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How many visitors do you expect to come to your event? This is among the most important questions that you must answer when you are organizing an event, especially when you hire a catering service to provide for the food.


Rosie RSVP Card Example

Pastel RSVP Cards Example

You must know the closest approximation of the number of guests that you expect. Although you can determine the number of guests that you would like to invite, you are can never be sure on the number of people who will confirm to your simple invitations.

However, as said, you must at least have an idea on the closest approximation on the number of guests attending so you can prepare enough amount of food, the number of tables and chairs, as well as tokens and certificates or any souvenir or keepsake for each of them. You may also see wedding card designs and examples.

In order solve this, you need to ask the recipients of your invitation to confirm if they can attend or not. This is in the form of an RSVP card. RSVP cards are usually sent with the invitation containing the important information such as date, time, and place. In the RSVP card, the recipient would clarify if he or she can come or not. You may also like examples of name card design.

RSVP Defined

Almost always, we see the word “RSVP” in wedding invitations. It is usually at the bottom of the invitation or at the end of the letter or in a separate sheet or simple card. But haven’t you wondered what does RSVP mean? Or do you know what RSVP signifies?

RSVP is an initialism derived from the French phrase “répondez s’il vous plaît” literally translated as “please respond.” This means that the sender of the invitation wanted to confirm the attendance of the recipient during the event. The recipient must, therefore, inform the sender if he or she can come or not. You may also see printable wedding card designs & examples.

In recent years, the word RSVP seems to have loosened its tie to the original meaning derived from the French phrase and is often understood as an abbreviation for “reply.” Some invitations would even write “RSVP please” which is a tautology.

There are also variations of RSVP such as “RSVP, regrets only” or simply “regrets only.” This means that the sender would assume the acceptance of the invitation if the recipient would not respond. There is a implied acceptance of the invitation if there is no reply from the recipient. Many hosts would prefer this variation since it will reduce the communication required by both the host and their guests. You may also like wedding greeting card designs & examples.

New Boho RSVP Example

New Boho RSVP Example

Apple Blossom Wedding RSVP Example

Apple Blossom Wedding RSVP Example

RSVP Types

1. Formal RSVP

Typically, if you are hosting or organizing an event, usually a wedding, formal RSVP cards are sent along with the invitation cards. These cards are meant to be responded by the recipient. The RSVP card is expected to be returned to the sender with the envelope and a written reply confirming his or her attendance.

Sending formal RSVP cards is the etiquette in invitation although you already expected that not everyone would bother to respond to your invitation. Some people would find it bothersome to return the RSVP card to the host and prefer to remain silent about the invitation. The variation of RSVP, which is “RSVP, regrets only” is commonly used to avoid hassle on both parties, as discussed in the previous section. You may also see invitation card designs and examples.

2. Informal RSVP

On the other hand, there are also informal RSVP cards. These cards need not to be sent back to the sender as the card already contains a contact number such as a telephone number, mobile number, email address, or social media account. The recipient must respond in the requested by the host so that the host will not have to compile responses from different sources. But because of the different preferences of people, the host will just allow a reply from different sources, at least they will receive a response. You may also like examples of wedding logo.

3. Electronic RSVP

The last of all types of RSVP is the electronic RSVP which is an RSVP request sent online or through the web. Nowadays, because gadgets are increasingly utilized by most people, they prefer to have this kind of RSVP since it is easier for them to reply. The response may be through either an email or a link to the host’s site with buttons to accept or decline. This is a convenient way especially on the part of the host as they can easily monitor the responses of their recipients and everything is contained in a single mail or site. You may also check out personalized wedding designs.

White Wedding RSVP Card Template Example

White Wedding RSVP Card Template Example

Artistic RSVP Postcard Example

Artistic RSVP Postcard Example

No RSVP in an Invitation

If there is no RSVP request in an invitation, it is assumed as you are not obliged to respond to the invitation. However, it is better that you will communicate to the host, telling him that you are coming or not so the host will not have any false assumptions regarding your attendance. You must also be responsible in informing the host especially when you are bringing a guest. You might be interested in wedding gift card ideas and examples.

