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It is never an easy sight to see a loved one suffer from an illness. Even though it is just because of a common cold or flu, it can still make you sad that a family or a friend is suffering from such an illness. How much more for those loved ones suffering from serious illness, the saddest thing about that is you feel helpless, like you can’t do anything about it. You may also see photo greeting card designs & examples.

However, regardless of severity of the illness, you still need to be strong and always be present for the person going through the illness especially if you’re the only support system that they have.

get well greeting card

When you see the people important to you suffer from medical conditions, some nothing serious and some that are beyond your control, you can sometimes feel helpless and useless. You think that you can’t do anything for them to make them feel better, but that’s where your are wrong. You may also see examples of christmas greeting cards.

Your presence and enthusiasm for them to get better cab greatly affect their disposition as well. This guide will help you how to take care of sick loved ones and how to cheer them up with your own little ways.

Get Well Band-aid Greeting Card Example

get well bandaid greeting card example

Knee Injury Pun Get Well Greeting Card Example

knee injury pun get well greeting card example

Thoughtful Ways to Take Care of a Sick Loved One

Sometimes the only thing you can do fro a sick loved on is to do everything they can’t do on their own for the meantime or for the long-run. You may think it’s not enough, but your loved will surely appreciate the selfless gesture. If you are not in the medical field, here are some practical and thoughtful ways you can take care of a sick loved one:

1. Gather the right information

You should ask the questions pertaining to the medical condition your loved one is currently going through that way you can do research on the implications, symptoms, possible side effects of the condition as well as the prescription. You also have to find out information about their medical condition, treatments, specialists in the field and even the best hospital or surgery center for having a procedure done on the condition. You may also see examples of romantic greeting cards.

In addition, you also have to get to know the doctors in charge of your patient and ask for explanations should you find certain terms confusing. Most importantly, don’t be ashamed to bring another person with your especially when surgery or other complicated procedures is being discussed.

2. Keep careful notes

Even easily cured illnesses can need various tests, new medications and detailed home care. These information can e overwhelming and can be hard to remember especially the little but important details. Therefore, it is advised that you keep notes in a small notebook or on the notes app in your smartphone where you write down the names and contact information of every medical employee involved. You may also like retirement greeting card examples.

You can also include notes of dosages of multiple drugs ans the frequency as well as hospital discharge notes. You also need to include dates on your notes, it can be useful when you need to provide a timeline to future specialists or to settle medical bills later on.

3. Monitor their care

Although your patient has his/her primary doctor or surgeon as the point person of the healthcare team, you can also be a reinforcement should situations arise. You have to know the medical history, any daily medications, allergies and known drug side effects of your patient. In addition, you have to share these information to his/her primary doctor or surgeon. You may also check out thank you greeting cards.

Always ask what new medications are for, what are the possible side effects and if it can have negative effects when taken with other drugs. Being highly involved in the whole process of taking care of the patient lessens the chances of medical errors.

Simple Calligraphy Get Well Greeting Card Example

simple calligraphy get well greeting card example

4. Be present

If you loved one is confined in the hospital, you daily visit may be the one thing he/she looks forward to the most every day. Although you have other things going on with your personal, social and work life, set aside time to visit and get to know how your loved one is currently doing. Bring in with you some things from your home every time you visit like toiletries, books, his/her favorite PJs and so on, this is can help the patient feel more comfortable while being in the hospital. You may also see congratulations greeting card examples.

5. Have a second-in-command

You too designate other family members and close family friends to look after your patient should you need to be out for the day.

Being the most involved in the situation can  sometimes be overwhelming, it is better to have someone to balance out the difficulties. That way, you know your patient is is good hand whenever you are not around. You can feel comfortable that what needs to be during the day will be done because you have someone you is also paying close attention to all the details involved in the process. You may also like diy greeting card designs & examples.

6. Take care of yourself

Most importantly, you need to take care of yourself. With you daily visit and stay in the hospital, you are exposed to various germs and bacteria that can also make you sick. You still need to make sure you get enough rest and eat a healthy diet on time. You may also check out fall greeting card designs & examples.

