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girl at party drinking

Everyone needs to party every now and then. But the kind of partying this article is referring to is not the sleep all day and get drunk at night. No, the kind of partying this refers to is just socializing and chilling. Think about it. Work is really stressful to the point wherein you do not want to report to work the following morning or day. It just literally drains the life out of you.

girl at party drinking

Normally, you try to organize get-togethers as a way to talk about life, socialize, have fun, catch up with old friends long gone and just chilling as the night will always be young. If people were to invite you to their parties and you do not try to do the same, that would just be plain rude. Here are some of the ways that you can host an amazing party which will surely be something that will go down in the books:

Figuring Out the Logistics

1. Set the time, date and place

Get-togethers are really hard to organize since everyone has gone their separate ways. Even more so, with reunions. Everyone is not as free as they used to be in the past ever since they got their own responsibilities and other priorities in life that they have to do. Should that be the case, make sure you try to set a time, date and place that everyone can agree on so that it would not result to a colossal fail at the end. It would be a shame if no one made it at the end of the day, right? if it is a very minor party or get-together, then at least 4-5 days in advance. If it is a major or a big one, then give it weeks. If that party of yours happens to be a reunion of your old batch or block, then give it months.You may also see pasta menus.

2. Plan the guest list

How many people are you planning to invite to your party? Normally, the more the merrier, right? But it is a known fact that only 20 to 25 percent of your invited guests would actually make time to go to the party. However, if you are lucky, then everyone can actually go or attend the party. Unless you want a sardine-like kind of party, try to limit the guest list to your closest and truest of your friends. If your party is small and you know that not everyone is well-acquainted with each other yet, then you have the obligation to introduce them to one another. You may also see burger menus.

3. Pick a theme

All parties have a theme and the best part is, it can be absolutely anything you want. Just try not to make the theme to weird for your friends and whatnot, otherwise, you would all just be standing out in a not-so-good way. But it is not really necessary to have a theme, especially if the goal of the party is just to socialize, have dinner and make merry. If you insist on having a theme however, then try your best to keep it minimal and simple as much as possible. You may also see spa menus.

4. Spread the word

Thanks to modern technology, you no longer have to send a literal envelope to a person’s house asking them as to whether they can attend the party or not. Maybe weddings, as it is a formal event. You can easily spread the word through the use of the Internet by emailing them or sending them a private message or via group chatting in whatever social media application you have available.You may also see salon menus.

5. If necessary, budget

Remember that the goal of the party is to have fun and be merry. Not for you to spend to treat your friends into lavish and costly food that you have absolutely no budget for. Just remember that all your guests have to leave the room full, satisfied and happy. If you cannot achieve these 3 things, then you would have already failed. Don’t spend on which you don’t have. Be practical. You may also see take away menus.

Pumpkin Halloween Party Menu Example

pumpkin halloween party menu example

Christmas Decor Party Menu Example

christmas decor party menu example

Chalkboard Valentine’s Party Menu Example

chalkboard valentines party menu example

Planning the Food, Entertainment, and More

1. Figure out the food

It’s not a party without food. What would you have your friends or guests do, provide potluck? Well, actually, that’s sort of okay. Not only would be able to save on time, but you would be able to save more on costing as everyone is contributing food to feed the guests. Whether it is potluck or the host would be the one preparing all the food, make sure it is simple and sufficient for all that no one leaves the room hungry. You may also see takeout menus.

2. Plan the drinks

Think DOA — drinks on arrival. Just like the food, you want your guests sated as soon as possible. Having something to drink from the get-go allows you freedom from worrying about serving, in addition to all your other responsibilities as people trickle in.

3. Plan the music

Well, this is not actually necessary since everyone wants to enjoy each other’s company and not to be too focused on the music. But to lighten up the mood, include it anyway. It would obviously depend on the guests you are inviting. Millennial parties should have young and heart-pumping music. A few throwbacks to the past music generation is not really a bad choice. If your guests are old-timers or from Generation X, then bring them back to the good old days.You may also see italian menus.

4. Buy or make decorations

If you are just having a plain house party, there is no need to buy decorations or any other equipement so as long it can accommodate everyone. But if you feel that it is lacking and that the party needs a touch of class, then by all means, buy them. Here are some of the things you probably want to consider buying:

  1. Tablecloth and/or placemats
  2. Matching plates/cutlery/napkins
  3. Centerpiece for table(s)
  4. Lights
  5. Party favors, seating tags, drink tags, etc.

5. Plan your set-up

Your home probably isn’t ideally set up for a party yet. You want easy access to the bathroom, the food and drinks from just about anywhere, and loads of lounging space. So where will everything be? Do you have enough chairs? How about the music?

6. Consider personalized items

If you have a small guest list and know exactly who is coming, consider having a few personalized items to make them feel special and to remember the party. It can simply be a specially-decorated cupcake, a table centerpiece, a favorite dish, or a glass that’s all their own.You may also see chinese food menus.

7. Drunk proof your location

As mentioned before, everyone needs to party once in a while, right? But there are other people who want to do more than just socialize. They want to get drunk and hopefully not wasted. If ever that is the case, try your best and drunk proof the place for insurance purposes and that anything of value and money will not accidentally break because of some klutz who got too drunk to see where he or she was going. Remove all valuables and store them somewhere safe until the party ends. You may also see breakfast menus.

8. Don’t forget to plan clean up!

House parties can always leave such a huge mess. So it is your job to clean up after them. Guests who have a sense of responsibility will give you less burden by doing small acts of kindness such as throwing the garbage or bringing the used plates and items to the kitchen sink. These small things.You may also see barbecue menus.

Sequin Gold Template for Party Example

sequin gold template for party example

Royal Blue Gold Party Menu Example

royal blue gold party menu example

Plum Purple Party Menu Example

plum purple party menu example

Hosting Your Party

1. Delegate. Delegate. DELEGATE!

The time has come: your party is going to start soon. Grab a few close buddies and delegate duties. Or plan in advance and ask specific people or groups to be responsible for specific tasks. It only helps your attendance and trains volunteers to be future leaders. This might sound tyrannical, but it can actually make them feel more involved — so long as you’re not giving them bathroom duty! Have someone set up the table, someone or a committee doing the decorations, and time will fly by. You may also see bakery menus.

2. Make sure the place is tidy and functional

First impressions matter. It does the most when your guests or friends will first step into your lovely abode or place. Everything must be in tip-top shape. But don’t overdo it, unless one of your guests has obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)

3. Keep the guests entertained and mingling

As the host, it is partly your job to make sure that everyone is talking to one another. So, try your best to keep all the guests and your friends entertained as long as you can. Mingle and socialize with them. You may also see beer menus.

4. Know when to call it quits

After all the fun, it’s time to shut it down. People do need their beauty sleep. When you tink that everyone has had their fill and see them yawning or looking at their watch, then you know it is time to end the party and see them again soon enough. You may also see dessert menus.

Sandwich Party Template for Menu Example

sandwich party template for menu example

Delicious Burger Party Menu Example

delicious burger party menu example

Burger Hand Sketch Party Menu Example

burger hand sketch party menu example

So, there you go. Some very awesome printable party menu examples you can use for your next party. Purchase them now!

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