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Anyone who has ever made a thesis, or a report would know that the most difficult yet most important part is always the problem statement. You need a problem statement to write your thesis report.  The next difficult thing is how to make it as short and specific as possible, which can sometimes be a difficult feat itself. Sometimes we think that how can it be possible for a problem statement to be short and specific at the same time? There is a way for that to happen and this article will show and explain how. Check out 4+ short problem statement examples in PDF. 

4+ Short Problem Statement Examples

1. Short Problem Statement Template

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2. Basic Short Problem Statement

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3. Short Problem Statement in PDF

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4. Short Problem Opportunity Statement

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5. Short Research Problem Statement

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Definition of Statement

A statement is defined as a clear expression you want to discuss through speech or in writing. A definite or clear expression of something in speech or writing. An official statement usually given by witnesses, the defendant or other parties to the court of law. A discussion or an action done to express one’s opinion or idea. A statement is something that you usually want to express. Either through writing or by stating your point of view. An official and legal document that states your ideals, thoughts and opinion on a topic. In addition to that, a statement can also be defined as something important and official, written or spoken to in front of the police or the law. Lastly, a statement can usually be written and read from thesis reports. These statements highlight the issue and explain in full detail how to resolve it.

Definition of Problem Statement

A problem statement is made up of one or two sentences. The reason why it is so short is because it explains the problem you are trying to address. A problem statement outlines the negative and the positive aspects of the situation. As well as explaining all the steps taken to solve the current issue. In addition to that it also explains how and why the issue happened and the steps or the precaution you take to address the issue.

Importance of Problem Statement

So what is so important about a problem statement? What does a problem statement do? If you are asking yourself the same questions as most of the people are, you are not alone. The importance of a problem statement is to address the problem in the form of a statement. To identify the problem and to find a solution to achieve the goal. A problem statement also helps guide the activities and the last say’s of the people who are involved in the discussion. In addition to that, a problem statement draws out the negative and positive aspects and to help transform it into something workable. Lastly, the importance of a problem statement is to simply highlight or to slowly introduce the problem before moving on to the introduction of the problem.

Tools Used when Writing a Problem Statement

It is not much to know what these tools are when writing your problem statement. As some problem statements only need a few sentences before the introduction. However, there are some that can turn out way more complicated than a simple sentence or two. Regardless of which tool you are planning on using to write, they all have the same result and the same use. So here are a few materials or tools you can use to write your own problem statement. Followed by tips for writing a short problem statement.

  • Letter
  • Form
  • Outline
  • Essay
  • Narrative
  • Diagram

Tips for Writing a Short Problem Statement

As stated above, here are some tips to help you get started with writing that problem statement. Statements can range from general in two sentences to specific in less than two sentences. The key thing to remember is your problem statement answers WH and How questions.

  • State the problem statement
  • Describe in detail the issue
  • Do you research on the problem
  • Give evidence to support your problem
  • Place objectives based on your research
  • When in doubt, ask yourself does my statement answer the WH questions


How is it possible to write a short problem statement?

Very possible really. As long as you know what you want to write about and what problem you wish to address. Your problem statement does not need to be very long.

Does my short statement have to answer to WH questions

Yes. To make it easier for you to find a statement problem to begin with, it must answer the WH questions.

Why is it important to add a short problem statement to my thesis?

Your short problem statement is the key to starting your case study, or your thesis report. Without one, neither your case study or thesis report would work.

Is there anything else I need to know about short problem statements?

Everything is in the article. The importance, the definitions and the examples.

When you begin with your writing for your thesis report or for your case study, always remember that your statement has to answer the question. Your objectives have to answer your statement. Lastly, your introduction has to be about your statement.

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