A serious illness from a loved one can take an emotional toll on you especially when you are weak. You need to stay healthy and strong since you are the person who knows what’s best to do when critical situations arise.

Sunshine Get Well Greeting Card Example

sunshine get well greeting card example

Corgi Get Well Greeting Card Example

corgi get well greeting card example

Cat Get Well Greeting Card Example

cat get well greeting card example

Hilarious Get Well Greeting Card Example

hilarious get well greeting card example

Cone of Shame Get Well Greeting Card Example

cone of shame geet well greeting card example

How to Cheer Up Sick Loved One

Sometimes the smallest gestures can mean the most. When you can’t be there for the patient on a daily basis, it is important to a least make every visit count. You should make the patient feel as if nothing has changed, that he/she is still capable of doing things just like before. Your main goal every time you visit should be to make the patient happy and comfortable. Here are some tips in cheering up a sick loved one:

1. Listen before responding

The greatest thing you can do for someone currently confined in the hospital be it because of surgery, not so serious illness or serious ones, is to listen to what they have to say. Just like you, there will be times when you need someone to listen to what you feel and think. You may also see examples of funny greeting cards.

Listen and understand if the patient if he/she is not comfortable with the solutions the family or medical team is trying to propose. You have to understand what he/she is saying based on his/her perspective. Listen, understand, empathize and respond. That’s the best thing you can do for the patient.

2. Complete their to-do list

Being confined in the hospital even for just a short time can mean you will not have the time or energy to do the things you are supposed to do. If a loved one is currently in the hospital recovering from an illness or surgery, you have to at least help them carry out the important tasks they were about to do before getting sick. These tasks can cause stress to the patient especially since they can do it just yet. You may also like floral greeting card examples.

Volunteer to do some of these tasks such as easy chores, picking up the kids from school this week or stopping by his/her office to drop off important paperwork while he/she rests and recovers.

3. Bring food and drinks

Everyone loves to eat their favorite comfort food when sick. This is the same for your loved on who is currently sick. When you visit he hospital or their home, bring in food and drinks that you know the patient will appreciate.

However, you need to consider healthier options for the patient’s favorite food and drink just to help them recover faster. If the patient cannot have solid food at the moment, try going for hot beverages like hot tea and soup. It is important to keep the patient dehydrated at all times since the body tends to be dehydrated mos of time while sick. You may also check out vacation greeting card examples.

Taylor Swift Pun Get Well Greeting Card Example

taylor swift pun get well greeting card example

Band Aid Get Well Greeting Card Example

band aid get well greeting card example

Love and Hugs Get Well Greeting Card Example

love and hugs get well greeting card example

Get Well Cup of Tea Greeting Card Example

get well cup of tea greeting card example

Get Well Hug Greeting Card Example

get well hug greeting card example

4. Do something they love

Being sick and confined in the hospital or own bed can be quite boring. Try to do something simple but will surely be enjoyed for he patient.

Engage the patient by watching a movie with him/her, reading a book together and asking questions about the book, you can also play board games or any games that won’t require heavy movement. If the patient is up to do the activity then it’s a good idea to do. Making sure they are still happy and enjoying their time can affect the rate of them getting better. You may also see graduation greeting cards.

5. Give them space

One of the most important and thoughtful thing you can do fro a sick loved one is to give them space. Chances are your patient doesn’t want you getting sick because of him/her and actively conversing with a sick person exposes you to the bacteria that can infect you as well. Make sure all their needs are met and provided before giving them space and a time for themselves. When they have a time to relax, they can feel better much quicker than you expect. You may also like printable greeting cards.

Final Thoughts

The best thing you can do fro a sick loved on is to actually be there and be present for him/her during such difficult and challenging times. Although some can be cured and recover within a few days, it is still important that you are thinking of them and their fast recovery. Loved ones who are currently suffering from serious illness, need you now more that ever. Remember to take care of those important to you. You may also check out corporate greeting card examples.

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