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It is the time of the year where students rejoice not because they finish their college essay but because all of their hard work and perseverance has finally paid off. Yes, I’m talking about graduation ceremony. An event where the students and teachers met with such honor carrying on top of their head.

A graduation is the dream of every student and one can not simply miss such great event invitations. Whether you are a student from preschool, middle school or college you must walk with proud on a stage wearing your best outfit you could possibly wear, and that is your toga and tassels.

Graduation Invitation Example

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Graduation Party Invitation

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Graduation Party Invitations

Printable Graduation Party Invitation

Black and White Graduation Party Invitation

Personalized Graduation Party Invitation

College Graduation Invitation Examples

Formal College Graduation Invitation

College Graduation Party Invitations

College Graduation Announcement Invitation

High School Graduation Invitations

High School Graduation Open Source Invitation

High School Graduation Party Invitation

High School Graduation Ceremony Invitation

Why We Have Graduation Events

If you are already in your last year in school, then you probably heard of the word graduation. You might be thinking that it is just a simple event and it is okay for you to skip that one. But actually, that’s the dumbest idea you could possibly make.

Graduation is very important in every life of a student. It marks the success of the student’s academic studies of his or her course. And that is only one of the reasons why graduation is important.

I could list 4 reasons on top of my head but there’s actually a lot.

  • Rite of passage. When you graduate, it signifies that you are moving from one academic position to the next.
  • A time to celebrate. Don’t just give them a thank-you letter, celebrate together with all the people, your friends, teachers, and your parents that helped you a lot when you feel that your suffocating from all the school works. These people made your learning fun despite the fact that being in a school is stressful.
  • Gives you the feeling of satisfaction. All your hard work, dedication, perseverance and determination has finally paid off. That feeling is one of the best feelings in the world and trust me you don’t want to miss that one.
  • Opens new opportunity in your life. If you graduated from secondary level, then college is your next stop and if you graduated from college then new opportunities are waiting for you. You can now work on a real job in a real company receiving income statement or travel abroad to learn something new.

Nursing Graduation Invitation Samples

Nursing School Graduation Invitation

Nursing Graduation Party Invitation

Graduation Open House Invitations

Graduation Open House Party Invitation

Graduation Open House Photo Invitation

Free Graduation Invitation Examples

Free College Graduation Invitation

Free Printable Graduation Invitation

Free High School Graduation Invitation

Unique Graduation Invitations

Unique College Graduation Invitation

Unique Photo Graduation Invitation

Unique High School Graduation Invitation

Parts of a Graduation Ceremony

Graduations ceremony is an organized and arranged process. It should follow according to the school’s guidelines. But here are the common parts of a graduation ceremony.

  • Marching of students. To properly start a graduation, students must march from their designated area onto to their respective seats. That way, it easy for the speaker to recognize their sections and call their names.
  • Speeches from distinguishing guest. Schools often invite guests from different walks of life that will give words of wisdom to the students. Sometimes this guest is usually an alumnus of the school, a government official or someone who has a higher degree or has a lot of achievements in life.
  • Awarding of honor students. This is the part where the school recognizes the students who have an honor or higher form of honor by giving them medals or a plaque of recognitions.
  • The commencement exercise. This is the part where the candidates of graduation are declared graduates. This is usually done by flipping the tassels from left to right.
  • Giving of diplomas. This is the most awaited part of the ceremony by most of the students. The part where they will receive a certificate saying that they are officially graduated.
  • The valedictory speech. The students who have the highest form of honor will give his or her personal statement containing a thank you note to all the people that helped him or her. A suma cum laude is usually the one who will do this but if the school declares no suma cum laude, the magna cum laude will take its place. Same goes with the salutatorian and valedictorian in secondary level.
  • Singing of graduation song and the school hymn. This is the most emotional part of a graduation ceremony because most students signify this as a bid of farewell to their classmates and teachers.
  • The closing ceremony. This marks the end of the graduation ceremony. Students as well the faculty and admins will take their exit march.

DIY Graduation Invitation Samples

DIY Nursing Graduation Invitation

DIY Graduation Party Invitation

Preschool Graduation Invitation

Preschool Graduation Party Invitation

Graduation Photo Invitation Examples

Graduation Party Photo Invitation

Graduation Open House Photo Invitation

Funny Graduation Invitations

Funny High School Graduation Invitation

Funny College Graduation Invitation

Funny Nursing Graduation Invitation

Tri-Fold Graduation Invitation Samples

Tri-Fold Graduation Announcement Invitation

Different Designs of Graduation Invitation

Whether it’s a simple graduation party or a fancy graduation party, what better way to inform everyone than to send them an invitation flyers. There are different graduation invitations designs that you can download here.

  • Black and White Graduation Party Invitation – If you want something mysterious kind of invitation, then this black and white design is for you.
  • Personalized Graduation Party Invitation – Loves to customize everything? Including designing a graduation holiday invitation? Then you should check this out.
  • Surprise Graduation Party Invitation – Everyone loves surprises right? If you are one of us, then you should try this.
  • Formal Graduation Invitation – If you want your invitation to be proper and organized, Use this design.
  • College Graduation Invitation – If you are a student graduating from college, then this invitation design best for you.
  • High School Graduation Invitation – Or if you are a high school, you can use this one.
  • Nursing Graduation Invitation – Try this one if you graduated from nursing school.
  • Graduation Open House Invitations – Try this one if you want an open house graduation party or just wants to invite everyone.
  • Unique Graduation Invitation – Want something that is out-of-this-world design? Go ahead and check this one.
  • DIY Graduation Invitation – What better way to design an  lunch invitation, than to do it yourself. Customize this design according to your preferences.
  • Preschool Graduation Invitation – A cute kid graduating from preschool deserves this kind of graduation invitation.
  • Funny Graduation Invitation – Don’t want an invitation that is plain and boring? Download this funny graduation invitation.
  • Tri-Fold Graduation Invitation – Just like a tri-fold brochure, Use this design if you want to put every information you want.

No matter what design you choose from, it is best to celebrate it with the people you love. Don’t take graduation for granted, not everyone has given this kind opportunity. Enjoy it while it lasts.

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