3+ Verification Sworn Statement Examples in PDF

3 Verification Sworn Statement Examples in PDF

There are instances that we encounter statements that ask us to verify something or at least to verify if this person is the person you have given permission to. We often than not encounter some sworn statements that are not only connected to verification, but also help us by being able to know why we should verify. There are also some cases where having to write or fill out a verification sworn statement is a good thing. As it keeps unwanted people out of your files, and it also helps with keeping your private information from being leaked out or used against you. With that being said, take a good look at the following examples for verification of sworn statements.

3+ Verification Sworn Statement Examples

1. Verification Sworn Statement Template

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2. Income Verification Sworn Statement

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3. Standard Verification Sworn Statement

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4. Formal Verification Sworn Statement

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What Is a Verification Sworn Statement?

A verification sworn statement is a small paragraph that asks you to verify or that asks you to swear or promise that you are indeed the person to whom this important document or important file belongs. The statement consists of a very short usually two or three sentence maximum that asks the reader to state or to fill out their names to verify that they are the person or the party that is requested. Before they are able to access any of the files or the things that may be asked of them, a verification sworn statement is then given to be completely and clearly be sure that the people who asked for the files or are representatives have been given permission.

How to Write a Verification Sworn Statement?

Writing a verification sworn statement looks easy, but what they do not know is the words used to make it sound like a sworn statement. We know its uses, now it is time to know how to write one in case you may have to encounter or even use one. The tips below are here to get you to understand and get to know the verification of sworn statements.

1. Make It Personal

But not too personal. The fact that you make the verification sworn statement personal is to simply allow the person to understand that this statement is made for them and not for someone else. So rather than using the third person point of view when you are writing, use the first-person point of view instead.

2. Leave a Space to Fill It Out

After you write the word I in the beginning, leave a considerate amount of space, not too long or too short for the person to write their name. If it is an organization, still leave a space for them to write out. Not leaving any space may make it difficult for them to find or place their names in order for them to make proper sense.

3. State the Purpose of the Verification

They may be asking why they are given the verification sworn statement. This is the part where you place a short reason. A single sentence will do to give them the reason why they need to verify before they are able to be given the documents or the information they are seeking.

4. Be Sure to Keep It Clear and Concise

Verification sworn statements are often misinterpreted and sometimes may cause issues with those who are going to fill them out. In order to avoid this problem, it is always best to keep it clear and concise all the way. No need to use difficult jargon when writing the statement, you can use simple words to keep or to get your point across. The simple the words used, the easier it is for them to understand what the sworn statement is for.

5. Keep It Short

There is really no point in making a verification sworn statement to be a paragraph long. When the only reason it is written is to verify if the people of the organization are the same people or group who have asked or made the document before and would want to access them. The longer the purpose or the paragraph, the less likely these people would bother to read them.


What is a verification sworn statement?

A verification sworn statement is a small or short paragraph about asking someone to verify if these people are the same who have made the document. It is also used as a way to see if the person is given any permission from the owner of the documents and may also need to verify to see if it’s true.

How is this sworn statement important?

The sworn statement is to make sure that what is being said is true or not.

How long should the verification statement be?

It does not have to be too long or too short. A minimum of two sentences and a maximum of 4 sentences.

We all know that when it comes to verifying something in order to make it happen, we must at least follow the rules and the things that should be done in order to make it happen. For that to happen, we should know that verifying things is necessary.

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