15+ Funny Wedding Invitation Designs & Examples in PSD | AI | EPS Vector

Wedding Invitation does not need to be serious and formal all the time. Couples nowadays are becoming more experimental when designing their wedding invitations. Though some still prefer to use traditional wedding invitations, there is nothing wrong with coming up with a quirky and funny wedding invitation design.

You can make an informal wedding invitation just like how you make a Lunch Invitation if that is the simple aesthetic and output that you want to achieve. There are a lot of possibilities when it comes to making a wedding invitation funny. It’s all up to your design vision, creativity and actual design execution. Refer to the samples listed in this post if you want to create a funny wedding invitation.

Funny Photo Wedding Invitation Template

Simple Funny Wedding Invitation

Funny Wedding Invitation Suite

Funny Glossy Movie Poster Wedding Invitation

Design Ideas for Funny Wedding Invitations

Aside from giving your guests the needed information for your wedding day, why not allow them to have fun when browsing through the wedding invitation as well? A funny wedding invitation can generate laughter from your invited guests which is a great way for them to be happy and excited about your wedding even more. Here are some design ideas that you can use if you want to use funny wedding invitations:

1. You can use the photos of the couple when they were still babies or children. You can even add the phrase “These babies will be wedded soon” to make the design of the wedding invitation more funny and catchy.You may also see island wedding invitations

2. Use different characters or icons and incorporate the image of the couple. For example, you can have a queen and a king usually found in Fairytale wedding invitations as the main design items of the wedding invitation. What you can do is just alter the face of the characters with the images of the soon to be the wedded couple.

3. Create informative graphics to make the wedding invitation look comical. This will also help the overall look of the wedding invitation to be informal yet still appropriate for the celebration.You may also see wedding card invitation design

4. Get design inspiration from movie posters, comics, magazine covers and the like. Use the design that serves as your reference and makes it look more relevant to a wedding celebration. You can also use Vintage Wedding invitation designs and create funny storylines within a retro or vintage setting.

These design ideas can also be used for your Wedding Thank-You Cards. Ensure that the aesthetic of your wedding cards are cohesive so using these ideas in other cards as well can make your entire wedding materials look more put together.

Vintage Wedding Invitation

Chalkboard Wedding Invitation

Childhood Photos Save the Date Invitation

Elegant Wedding Invitation

How to Make Wedding Invitations Funny

Most of us are not used to seeing funny wedding invitation cards as we are more accustomed to seeing these cards with formal and traditional designs. If you want to create funny wedding invitations for your wedding, here are some ways on how you can do so:

1. Use phrases that are truly funny. You can even come up with funny expressions and quotations if you would like to. Place this texts in the wedding invitation and use bold font styles so that guests can easily put their attention in it.You may also see Wedding Anniversary Invitation

2. Depict the marriage of the couple in a funny and interesting way. For instance, use a wedding cake design with the couple on the top tier of the cake making fun with each other.You may also see Surprise Party Invitations

3. It is better to use Modern wedding invitations as you can incorporate more fun in them compared to using traditional wedding invitations. Have a theme that is out of the usual like a desert wedding invitation as unexpected twists can make the wedding invitation look funnier.

4. Get references from a gay wedding invitation as this type of invitation usually has the most creative designs. You can even incorporate the aesthetic of Chalkboard wedding invitations to make the entire funny wedding invitation to look more engaging.

The bride and Groom Funny Wedding Invitation

Save the Date Funny Wedding Invitation

Guidelines When Making Funny Wedding Invitations

Most of the Best wedding invitations are those with unique themes and design interpretations. Though having Floral wedding invitationsresort wedding invitationsForest wedding invitations and other common wedding invitations are fine, making funny ones can actually further set your wedding apart in a positive manner. Listed below are some of the guidelines that you can use if you are in the process of developing the layout, content, and design of your funny wedding invitations:
1. Ensure that your wedding invitation is still respectful in terms of the celebration and the guests. Do not use offensive jokes, quotations and other forms of funny writings or depictions.You may also see Traditional wedding invitation
2. It will be best if you can balance the funny design of the wedding invitation with a comprehensive content. The main purpose of your wedding invitation is to give awareness about the program of your wedding. Hence, the information present in the funny wedding invitation should also be looked into.You may also see Burlap Wedding Invitation Designs and Examples
3. If you will use a funny wedding invitation, make sure that your theme will still be reflected. Funny wedding invitation designs can be applied in a variety of other kinds of wedding invitations which is why you should merge various design aesthetics as smooth as possible. You may also see Best wedding invitations

Classic Wedding Invitation

Rustic Wedding Invitation

School Photos Funny Wedding Photo Invitation

Funny Couple Wedding Invitation

Modern Wedding Invitation Suit

Make Your Funny Wedding Invitation Effective

A funny wedding invitation, when done right, can give a positive impact towards the anticipation for your wedding. As we have mentioned above, you can still use a Island wedding invitation, an Art deco wedding invitation, and other kinds of modern and basic wedding invitations. All you need to do is to make them look funny so you can have a more interesting wedding invitation at hand.
Create an effective funny wedding invitation by ensuring that the jokes or other funny things that you will include in the document are cultures, race, gender, and religion sensitive. Use a funny wedding invitation and be ready for the hilarious and fun reactions of your wedding guests.You may also see Forest wedding invitations

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