Birth Announcement

  • Twice the love, twice the joy. [Parents’ names] proudly introduce their twins…
  • The best things come in pairs. We joyfully introduce our sons to the world.
  • Doubles, anyone? Say hello to the next famous tennis twins, our daughter…

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5. Religious Birth Announcement

  • Every good and perfect gift is from above…” (James 1:17) Please Join us in Welcoming our Perfect Gift…
  • Behold, children are a gift of the lord…” (Psalm 127:3) We’ve been blessed!
  • Our Gift from God…

6. Funny Birth Announcement

  • Free at Last! After 9 Long Months, we welcome…
  • Escaped from the womb! Wanted—for stealing his parents’ hearts. Meet…
  • Sh!t just got real. (Seriously, it’s in abundance.) Say hello to our little pooper…
  • The true meaning of #blessed: Sleepless nights and nonstop poop…but look at that little face! Introducing…

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Green Polka-dots Birth Announcement Design Example

green polkadots birth announcement design example

Grayscale Birth Announcement Design Example

grayscale birth announcement design example

Cute Animals Birth Announcement Design Example

cute animals birth announcement design example

Tri-fold Birth Announcement Design Example

tri fold birth announcement design example

Baby Girl Birth Announcement Design Example

baby girl birth announcement design example

Minimal Pink Birth Announcement Design Example

minimal pink birth announcement design example

Baby Boy Birth Announcement Design Example

baby boy birth announcement design example

The examples given above are free for your use be it for inspiration or to copy for your own. We hope that you find this guide useful for your announcing the birth of your lovely newborn baby.

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