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A flyer is a form of advertising ones business, company, products and services in the form of paper, it can be in cute leaflets, pamphlets, circular, poster, handbill or catalog.  They come in various forms and design. They are usually handed to individuals in public, just like in malls, supermarkets, cinemas, schools and other places. They can go electronic too, since we can send flyers through email, quick and easy.Flyers are widely used all over the world in promoting any types of business. The world has been using flyers for quite a long time already. Even when internet is already widely booming, even though it’s quick and easy, individuals still prefer flyers for it is at low cost and time saving. Remember that  a good flyer design helps in attracting readers and patrons. Kindly checkout further flyer examples for you to be have an idea how a good flyer looks like.

Vintage Event Flyer Template

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Size: US, A4 inches + Bleed


Party Event Flyer Template

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Size: US, A4


Beach Flyer Template

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Size: US, A4


Christmas Event Party Design Flyer

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Size: US, A4

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Summer Beach Party Flyer

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Three Reasons Why Should You Use Flyers in Promoting Your Business

Today, in the post modern world, every one of us is already engaging in different types of business. Business brochures is a huge deal for everyone nowadays because it involves money, time and effort. People engage in business for a living, to sustain our important need in our day to day basis. As the time moves on, business becomes a competition, it’s not only you, or your friend, or your relative who is engaged in business, almost everyone. So if there is great competition in the world of business, one must remember how to survive, or how to be on top, how to sustain in the same level where you are in at the current moment or to even surpass other business- of course, advertising!

So why should it be a flyer?

  • Flyers are convenient. Since they come in various forms of paper such as leaflets, pamphlets, handbills, circulars and catalog, they could easily reach your audience or readers at a convenient time. It is the best way of spreading the good word about your company brochures, services, products and special events. Because they are very convenient, they can be distributed through:

a.) Dropping door to door-  via mail in your doorstep.

b.) Newspaper inserts- this type of distribution is widely used already.

c.) In-store distribution- for example just inside the premises of your store you can still promote your business.

d.) Street distribution- this is the most common way of spreading the information.

e.) Events distribution- some events promote other events too, since it is expected that there will be groups of                         people attending an event, this would be the best time to spread the good word too.

  • Flyers are very economical. Since they come in a form of paper, it is indeed inexpensive when it comes to budget They are considered as time saving type of advertising tool too, they are easy to hand out at public places like school, malls, cinemas, supermarkets and other places.
  • Flyers are creative.  Choosing a good business color and business logo design are one of the most important things you must consider in creating and designing flyers.  One must know how to select a good professional logo design. Creating a flyer is a bit challenging task to do especially when you are not into fine artistry but you can always checkout in the internet about flyer examples, just so you’ll have an idea how  it would look like eventually.

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Key Elements in Creating and Designing an  Effective Business Flyer

Everyone is aware that a flyer is one of the best ways in advertising products, events, services and other business related stuff. Why do you think one must call to mind the important key elements in creating and designing a flyer? Of course, to attain and reach the satisfaction of the patrons who needs the important information needed with regards to the product, services, events or business you are promoting.

Designing a business advertising flyer is  a bit of a headache for some other people, however if we only go ahead and try to remember the important elements in doing so, I think there would be no problem with that, with quick and easy steps, I am sure your flyers will be a hit in the crowd. So here is a list of quick and easy key elements of creating and designing an effective business flyer:

  • Keen and concise purpose- If you plan to create an effective business flyer, you have to brood over being keen and concise purpose. You have to be direct to the point:

a.) if you are selling a specific product you must highlight the important things why a patron should consider buying it;

b.) if you are inviting people to attend special events, then you must highlight, what type of event is it, also the place  and the time where and when is it going to happen and;

c.)  if it is going to be advertising your services, you must state the types of services and how would you be able to help them provide the quality service in times of certain situations.

  • Good Headline- Just like any other written or printed material, a marketing flyer must contain a good and catchy headline. It is an essential factor to consider to have one good and catching headline so that your flyer can attract lots of audience or readers. From its own name “headline” it means it must bring the banner of the certain product, event, service or business you are showcasing. A good headline must hit and struck someone’s attention so you have to choose an appealing word that would ring a bell to anybody’s ears.
  • Persuading Message- Persuading is one  basic element of advertising. How would you be able to sell your business if your target patron is not even convinced. So you might as well include saying “buy now”, “what are you waiting for”, “call now”, “avail our services now” or “buy now before we get sold out”, these are the types of messages that motivates the customers to patronize whatever business you are advertising.
  • Graphics or pictures- Illustrations are very important too. They are the ones who give life to the piece of paper you are about to use in advertising. Choosing vibrant colors in your illustrations is a wise way of inviting readers. and also business logo with great logo design is a must in your flyer, it must always be present.
  • Contact Information- This is always at the bottom part or at the back part but still very important, you should never forget to attach contact information, you wouldn’t want to waste any potential customer, right?

Now you’re all set and you can now start designing your very own business flyer!

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A Guide To Creating and Effective and Efficient Event Flyers

If you consider yourself creating an event flyer that is worth the read, you must call to mind all the necessary details you might need to effectively influence the people you might want to attend and participate in the event you wanted to promote.

To better help you in attaining such type of event  party flyer, you must not only know the essential guides, you must also understand them so you will be able to properly apply it on your event flyer. Here are the guides you might want to consider:

  • Necessary Information- You have to make sure all the needed information are properly supplied in your flyer. You will know that it is not a good flyer if the reader or audience still keep on asking even after reading it. You must always make sure to be in the reader’s shoes, consider the essential information he or she might need. Just like the four “w’s” and one “h” namely:

Who- refers to the persons involve in the event flyer. You have to mention who is organizing it or the sponsors of the event.                    You have to also include the people who are invited or might be able to participate

What- this talks about what kind of event you will be initiating, the theme, and the event’s concept.

When- you need to indicate the specific dates so that the participating crowd would be able to check there schedules or                     free their occupied dates just for your event, imagine that.

Where- another  important part is the place where the event is going to be held, be as specific as you can be, you                                would not want a participant be misguided to other place or else he or she will be attending another event brochures (I hope not).

Why- you have to state the reason why you such event is going to be implemented. You have to include the necessary contact information too.

  •         Color- gives life to the flyer, if you want it to be effective, you must consider the colors that would represent a  certain emotion or mood for example:

Black- represents boldness and superiority, sometimes it implies melancholy.

Red- symbolizes excitement, fierceness, bravery and wilderness.

White – is  simply being pure and simple, also cleanliness and authenticity.

Blue- means life, or continues flow of our everyday lives, it could mean water and sky too.

Green- suggests hope and growth, new life as well.

Yellow- is happiness and just being free

Orange- represents fun, happiness and sometimes it would suggest ambitions.

So far these are the common colors you that are effective in catching someone’s attention.

Illustrations- graphics and pictures or even a single simple clip art contributes to the whole event flyer. Just like logo designs in business flyers, they are helpful in attracting a human eye.

  • Text and font- is another way to consider too. Be mindful of the font you are going to use. It should be the kind of font that is not going to confuse the naked human eye. It should be friendly to the eyes. Your reader should not be having a hard time reading your event flyer.

You just need to read carefully, understand them and follow the important reminders so you’ll be able to apply it on your own. Now, you’re all set.

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