3+ Restaurant Event Planning Checklist Examples in MS Word | Google Docs | Pages | PDF

Planning for an event is not always something a lot of people like doing. Since there are a lot of things you have to do in order to make the event successful and of course special. As well as thinking about the safety of everyone present. Even those who are in the event organization team have to go through a specific event planning checklist just to make sure that everything is in order or according to the plan. Holding events like birthday parties, weddings, or other special events will also matter with the venues. There are some who do prefer having to hold their special events in restaurants, and for this reason alone, event planners have to make a special kind of event planning checklist. They will need a restaurant event planning checklist, in order to make your special event come true. Let’s check out what a restaurant event planning checklist will look like.

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3+ Restaurant Event Planning Checklist Examples

1. Restaurant Event Planning Checklist Template

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2. Restaurant Event Planning Checklist in PDF

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3. Restaurant Event Planning Checklist Example

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4. Simple Restaurant Event Planning Checklist

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What Is a Restaurant Event Planning Checklist?

A restaurant event planning checklist is just like any other kind of checklist. This is a specific type of checklist, a tool that event organizers used. When they are assigned to plan or organize an event or a party with the venue of choice, a restaurant. The restaurant event planning checklist is a list that helps event planners organize the customer’s event through careful planning. In addition to that, the purpose of such a checklist is to help secure what is necessary for holding an event in the restaurant. The checklist includes a series of tasks that need to be completed in order for the event planning to be a success.

How to Make a Restaurant Event Planning Checklist

Event planners know that it is their job to plan the best party regardless of the venue being given. So the checklist must also have the information and the task that are perfect for the theme of the venue. Of course, how you make your checklist will depend on how you may see the party and the venue. With that, here are some tips on how to make a restaurant event planning checklist.

1. A List of the Basic Needs

First and foremost, to start off your restaurant event planning checklist, you must also start with the very basic things. Making a list of the basic things will help you figure out how to set up a restaurant event. The most basic things to expect is the size of the venue, the location of the venue, the type, the availability, the contact information, and of course if you are able to come on site, it is always best to do a safety inspection first. These may seem a little over the top, but these basic needs are important as well.

2. Organize the Details You Need to Do

The second one is to organize and prioritize the things you have to do. This will be the part wherein you have written everything, including the basic things you need to do. Once you have done so, organizing them into smaller tables will help you check which should be done. A pro tip: Prioritize the basics first and then the rest follows.

3. Check What Has Already Been Done

To make things easier for you as you go along, tick or check the box when you are done with the task. Make sure that before you do so, you have fully completed the task. Double check first, in case you may have forgotten. As event planners, everything has to go smoothly, even your checklist.

4. Add an after Event Checklist

Just because the event may have ended, does not necessarily mean that the event planners’ jobs are as well. Add an after event planning checklist to your current checklist. This is to make sure that everyone in the restaurant event have gotten their share of the things they need. As well as asking for some feedback from the people present as well.


What is a restaurant event planning checklist?

A kind of checklist that provides details to event planners who are tasked to hold an event or a party at a restaurant. The event planning checklist consists of the details to hold a party at the said venue.

Why is it necessary to have a restaurant event planning checklist?

The reason for having this kind of specific checklist is to help event planners know what they should do, how to do it and where they can hold the events.

How to make a restaurant event planning checklist?

There are a lot of ways to make a restaurant event planning checklist. But the most common and basic things you can do are: Decide on the things you want to see in the event, allow a safety inspection of the venue, prioritize the necessary tasks for the event.

Planning on setting up an event or a party at a restaurant? A lot of clients from event planners often believe or think that a restaurant event is better than just about any venue. What they don’t realize is the fact that there are a lot of things and tasks that event planners go through. Which is part of their job of course. But to make it easier and practical, they have a specific checklist to help them.

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