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Nowadays, only a few people would spend so much time in reading advertising and promotional materials that are fully loaded with texts and information regarding the products and services of a certain company. Other people would be easily get bored when they read through long chain of texts in a best brochure especially when this did not catch their attention and interest.

Hence, many companies really spend and allocate a budget for copywriters who will make their brochures an interesting read. You can really see the difference between a brochure content created by someone who knows writing but is not really adept in doing such versus those who devoted time practicing and applying the writing techniques. The full discussion in brochure copywriting tips is presented at the next sections in this article.

So for now, feed your eyes with this eye-catching professional trifold brochures that you might need in your start up of your business. You may also check other brochure designs as well such as the following:

Simple Book Store Tri-Fold Brochure Template

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Sample Book Store Bi-Fold Brochure Template

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Size: A3, US


Modern and Professional Trifold Brochure Example

Colorful and Professional Trifold Brochure Example

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Layered Professional Trifold Brochure Example

Custom-Designed Professional Double-Sided Trifold Brochure Example

Company Professional Trifold Brochure Example

Clean and Professional Golf Tournament Trifold Brochure Example

Professional Spa Trifold Brochure Example

Copywriting Tips to Make Your Brochure a Good Read

Have you ever wondered why there are so many brochures but people will still read them even though they contain thick pages? Are you wondering what keeps them motivated and excited to read in each of the pages? On the other hand, did you notice that some brochures can easily be put down by readers after browsing it for 10 seconds? Why is this so? You may also see examples of company brochure.

One of the determining factors whether or not your brochure will be read by the customers or will be easily put down is your content. Although graphics, color, layout, and form play an important role to make your brochure compelling, a good content is equally important. Writing is never too easy nor too hard. Even though it is better if you hire an experienced copywriter to do the job for you, you can also do it yourself. But this does not mean that you can write in your own style for your modern brochure. You must study first the things needed to be written as well as the writing voice for your brochure. In writing the content of your brochure, you must consider several things which are as follows.

1. Use Exciting Headline

The first thing that you must work on is the headline of your brochure as well as the major topics and subheadings. These are among the things that are first looked into by the readers. Most readers would scan the headings first before proceeding to the content. The very first thing that would catch their attention is the headline on your front page. An excellent heading would entice people to read the other pages of your brochure. It is such a waste if you would make an effort to have an interesting content but your headline is not interesting. Because people will not get interested at the very beginning of your brochure, the tendency is that they will no longer turn another page and failed to see the good stuff that awaits them. To prevent this, you must take time in creating the front cover of your brochure and work on the text to make it more enticing for the readers. You may also check out real estate brochure designs & examples.

2. Tell a Story

When you write your brochure, it must tell a story—not just any story, but a story that will provide an interest to the readers and make them want to find out more. Most brochures fail on this area, and as a result, they will be put down or, worse, thrown away before the readers fully read them through to the end. On the other hand, when done properly, this can add to the success in enticing people to read your brochure from cover to cover. Providing your readers a great story will excite them and want them to turn to another page and see if there is more that await them on that page. Because of this, structure your text in a way that before ending a page, it must contain something that makes the reader want for more. You might be interested in advertising brochure examples.

3. Establish Credibility

Writing your brochure is not writing a fan fiction short story; you must include information and facts from credible references and sources. With this, you have to carefully select the information that you include and try to distinguish facts from opinions and make this clear to the readers. Do not let them think that your own opinion is a fact. But if your opinion is based on an established fact, you must site your references regarding that matter. This is very important in order to establish credibility not just to your brochure but to your whole company as a whole. Credibility can make your business, products, and services trust worthy, something that people can rely upon and can put their whole trust. This will lead to having loyal and long-term customers who might be one of the great testimonies for your company. You may also see medical brochure examples.

4. Avoid Jargon

Firstly, what is jargon? A jargon is a technical term used by a certain group. For example, if you are studying culinary, you might have words that are specific for culinary which is not commonly known by most people. Similar to other groups like sports, business, and law, they all use words that are usual in their field but are uncommon to other people. Hence, in your brochure, you must technical terms that only a specific group can understand. Instead, write something that is intended for the general public or something that most people can understand. In case that you really need to include a jargon, you might as well define them in a plain and simple way. You are not making a brochure just to show off your intelligence regarding a certain matter; remember that you are writing to advertise and market your products and services. You may also like differences between a brochure and a pamphlet.

