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When you send things through mail you need to make sure that it actually reaches its destination and the actual receiver gets to receive the mail intended for them.

However, the chances of them receiving the mail is not always a hundred percent. There will be possibilities and probabilities of getting the mail lost somewhere in between storage and delivery period that are beyond your control. But if you have managed to put it the right necessary information, the mail will most probably be on the hands of the rightful receiver or back to you, either way is better than having it completely lost, right? You may also see thank-you label designs and examples.

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Sending mail for the special people in your life will always be a pleasure to do. Not only because you want the person to receive something form you, but more importantly you want the person to actually know that you are thinking of them despite the distance in between. Although the downside of sending mail is the uncertainty of it ever reaching your intended receiver, it can send you into a panic induced anxiety and that’s not something fun. You may also like bottle label designs and examples.

You often ask yourself will your mail ever make it to the receiver or will it ever make it back to should it be returned. Therefore, you need the extra measures to make sure your mail gets sent back to you if ever it does not end up getting delivered to the intended receiver. You may also check out save the date label examples.

Free Return Address Label Example

free return address label template

Mini Return Address Label Example

mini return address label example

Watercolor Cactus Return Address Label Example

watercolor cactus return address label example

Nautical Return Address Label Example

nautical return address label example

What is a Return Address?

When sending formal letters or attractive packages to people far from you, it is required that you include your contact information as the sender. It provides the courier the exact name and address to whom and where the mail should be returned should they fail to deliver it to the receiver. Aside from that, it provides the receiver with a means that will make him/her determine how to respond to sender, if necessary.

If you have sent letters or packages as a way for you to tell the receiver you remember them and it does not elicit the need for a response, the return address lets the receiver know who the letter or package is from.

Writing the name of the sender in the return address is not really not necessary, however, you need to include your address or P.O. box details in the same way as the delivery or receiver’s address should. In other countries, the return address is written or located o the upper left corner of the envelope, attractive card, or label. However, in the United Kingdom, the return address is written on the other side of the envelope, near the top.

The return address has been conveniently used in the US postage since the 1880s. In the middle of the 1950s, it was observed that a lot of mails were not delivered or were not arriving at the intended recipients, this was the result of the lack of return address then. These lost mails ended up in what they call the dead letter office, and with the aggressive rise of the dead mail, ,the post office pleaded for people to include a return address. You may also see different types of warning labels.

The public was informed that mail without a return address will be less of a priority than those that have a return address, but even with this warning the public still neglected the importance of using a return address. It was only in the 1960s when companies started offering deals fro preprinted return address labels that people started showing interest. After that, it become even more popular with the rise of label dispensers and personal computers. You may also like wine label designs and examples.

As you may have read about the history of the return address, you can easily understand its significance when it comes to sending mail. Not only does it help the people receiving the mail easily identify who the sender of the mail is, it also helps you retrieve of the mail when it is not successfully delivered to the receiver. Therefore, a return address is also an important information included when sending mail just like the delivery or receiver’s address. You may also check out graduation label designs and examples.

You may think it is just a waste of time since the post may already have a record of you in their system, it is still a useful precaution that can only help you when unlucky circumstances arise.

Monogram Return Address Label Example

monogram return address label example

Autumn Colors Return Address Label Example

autumn colors return address label example

Vintage Return Address Label Examples

vintage return address label examples

 Floral Return Address Label Example

floral return address label example

Luscious Return Address Label Example

luscious return address label example

Wedding Return Address Etiquette

Envelopes you send out your wedding invitations are important tools used to communicate all the necessary information regarding your wedding. It relays information about the style and formality of the event, to who are invited and who the invitation is from. Here is list of the small but important details about the return address for your wedding invitation envelopes and RSVP envelopes or cards.

1. Whose name is written on the return address?

The name reflected on the return address of your wedding envelopes, be it for saved the date, invitation or RSVP and so on, should be the name of the person managing the gifts and responses that come in the mail. If the in charge for all of these is either with the two you and your partner, or a family member, a close friend or the wedding planner, his/her name should be the one indicated on the return address. If you haven’t thought about this yet, this should be the perfect start for a conversation about this matter.

2. What address is used on save the dates when the couple lives separately?

When the couple still lives separately, the addressed used in the save the dates is the person in charge of taking care off any undeliverable mail. When the address on the return address is incorrect, the mail is returned to the sender and your invited guests may wonder why or may think it’s a hassle to resend it again and it can affect your overall wedding planning. Be it the bride or the groom responsible for the undeliverable mail, his/her address should be used in the save the dates.

3. Where to put return address on the envelope?

Typically, the return address should be printed on the back flap or on the upper left corner of the envelope. This is just the most convenient place to put the return address since it can be easily seen by the receiver. The return address can be handwritten, calligraphed or printed onto a return address label. You may also see best company logo examples.

4. What return address to use for listing names on save the dates if the couple lives together?

When the you and your partner has been living together even before your wedding, you can be casual in listing your names on your save the dates. You can just list your first names on your save the date cards. However, if you want to be more formal, the full name of the bride should be listed on the first line, followed by the full name of the groom on the second line. After the full name of the groom, the return address should immediately follow on the third thru fifth line. You may also check out round logo design examples.

5. What address to use as the return address on the wedding invitations and response cards?

If you haven’t chosen the person to take care of the response cards, you should. After you have chosen the person to assign on this task, indicate that person’s address on the invitation envelopes and response card envelopes. The person in charge could be the bride, the groom, the mother of the bride, a sister, etc. Traditionally, the host for the wedding gets to receive the response cards, but you can choose anyone you like these days.

6. Does the return address have to be handwritten?

If you strictly follow traditions then, yes it should be handwritten. However, in today’s time couples choose to use return address labels for save the dates and even on the wedding invitations. There are a lot of available options today, it can be a return address label that already has adhesive or personalized stamps. You can even make these these labels on your own home with just a word processing software, a printer and sticker papers. You might be interested in abstract logo designs.

With the availability of free return address label templates online, you can choose the label the best matches your theme. You should weigh in these options with you partner and choose the option that is most convenient and practical for you.

Custom Greek Return Address Label Example

custom greek return address label example

Wreath Return Address Label Example

wreath return address label example

Preppy Pattern Return Address Label Example

preppy pattern return address label example

Ocean Themed Return Address Label Example

ocean themed return address label example

Classic Return Address Label Example

classic return address label example

Christmas Truck Return Address Label Example

christmas truck return address label example

Graduation Return Address Label Example

graduation return address label example

Final Thoughts

The return address on the envelopes you send to your guests for your wedding is an important information you can’t just skip or forget to include. Or even with just your ordinary mail, a return address makes sure your intended receiver knows who the mail is from. This also ensures that your mail is returned to if they are not delivered to the intended receiver and not end up getting stored in the post office thus wasting the money you have spent.

For your wedding envelopes, the return address helps you receive your expected response from the guests you have invited or sent the envelopes to. If you forget to include a response address and not offer any other options to send in a response, your plans can really be affected. You may also see examples of modern logo design.

For example, you expect the same number of responses to the number of envelopes you have distributed, if there’s no return address your guests can’t send their responses. When planning a wedding you need exact numbers on how many guests you should expect to attend in order to finalize your general plans.

A return address label offers convenience on your end. Just peel, stick and mail those pre-made labels and you’re good to go. The examples above can be used to gather inspiration for your own return address label. We hope you find this guide useful.

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