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In this digital era, traditional mails have long been replaced with electronic mails or formal emails. Emails have been widely used by different people, children, adults, businessmen, printable, freelancers, almost everyone that needs to communicate to other people especially in doing business.

Business mails need to have an impact to the recipients especially when you want to market your company or your offers may it be products or services. However, it is everyone’s challenge to create a mail that would leave an impression to the reader. One of the ways that would let the readers get hooked on your mail is through your email signature. Although seen by many people as less significant, email signatures actually provides great impact on the reader.

Below are some examples of printable email signature for you. Check them out now. Additionally, the links below are some related topics on email signature.

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Printable Architecture Director Email Signature

Modern Email Signature

Tips for Writing an Email Signature

Writing an email signature requires one to know and understand the important elements that must be present in an email signature. Below are some useful tips in writing an effective email signature.

1. Work on the Colors

At first, you might think that adding colors to your signature may cause it to become unprofessional and informal. However, when you know how to pick the right colors, this would greatly affect to the effectiveness of capturing the attention of your readers. It does not need to be in warm or neon colors to attract, but it must at least be consistent with your branding. You may also see company email signature examples.

As branding is very much important in your company as well as your products and services, you may associate the colors in your email signature to that of your best logo. In this way, people can easily recognize you, increasing your popularity in the market. Popularity and familiarity is vital because people tend to buy those things from the brands that they recognize over those that are stranger to them.

Furthermore, when you choose a color, stick to one or two colors in addition to your dark text. Your highlights must be subtle and must match your logo or branding.

2. Use Design Hierarchy

Your email signature must present information in an appropriate hierarchy for presenting information in your email signature in this way will help the readers easily digest the different information in your email signature. It is normal that your simple email signature contains a list of information; however, you must see to it that you know where you want your readers’ eyes to be directed to, and this information must be presented differently from the rest.

You can scale your name up to a larger font, readable enough and attractive enough that the readers can easily see it in a glance. Then, you may also pick an information from your general list that you want to be highlighted and apply a color that would differentiate it from the rest but leaving it in sync and in complement with the other colors.

Fully Editable Printable Email Signature Example

Elegant Printable Email Signature Example

3. Include a Call-to-Action

As has been said, your email signature can also be a form of marketing. You can increase your marketing efforts in your email signature by including a call-to-action. What is a call-to-action? These are words or a phrase that compel the readers to take action or response based on your offer. However, this is not similar to the call-to-action that you would normally see in attractive posters, elegant flyers, and digital billboards.

The call-to-action in email signature are simple, up-to-date, non-pushy, and in line with your email style. Usually, a call-to-action in your email signature appears like a post-script and less like a sales pitch. These call-to-actions must be updated regularly to keep it in line with the goals of the company.

4. Include Social Media Icons

Since people nowadays keep their friends updated about the happenings in their lives through social media, social media sites can be a great contact information that you can include in your email signature. Your potential customers can easily browse through your profile and see the things that you care about including your business. They can tell a lot about you through your posts in social media.

Hence, it is a great idea to include links to your social media pages in your general email signature because it does not only reinforce your personal brand but also help people to have a communication with you. Moreover, the views in your accounts can also help to increase traffic to your online content. This means that you must constantly update your profiles and post only the things that are sensible. Visitors may potentially judge you based on what they see in your profile, so stay prim and proper.

It is also encouraged to use social media icons instead of plain text because the icons are easily recognizable even for people who are just skimming your signature.

5. Track Your Links

Now that you have included a call-to-action and social media icons that would redirect the readers to your social media site, you have to check whether someone is actually clicking them. You must constantly track your links to determine if you need to change it or if is still attracting to many people. You may experiment switching the format of your professional email signature from time to time and see which format has the most clicks.

In this way, you will know the preference of your audience and you know where to change and improve in your emails signature. This will also show you what drives the most clicks in your link.

Flat and Modern Printable Email Signature Example

Printable Realtor Email Signature Example

Customizable Email Signature Example

6. Let People Book a Schedule in Your Calendar

If the nature of your job requires your clients to book meetings with you, help them to easily book a schedule to have a meeting with you by including in your email signature a link to book your calendar.