5. Add Testimonials

Including testimonials in your brochure can help in the reliability of your brochure. The readers will get a glimpse to the other people’s opinion and reaction regarding the products and services through their testimonials. These testimonials, especially when given by celebrities, popular businessmen, and other influential people, can compel a lot of people not only to read your brochure but also to try the things that your company is offering. This makes people think that you are offering a great deal since many people trusted your company, and that those people who trusted your entity already bear a name in the industry, thus influencing the people, especially those who knew them or is an avid fan of them. You may also check out examples of education brochure design.

However, it is not recommended that you create a specific section for all of your testimonials for these can just be easily overlooked. Instead, weave the testimonials into the text on each page in a subtle and natural way that it will seem like it is part of the normal flow of your write-up. You might be interested in travel brochure designs & examples.

6. Have a Consistent Writing Voice

You must also consider the consistency of your writing voice. You must have a consistent voice from one page to another. Every writer has his own writing voice as can be observed in his style, unique qualities, attitude, personality, and character. However, in writing for a brochure, you must have a consistent writing voice to avoid the shift of attention by the reader. Consistency will also help the write-up to have a smooth flow as well as the readers to read them effortlessly and fluently. Never underestimate the powerful marketing tool of having a consistent voice because this will really help your audience to read your brochure smoothly.

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Copywriting Tips to Make Your Brochure a Good Read (continuation)

7. Include Features of Your Products

Marketers and experts would usually advise that you must emphasize the benefits of your products and services. Apart from that, you must also include the features that your products possess because these will add appeal to your offers and help fill in the space in your brochure but still making an appeal to the reader. In describing the features of your products, never attempt to exaggerate them because people might expect something big that your actual product can fulfill. Hence, include and describe features in all honesty, and the reward will really be great. People’s expectations and anticipations will be fulfilled, resulting to a more network of satisfied and returning customers. You may also see indesign brochure examples.

8. Incorporate Compelling Call-to-Action Statements

You must not also forget to include a call to action in your brochure. A call to action serves a a guide to the readers in determining what they can do next or what is expected from them and guide them to the direction for them to make an action and a reaction regarding your offers. You call to action must be very compelling so that the reader will immediately take action upon reading. Examples of statements of call to actions are follows:

  • Subscribe now!
  • Apply now at our office!
  • Register now and cancel anytime.
  • Join free for a month.
  • Get started with your account.
  • Redeem your discount here.
  • Give it a try now!
  • Join the millions of successful people today.
  • Check out our featured products.
  • Claim your free trial now!

These simple statements will compel the readers to take action and guide them what to do next. Incorporate this in your brochure and expect that you will have an increase in the sales of your products and services.

9. Feature the Product’s Alternative Uses

In addition to including the features of your products in your simple brochure, also include the products’ alternative use. The more uses your products can offer, the more people would think that it is so much useful for them, and that it is a very great deal that they must not let pass. A product with many uses also gives a great impact and appeal to people. Not only that, you will have a wide span of coverage of market when your products have a lot of purposes. But always keep in mind to present only the facts and do not exaggerate the details.

10. Address and Understand the Customers’ Problems

Apart from showcasing the features of your products and services, you must also address the problems that your customers are facing. To understand their needs, know what they are up to in their lives such as their lifestyle as well as their problems. If you know and understand them, you can provide the answers and solutions needed. If you address their problems, they will get satisfied with your services. It also shows that you have them in mind. Another thing, it builds up trust and rapport with the customers when you entertain them in their questions and problems. You may also see event brochure designs & examples.

11. End It with a Big Bang

End your write-up with a big bang. Include interesting things just like what you did in every page. Never fail your readers up to this point, especially when they are on the height of being excited to try and accept your offer. You may tell the customers on what steps they need to take next and the specific detail on how they can contact you right away. Always make sure that you tell them that your lines are active and are always open for bookings, reservations, orders, complaints, feedback, suggestion, among others. You may also like examples of service brochures.

12. Proofread

Lastly, check and recheck your write-up. You must not rely on your expertise that you will immediately print your brochure after you finish writing the content. Instead, check and recheck for grammatical and spelling errors that you might have overlooked. You have to spend a little time in proofreading for blatant errors and mistakes can discourage people to read your brochure. This will also not help in the credibility and professionalism of your brochure. The more error they see, the more they would not believe that you are a legit company. Hence, take time to scan through the whole content or, if you still have enough time and budget, you can endorse your write-up to a copyeditor and let him check for errors may it be in terms of spelling or grammar. You may also check out examples of recruitment brochure design.

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