Graduate School Statement

Last Updated: April 27, 2024

Graduate School Statement

Have you ever wanted to live up to a dream? Of course a lot of you would say yes to the question. Though a few may say yes but with some doubt in their voices. Especially when your dreams can be so high or you feel they are impossible to achieve. What if there was a way for you to achieve them? A way for you to reach the highest form of education and with a good reason to put it into action? Would you take the opportunity or would you walk away? As we all know, a lot of people whether you are a fresh graduate or you have graduated a couple of months or years now who wish to pursue a higher educational attainment than university would often opt for graduate school. Have you also been asked as to why you wish to continue pursuing that dream? If you have, those are simply one of the questions you get asked when you enroll in graduate school. Check these out now.

3+ Graduate School Statement Examples

1. Free Graduate School Mission Statement

Free Graduate School Mission Statement
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2. Graduate School Statement of Purpose

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3. Graduate School Statement Template

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4. Standard Graduate School Statement

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What Is a Graduate School Statement?

What is a graduate school statement? What is the difference between a graduate school statement and an undergraduate school statement? Is there even a difference? Yes, there is. An undergraduate school statement often called an undergraduate statement of purpose is a statement written by undergraduates who wish to pursue a career or to study in the school or university of their choice. A graduate school statement however sounds almost the same but the difference is you are attaining higher education and continuing with your career or the course you have graduated in university or college. A graduate school statement is a written document that states the reason why you wish to pursue the career you have chosen. In addition to that, in the document, you must give a good reason as to why you chose that career or that course, the reason as to let you be admitted to the school of your choosing and the department of your chosen career. In the statement, you give out the reasons as to why you are a good fit for their school, a good fit for the department and if you insist on finishing the whole course in the time frame given. It is also a good chance for you to be admitted if you have done your research on the course you are planning to continue as this gives the committee an opportunity to see you have enough knowledge of the school, course and department.

The purpose of doing a graduate school statement is to convince the committee of the choice of your career. To give a reason as to why they should choose you to be a part of their school. Writing it down in the form of a narrative is also the best option.  As there are a lot of applicants for graduate school, as one of them, you must find a way to convince the committee. This is merely one of the reasons for writing a graduate school statement. Another reason is it is a requirement for all applicants who are planning on attending the school. As well as a way for the committee to know you on a personal level. To check if you can be a part of their academic team as one of the chosen students.

How to Write a Graduate School Statement?

Are you planning on getting to graduate school? Have you been told that to attend or to be a part of their team, you must write a graduate school statement? In addition to that, you must be able to convince them in a way that shows you deserve to be in the school you wanted? Don’t worry. The following tips are going to help you how to write a graduate school statement.

1. Make an Introduction

The best way to wow your audience or the committee is to introduce yourself first. Let them get to know you in the form of your narrative writing. Give them the right information that they may need to know as a way to get to know you. Making introductions however may be a tad bit strict for this statement. Make it general but overall professional.

2. State Your Reason

Give the reason for writing your statement. Your reason as well as something about you. Not an introduction, rather a fun fact about you, all the while highlighting your undergraduate skills and the knowledge you have of the course or the department.

3. List Your Long Term Goals

The best thing to add to your narrative statement is your long term goals. The committee would like to read your long term goals as well as to get a good idea of you academically.

4. Keep Your Graduation Statement Authentic

One thing to remember is to keep your statement as authentic as possible. Your statement defines you as the person. Your career, your dreams, your hopes, your goals. Keep them as true to how you want them to be.

5. Revise Your Narrative

Revise and recheck before you send out the narrative statement. Make sure that you have given enough information about you. Enough to give the committee an opportunity to know you as well as to see the reasons why you are planning on taking up graduate school.


What is a graduate school statement?

A graduate school statement is a narrative document that you write to impress and to state the reasons as to why you want to attend the graduate school.

What is the purpose of a graduate school statement?

The purpose is to convince the committee to give you a chance to attend graduate school and to achieve your long term goals and your career.

What should be avoided when writing the statement?

Avoid being too cliché, too obvious and dragging. Committees often like reading narrative statements that stand out.

Having the opportunity to be able to achieve your long term goals and dreams is nothing short of hard work and luck. It also involves writing a good and authentic graduate school statement. To be able to do so, you can always check out the tips written here. Good luck!

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