A lot of tools can help you link your calendar in your formal email signature so people can book appointments. This feature would also allow anyone to choose your available times and would also let you share your personalized meeting link with anyone who you want to book a meeting with.

Examples of tools that can help you book appointments are HubSpot, Calendly, and YouCanBook.me. There are many other great meeting tools out there that can help you if you just look for them in the Web.

7. Include an International Prefix

For people who are working with clients and markets around the world, it is best that you would include the prefix for your country’s code when you list your phone number because many people would overlook this especially if they are not used to dialing international prefixes. You may also see corporate email signature examples.

The prefix in your professional email would prompt them and help them remember to add prefix when they are calling from the other parts of the world. Moreover, if your have observed that you have a lot of clients in a certain part of the world, find ways that they can contact you easily without spending too much on the telephone. You can perhaps introduce Skype or other programs and apps that can help you efficiently reach your clients for less cost.

8. Make Your Signature Mobile-Friendly

Lastly, make your signature mobile-friendly. With an increasing use of mobile phones nowadays, it is expected that more people opened their general emails through their mobile phones as mobile phones are handy for it can easily be carried anywhere can you can check your emails anytime. As proven by many researches, 56% of opened mails were opened on mobile phones in 2016. This is increased by 8% from the last year’s statistic.

This implies that since more people are reading their emails on their mobile devices, you must also keep up with their pace and always consider creating an email signature that is mobile-friendly. How can you make your signature mobile-friendly? One way is to make it easy to read and clickable for most types of phones.

The text must be large enough to be readable on mobile screens. The links and buttons must be large and spaced out enough so that people can easily tap them with their fingers without accidentally tapping other links that they do not intend to tap. You may also check out business email signature examples.

The above are just some of the top tips that would help you create an email signature that is effective and could be useful for your marketing and boost your branding.

Multi-Purpose Printable Email Signature

Pros and Cons of an Email Signature

It is definitely true that there are two sides of a coin. Similarly, in an email signature, innately, it possesses pros and cons. Here are the brief pros and cons that you must know in an email signature.


1. One of the known advantages of an email signature is that it serves as a digital business card. Creating a proper email signature design will make the readers free to send you an email.

2. An email signature is essentially your way of opening your connections to the whole world. It makes easy for the people to communicate with you when you include in your email signature your phone number, address, website, and other important contact information. You may also see the dos and don’ts of a good email signature.

3. You can also add in your signature hyperlinks to your website, helping the traffic to your site increase.

4. An email signature can also serve as a platform where you can promote your social media channels through adding social media icons in your email signature.

5. You can also make your brand well known by including it in your email signature. People will recognize your brand because they have already seen it in your email signature. You may also like wedding planner email signature examples.

6. Some countries require an email disclaimer, which can hep you avoid fines and legal action.

7. If there is still an enough space, you may also include promotional simple banners for special offers, surveys, or upcoming events to give your marketing activities a boost. However, take note that this must not make your email signature to appear cluttered.


1. Creating and designing an email signature, especially when designed manually, can take a lot of time and effort.

2. When using MS Exchange or Office 365 in manually setting up an email signature, you need to create tricky transport rules, which come with various limitations. You may also see teacher email signature designs & examples.

3. There are certain features in an email signature that won’t work on all devices. When you think you have correctly formatted your email signature in Outlook, you might think twice and check it on your iPhone for it might turn out that some of the links won’t work or the alignment might be different. You may also like beauty parlor email signature examples.

4. There are also times when you embed an image in your signature, this will not appear in some devices because of incompatibility. A blank or corrupted image may appear instead.

5. Email signatures with images can also cause the size of the simple email to increase.

Modern, Clean, and Printable Email Signature Example

Final Note

Always bear in mind that your email signature is important as it can be a form of marketing yourself or the company that you are representing. Although email signatures are often taken by many people with less importance, this is actually important not just for clients but most especially for prospects. You may also see music email signature designs & examples.

To help you in creating an email signature that is effective not only for communication but also for marketing, the top tips are as follows: work on the colors, use design hierarchy, include a call-to-action, include social media icons, track your links, use space dividers, let people book a schedule in your calendar, include an international prefix, and lastly, make your signature mobile-friendly. You may also like content writer email signature designs & examples.

Finally, do not forget to refer to the examples above for some reference of printable email signatures.

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