Graduation Prom Flyer

Last Updated: April 27, 2024

Graduation Prom Flyer

Prom is the special event in a students’ life, where girls dress up in glamorous gowns and boys in dashing tuxedos. It has been a university culture since the 19th century. It is short for promenade, which is the formal introduction of each years’ graduates. This type of event needs serious preparations since it is going to be the last party a person is going to attend as a high school student. As part of the preparations, why don’t you start making a graduation prom flyer? It is the best way to spread the news about the upcoming prom night.

9+ Graduation Prom Flyer Examples in PSD

1. Prom Graduation Night Party Flyer Template

Prom Graduation Night Party Flyer Template

2. Graduation or Prom Night Party Flyer

Graduation or Prom Night Party Flyer

3. Graduation Prom Invitation Flyer

Graduation Prom Invitation Flyer

4. Graduation Prom Night Party Flyer

Graduation Prom Night Party Flyer

5. Prom Graduation Party Flyer Template

Prom Graduation Party Flyer Template

6. Graduation Prom Night Party Invitation Flyer

Graduation Prom Night Party Invitation Flyer

 7. Sample Graduation Prom Night Party Flyer

Sample Graduation Prom Night Party Flyer

8. Graduation Prom Celebration Flyer

Graduation Prom Celebration Flyer

9. Prom-Graduation Night Party Flyer Template

Prom-Graduation Night Party Flyer Templates

10. Graduation Prom Party Ticket Flyer

Graduation Prom Party Ticket Flyer

What Is a Graduation Prom Flyer?

A graduation prom flyer is a printed document used to spread the word about the prom party. It contains essential information such as the party theme, time and date, and the venue where the event is going to be held. Moreover, it also serves as an invitation to the prom event. Members of the senior prom committee are in charge of making the graduation prom flyer with the guidance of the school faculty. Aside from flyers, you can also use posters and display them in your school bulletin boards to spread the word faster. Note that a prom flyer must be immediately given out to students so they can have enough time to prepare for their dresses, tuxedos, makeup, hairstyles, and even a prom date. Also, distributing the flyers weeks before the prom night enables these students to set aside a budget for the said event. A report from ABC NEWS stated that the cost for prom expenses amounted to $1,139. That is a tremendous amount of money, so students need to prepare a proper budget for the upcoming event.

Essential Preparations for a Graduation Prom

When you think about prom, the first thing that comes to your mind is dance, food, and fun with your friends, right? To ensure that everyone will enjoy this once in a lifetime event, the organizers need to do a lot of preparations. Here are some essential preparations for a graduation prom:

1. Theme

A graduation prom needs to have a theme to add a bit of fun to the event. It can be a James Bond kind of event, victorian era party, or a costume party. Prom themes could be anything, as long as the school administration permits the committee to have that particular theme.

2. Ticket and Prom Booklet

The ticket is going to serve as a pass for a student to enter the event. The committee also needs to think about the design of a prom ticket since it is a token for the night worth remembering. On the other hand, a prom booklet consists of the list of activities that are going to be done during the prom night. These activities start with the opening remarks down to the dinner course.

3. Food

You can’t enjoy the party with an empty stomach, right? Food is one of the essential things that a party needs to have. Make sure to finalize the number of guests so that you’ll know how much food is going to be served during the party. School administrations usually hire catering services, since preparing food for a large crowd can be time-consuming.

4. Venue

School gymnasiums are the typical venues for prom night. But if your school administration has enough budget, then you can have your prom at a hotel or a villa. You have to see to it that the venue can accommodate the number of guests because it’s going to be very uncomfortable partying in a cramped space.

5. Music

The music in your graduation prom should be inline with your theme. It also needs to be lively since you’re celebrating your last night as high school students. If your school has the right budget for it, you can hire a DJ. You can also assign someone from your school, who is an expert when it comes to choosing the music for your graduation prom party.

How to Create a Graduation Prom Flyer

There are many templates available online for a graduation prom flyer. However, if you want to make your own to add a personal touch, here are some steps and guidelines for you to follow:

1. Incorporate Your Prom Theme

Your graduation prom flyer must be in line with the theme of the event. It’s going to look confusing if this particular printed material is very different from your prom. The flyer usually holds the picture of the party, and it is how the students will know what type of homecoming the school will have.

2. Think of a Catchy Message

Graduation flyers usually have catchy phrases that will entice the students to join the prom. You can use phrases such as “A Night to Remember” or “Don’t Miss The Epic Event!”. Not all students will join the graduation prom, so making use of catchy messages is useful in compelling others to join the event.

3. Initiate a Call to Action

A call to action in a graduation prom flyer is typical since you’re trying to encourage your fellow students to join the prom party. To persuade them, you can use the call to action messages such as “30% discount on the first 50 people to avail the ticket” or “Free prom corsage if you buy your prom tickets today!”. This is a form of marketing strategy since you’re trying to convince others to join the event by offering amazing discounts and benefits.

4. Have an Outstanding Design

In designing your graduation prom flyer, you don’t have to be ordinary. Instead, think outside the box and incorporate different shapes, patterns, and sizes into your prom flyer. There is no rule stating that flyers have to be in a square or rectangular shape, right? Be free in designing your prom flyer as it is how you can show your creativity.


How much budget does a school need to have to organize a graduation prom?

The budget for a graduation prom is usually up to $5,000-$10,000 to cover all the costs that need to be paid upon preparing for the event. Some expenses include decorations, catering, music operators, and sometimes the venue. The school administration needs to organize a budget plan so that they can price prom tickets properly.

What is the difference between a graduation party and a prom party?

A graduation party is a celebration for a graduates’ educational achievement, and the guests for this type of event are close family and friends. On the other hand, a prom party is an event that all soon to be graduates celebrate together for their upcoming graduation. If you’re also planning for a graduation party for yourself, you can look for graduation party flyer templates online to get some ideas for your graduation night.

How can a school announce its upcoming graduation?

The school administration can make use of a graduation announcement flyer to spread the great news about the upcoming graduation.

A graduation prom is going to be a night worth remembering for students. It is going to be one of the best memories to look back to when they grow up and face the reality of being an adult. That’s why a graduation prom flyer is essential since it is how the school can spread the great news of the upcoming prom celebration for the graduating class. It can be a token for the best night of their lives and is something worth remembering as years pass by.

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