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3+ Warehouse Safety Inspection Checklist Examples in PDF

Working for any kind of business or company, you can always expect something to go wrong or to expect something to go right.  Of course everyone’s view of it differs. Working at warehouses is nothing different when working in a company or in a construction site. The one thing to expect when working in places that may be deemed as dangerous is keeping everyone around you safe. It goes without saying, safety should always be the number one priority for these kinds of hazardous jobs. Yet, no matter how safe you may think or say about the place you work in, there will always be that feeling that something may go wrong. How do these people working in warehouses tell if something may go wrong and how do they deal with these kinds of issues or risks. If safety is the number one priority, what can they do to keep it that way? Simple, by making their very own warehouse safety inspection checklist. You may be wondering what this simple checklist does to help and why it is so necessary. Have you ever had someone go to your company to inspect? This is basically the same thing. Except you are going to be the one doing the inspection.

3+ Warehouse Safety Inspection Checklist Examples

1. Warehouse Safety Inspection Checklist Template

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  • PDF

Size: 17 KB


2. Basic Warehouse Safety Inspection Checklist

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Size: 2 MB


3. General Warehouse Safety Inspection Checklist

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  • PDF

Size: 85 KB


4. Warehouse Site Safety Inspection Checklist

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  • PDF

Size: 61 KB


What Is a Warehouse Safety Inspection Checklist?

As mentioned above, safety should always be your number one priority. To be able to know how safe or how hazardous your warehouse may be, it is always best to have your own safety inspection checklist. But what is this warehouse safety inspection checklist? This is a kind of checklist that you do to make sure that everything around the warehouse is risk free and hazard free. This is a kind of safety inspection checklist that a person, mainly someone who works for you, does to at least see to it that every part of your warehouse is safe and there are no risks that may come to anyone working here. In addition to that, it gives you an overall birds eye view of any procedures you can do to avoid any hazards that may befall on your employees. The purpose for this kind of inspection is safety. Safety for all who may be working or passing through. The checklist helps by reminding you of any possible risks and to be able to find a way to lower it down or to eliminate it.

How to Write a Warehouse Safety Inspection Checklist?

Next on our checklist is to be learning about how to write a warehouse safety inspection checklist. We already know the reasons why we need to conduct a safety inspection, but do we know where to begin? When we think of checklists we think of a long list that we need to do to complete it. Which is basically true, but for this kind of checklist, it may slightly differ. To know more, here are your five simple tips to making and expecting what you can see in a warehouse safety inspection checklist.

1. Schedule a Walk to Check

The main reason to schedule a walkthrough is to be able to let your employees know that you are going to be conducting a safety inspection. This does not mean that your employees have to worry about something going wrong, rather it is to let them know that you are making your weekly or monthly safety inspections to see if everything is still up to shape. This is also a good way to let them know in advance. This way, they would not be in the way of your inspections and nothing would go wrong.

2. Ask For Copies of Previous Inspection Checklists

Something to do before you begin your inspection. Check or ask for copies of previous inspection checklists. This is merely to compare after you do your work. Asking for the copies before you do your walk is best so when you are done, you are able to compare without any issues.

3. Make a List of the Potential Risks

So as to what to expect in a warehouse safety inspection checklist. Make sure you make a list of any potential risks to the following places. Like ceilings, doors, windows, and storage departments. If you are not sure on how you are going to be making a list of the potential risks, you can simply ask yourself or picture the situation with the risk.

4. Rate the Severity of the Risks

This is done when you have finished making your checklist as well as finished with your walk. Now that you have made the list complete and made the walk, it is time for you to rate the severity of the risks that you found. If you believe you are able to solve them with ease, write it down. If you think these risks are too severe, write them down as well. Make sure you have written everything down before moving on to the next tip.

5. Make a Warehouse Action Plan

The last tip would be to make a warehouse safety action plan. Based on the risks and the walk you made. This is the best way to help you solve the safety risks that may be common in working in a warehouse.


What is a warehouse safety inspection checklist?

A kind of tool or checklist that you make to see how safe or how hazardous your workplace or the warehouse is. To be able to avoid any risks that may befall on the warehouse, you use this tool to inspect and check.

How effective is this kind of checklist?

The effectiveness of this checklist may depend on how you make and conduct it in your warehouse. If you are able to list down all the risks and hazards and find a solution to it, the effectiveness will still matter to how you conduct it.

Is it okay to compare the previous checklist to your current one?

Yes. It is highly advisable to compare the previous checklist to your current one. Especially if you are looking if the risks that happened before have already been addressed.

Working in a warehouse with no clue or idea of your safety is like courting risks. The safety of your employees should always be the top priority. Always do a warehouse safety inspection to make sure that there are no hazardous risks that could compromise the safety of your employees.

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