How to Make a Professional Email Signature

The usage of email has been nominated as one of the most commonly used digital communication to share business and personal information. Having this said, it’s important for you to have a professional email signature at the end of all your emails for your message to be taken seriously. Surely, composing an email or sending business advertisement like business brochures or name cards via email is already hard enough and having to end it with a lasting impression is a lot harder.

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If you are not so sure regarding what to include in your email signature, then you are in for something great because this article likes to help you make a memorable, professional email.

What-to-Do’s in Creating a Good Email Signature

Be it personal or business matters there is a need for you to craft a good email signature so that your email will be regarded with respect, even if you are trying to market something to your recipients. Despite only being read at the very end of the email, when your email lacks an email signature there is a good chance that you and your message will not be remembered by your recipients. If you are trying to market a business, you would not want the latter to happen. To help you in crafting a catchy email signature, follow the tips below:

  1. The maximum line of text for your signature should be four. A basic email signature includes your name, title, company and your phone number. Never stuff your email signature with unnecessary information. Always consider the thought of your recipients having to read your email with an overstuffed signature in their cellphones. Not so pleasant, right? Just limit yourself to four lines of text, but don’t just settle for mediocrity. Personalize it. Not sure how? See suggestions below:
    1. Include social media profiles where your target audience or recipients can reach you out. In the age that revolves around digital platforms, netizens who are marketing businesses see to it that they create another account that focuses mainly on advertising their business product or service. There are also digital platforms which enable people to create a page of their own to market their business (Facebook for one). Putting your social media profiles in your email signature allows your recipients to connect with you on various social media sites, and check on the reviews under comment sections; this hastens the task in attending interested recipients’ queries too.
    2. Include a call-to-action. Exhort your readers to do something. There might be blogs or downloadable files that contain business information or instructions in subscribing to certain services that you would like to share with your recipients for their benefits. This line of text directs your recipients to do exactly what your email signature suggests them to, suspecting that this links them to a relevant website which helps enlighten them or answer FAQs. If you are not so comfortable in using the first suggestion, you can use this one instead.
  2. Don’t include your email address in it. Adding your email address in an email signature is completely unnecessary and an absolute waste of space. It’s too redundant and besides, your email address can already be seen once recipients receive your email.
  3. Put your pictures to make it memorable. Why do you think business cards with photos are more memorable than those without pictures? That’s because pictures of people are easily imprinted in a person’s memory rather than a landscape without people in it according to research. Same goes with email signatures. Putting your picture on the left side of it also makes you distinguishable from your competitors.

Never underestimate the potential of email signature for this helps your business meet its desires and needs. Create a good one and the market that you are going to penetrate will keep their eager eyes on your company.

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