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15+ Easter Greeting Card Examples & Templates [Download Now]

This coming Easter Sunday, be able to spread the love to your beloved family and friends with the use of greeting cards. In this article, we have provided a wide variety of Easter greeting card examples and templates, each with a design and layout that will perfectly fit your purpose.

Easter Greeting Cards Examples & Templates

1. Calligraphy Easter Greeting Card


Do you know how to write calligraphy? Make sure to incorporate such skills into your Easter greeting card design similar to the given template above. You may consider writing short Bible verses related to Easter in calligraphy, such as “I am the resurrection and the life,” “He is not here; He has risen!” and, similar to the template above, “By His wounds, we are healed.”

2. Colorful Easter Greeting Card


Easter is known as a colorful holiday. And what better way to design your Easter greeting card than making it equally colorful? Here is a template that already contains a colorful layout that can help you in achieving the vibrancy that comes with Easter.

3. Cute Easter Greeting Card


If you are going to send to a young loved one, you may consider incorporating graphic elements that are appealing to them such as cute artworks of Easter symbols such as Easter eggs and Easter bunnies. By doing so, rest assured that your young (and usually picky) readers will get to read what you have in store for them in your greeting card.

4. Easter Greeting Photo Card


Aside from writing calligraphy on the greeting cards that you will be sending out to your loved one, there are still so many ways that you can personalize your greeting card. One of which is by including your image or a picture of your family member, particularly a baby that can also serve as a symbol that is relevant to Easter and that is the promise of a new life.

5. Easter Pun Greeting Card


Here is an Easter greeting card that is perfect if you are going to send to your friends who can equally understand puns as you do. Be careful when sending such kind of cards to those who really can’t get what you mean because it might make your effort in creating a greeting card and a witty pun go to waste.

6. Easter Wishes Greeting Card


Be able to express your Easter wishes to your loved ones with the use of this Easter wishes greeting card. With its simple layout design, you will be able to create a greeting card in no time. Plus, it comes with a design that people will surely love and will surely see the connection to Easter.

7. Floral Easter Greeting Card


You can never go wrong with making use of flowers as a design in any of your print materials, such as a greeting card. Take for example this template above that mainly contains a floral design. As you can see, it might look simple but it just suffices what you need for an Easter card to contain.

8. He Is Risen Easter Greeting Card


Without Christ, there would be no Easter at all. This is why it is best to incorporate His image on your greeting card design because He is the real essence of what Easter really means. With that, here is an Easter greeting card that contains a wonderful painting of Christ who has risen from the dead.

9. Personalized Easter Greeting Card


What better way to design your Easter greeting card than making it personalized. If you are good at calligraphy and painting, you can apply that to your greeting card design, similar to the design provided above. By making your greeting card personalized, the loved one who will be receiving your greeting card will really feel valued because you took the time and effort to design one that is made out of your very own hands and something that just can’t be bought anywhere else.

10. Printable Easter Greeting Card


If you are having a hard time looking for a printer-friendly Easter greeting card template, look no further because we have already provided one for you that is already printable. There are some templates that contain design elements that, when printed, does not look good on paper at all because it was initially set only for electronic or digital distribution. But with this template, you are already good to go.

11. Easter Bunny Greeting Card


As mentioned, one of the common symbols of Easter includes Easter bunnies. Even if you are not yet adept at designing any creative print materials, by just adding a simple design such as an Easter bunny, it can already pass as a greeting card. Because in the end, what really matters most is the message or the content of your greeting card.

12. Eggcellent Easter Greeting Card


Here’s another greeting card that contains a fun pun! As mentioned, this kind of greeting card is perfect to send to your friends who have a wide knowledge of what puns are so that your effort in making one would not go to waste. But if you have family members who share the same humor as you do, then you should really consider sending them with one.

13. Family Easter Greeting Card


In order to send your Easter greeting to your family friends, why not send a greeting card that will fit in the greetings of the rest of your family members? You will surely save so much time, effort, and money compared to making each of your family members make a greeting card that will be sent to the same family.

14. Happy Easter Greeting Card


“Happy Easter!” is what you would say to the loved ones around you during Easter. However, this does not mean that you can greet the same way to your loved ones who are far from where you currently live because you surely can with the use of this creative but effective Easter greeting card. Sure, you can always say it through the phone, text, or chat message, but it makes a whole new difference if you are going to send your Easter greetings the traditional way.

 15. Vintage Easter Greeting Card


Are you trying to design an Easter greeting card that has a vintage feel into it? Here is a perfect Easter greeting card design example that perfectly suits the theme that you are aiming for. So if you are looking inspirations and ideas on how you can achieve a greeting card with vintage vibes, look no further because we have already provided one here for you.

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