There are also instances that the RSVP request or card has been simply forgotten to be included in the invitation. So, be responsible enough to inform your host about your attendance. But when you confirm that you will come to the event, you must treat it like a full obligation, similar to when an RSVP is requested or sent by the host.

Who is Invited?

When you are hosting an event, make sure that you are making it clear in your invitation as well as in RSVP who are invited. Often, in invitation, when an individual is invited, only the name of the individual’s name is written in the invitation.

For couples, only the couple’s names are written on the face of the invitation. There are times when the invitation would state the couple’s name followed by “and family.” This indicates that you may bring a guest or your children with you, which is also called a “+1.” But for invitations that specifically mention the names of the guest, it is assumed that the invitation is only for those who are explicitly named and nobody else. You may also see wedding thank-you cards.

There are also RSVP cards with a blank where you will write the number of guests who will attend the event. In this RSVP card, it is assumed that you can bring someone with you and you have the liberty on how many people you are going to bring to the event. But first, check on the invitation if there are limits to the number of guests that you can bring. As a standard protocol, if you are considering to bring more than two, you must contact the host to ensure that the even can accommodate them. You may also like wedding menu card designs & examples.

There are also instances that you need to decline the invitation because you cannot leave behind your house guests for that moment. In this case, you must tell the host directly that you cannot come and the reason for your decline without expecting or asking for an expanded invitation. If the host can handle additional guest and is able to expand the event, he or she might offer an extended invitation that includes your house guest. You may also check out photo card designs & examples.

Brown Wedding RSVP Postcard Example

Brown Wedding RSVP Postcard Example

Clean Chalkboard Wedding RSVP Card Example

Clean Chalkboard Wedding RSVP Card Example

RSVP Deadline

Because an event is set on a definite date, the RSVP request calls for a deadline. The deadline is important to give enough time for the host to finalize the number of guest to prepare enough food, tables and chairs, and tokens or certificates. Hence, do not delay in responding so that the host may be able to invite or accommodate other people and offer your slot to them. You may also see handmade card designs and examples.

If you are not yet sure on whether you can attend or not, even though you do want to attend, it is best to decline the invitation. You must be honest with the host about your situation that you have a difficulty in giving a definite response.

You must also tell them about your regrets and explain what is keeping you from being able to give the decision if you can attend or not. In this way, they will understand what you are going through and they can help make accommodations for you in case you need them. They might also do some reservations for you in case you can attend the event. You may also like greeting card designs & examples.

Do not let the host ask an update from you again and again, and it is better that you will respond earlier than the deadline for the RSVP request responses.

Cute Wedding RSVP Card Example

Cute Wedding RSVP Card Example

Very Simple RSVP Card Example

Very Simple RSVP Card Example

Changing or Cancelling a Positive Response

Generally, it is not ideal to cancel a positive response. However, if you have a very good reason for the change or cancellation of your response such as the illness or death of your family member, then the host can consider and understand them.

To avoid changing or cancelling your response, consider first all the factors that may affect your decision such as your schedule, finances, and health. After you confirmed that you can come to the event, rain or shine, you must see to it and do your best to attend the event. You may also see thank you greeting cards.

On the other hand, if you already declined the invitation but later discovered that you can attend, you may contact the host to see if it is possible. Also tell the host that you understand if it is not possible, for there are instances that the host will tell you that it is already too late. You may also like congratulations greeting card examples.

Downloadable RSVP Card Example

Downloadable RSVP Card Example

Modern Gold RSVP Card Example

Modern Gold RSVP Card Example

Editable DIY Wedding RSVP Example

Editable DIY Wedding RSVP Example

Pastel RSVP Cards Example

Pastel RSVP Cards Example

Bottom Line

When you receive an invitation with an RSVP or an RSVP card, please respond to your host promptly for they are patiently waiting for your response, unless it is in the form of “RSVP, regrets only.” And if you are the hosting an event, see to it that the RSVP is clearly visible in your card. It is better that you have an RSVP card in a separate sheet similar to the ones presented in the sections above with examples of RSVP card designs. You may also check out vintage gift card designs and examples.

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