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A certificate, by definition, is a document that proves someone’s certificate participation , accomplishment, and attests completion of a task or an event of any kind. Certificates of any kind (e.g. digital certificates) serves as a proof, evidence and testimony to certify someone’s identity, qualifications, and credibility.

Certificates are usually awarded to certain individuals after a particular event or task. In an upcoming event, the organizer usually creates certificates for the event participants. If you want to make or design your own certificate, these examples should help you out.

Elegant Training Certificate Template

elegant training certificate template
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Training Certificate Template

training certificate template
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Sports Training Certificate Template

sports training certificate template
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Sailing Training Certificate Template

sailing training certificate template
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Personal Training Achievement Certificate

Modern Personal Training Achievement

modern personal training achievement

Training Completion Certificate Example

Certificate for Training Completion

certificate for training completion

Best Training Completion Certificate

best training completion certificate

Training Attendance Certificate

Free Training Attendance Certificate

free training attendance certificate

Computer Training Certificate

Basic Computer Training Course Certificate Sample

basic computer training course certificate sample

How to Design a Training Certificate

A training certificate is a document which is intended to attest an individual’s completion on a particular training program or course of training. If you are planning to design a training certificate, or any kind of certificate (e.g. certificate of completion) you may want to keep these things in mind:

  • Certificate type. What type of certificate will you be awarding? What type of award is being given?
  • Template. Identify the appreciation certificate template to be used based on the nature of the award you are giving. You may customize a template of your own.
  • Information. Your certificate must contain all the necessary information.
  • Signatories. Make sure your certificate is hand-signed by the appropriate party or awarding committee.

What to Include on a Training Certificate

What do we usually see on a training certificate? One may decide to print a modern certificate and write on it afterwards or a readily filled one to minimize time and effort. Either way, a training certificate or any kind of certificate must include the following:

  • Certificate title or heading (e.g. certificate of recognition, certificate of participation)
  • Designation (e.g. is awarded to, is given to)
  • Name of awardee
  • Name of organization presenting the award
  • Purpose of the award (e.g. for his/her active participation during, in recognition of)
  • Training course/program title
  • Date of completion, or awarding of certificate (e.g. given this 18th day of, awarded on the 15th of)
  • Signature of training program head

Certificates also contain graphic symbols usually ranging from borders, lines, logos, and/or seals depending on the organizing committee or the designer’s preference.

Course Training Certificate

Army Course Training Certificate

army course training certificate

Training Award Certificate

Personal Training Award Certificate

personal training award certificate

What Is the Difference between a Certificate and a Certification?

There may be a bit of a confusion on the difference between a certificate and a certification. In some cases, these two words may even be used interchangeably. Aside from the obvious differences of spelling, let’s distinguish their not-so-obvious differences from each other.


A certificate, as mentioned earlier, is a document which is usually awarded to an individual as a proof of his/her completion, or participation in a particular event or program. Usually, certificate in pdf are given by an institution (usually educational institutions) to verify that an individual attended and completed a series of courses focusing on various subjects, or has attained certain knowledge on a specific course.


A certification, also known as professional credential or professional certification template and example is granted by a standard-setting organization after identifying if an individual is competent and credible enough to receive the award. Usually, an individual undergoes an eligibility application which basically measures his/her competency and proficiency through a series of standardized tests or assessments.

Also, certifications may have requirements (e.g. educational attainment) or on going requirements to be met by an individual to maintain his/her competency.

After receiving a achievement certification, an individual is believed to be competent enough for a certain job or task. Some certifications are valid for the entirety of an individual’s lifetime, others expire after a certain period of time, requiring the individual to undergo a renewal of his/her certification.

Simple Training Certificates

Certificate of Training

certificate of training

Training Certificate of Excellence

training certificate of excellence

Importance of a Training Certificate

A certificate of any kind is, basically, a reward in itself.

In the simplest sense, certificates provide a feeling of accomplishment to its recipient. Upon receiving a certificate, a person may feel that his/her effort is being appreciated and acknowledged. Aside from being a proof of an individual’s completion certificate of something, certificates are reliable when it comes to verifying a person’s credentials and qualifications on a certain field or course. Having received a certification means you have obtained the appropriate skills for that particular area (e.g. teaching certificate). Every certificate has its way of boosting an individual’s confidence on his/her skills and knowledge.

Training certificate in word have the same importance as any other certificates. After completing a training program, an individual is awarded with a certificate proving his/her attainment of knowledge and skills for that certain training program or course. This gives an individual the sense of pride especially given a fact that certificates can always be posted on walls of offices or even at home.

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