41+ Examples of Banner Design in PSD, AI, Vector EPS

Every company, club, or organization has a banner to announce or represent the embodiment of that group. Banners are often hung outside an establishment as a marker to notify the general public of their existence. They are often treasured by their organizations as symbols of pride within the community. The development of the modern logo can be attributed to banners.

Examples of banner design can be found throughout this page. From parties, advertising, and even company banners all these examples are available for your reference and inspiration. Just click on the download button to start downloading the file of your choice.

Birthday Banner Designs

Birthday Party Banner Example

Happy Birthday Banner Design

1st Birthday Banner

School Banner Designs

Play School Banner

High School Banner

School Welcome Banner

Development of Banners

Banners owe their roots from coat of arms that were meant as symbols to represent kings and noble families. These were often made after family crests designed for them to affix to official documents like appointment lettersrecommendation letter, or event invitations  as proof of authenticity or seals of authenticity.

  • Vexillum – This was the first semblance of a banner and the only existing vexillum, which was found in Egypt, dated back to the 3rd century AD. These flag-like objects were used in strategic plans by combat units of the ancient Roman army. They were wrapped around a horizontal bar attached to a vertical staff.
  • Heraldic Banners – Also known as the banner of arms, usually square or oblong in size contains the entire coat of arms of the owner. Before 1906 when banners became available to all English esquires, banners were exclusively for kings and noblemen.
  • Church Banners – Banners were also used in religious context. They were ostentatiously used in processions inside and outside of the church. In recent times, banners have become permanent displays inside the walls or pillars of churches. These banners often contained an icon of Christ or images of saints. The first Christian banner was used by the Roman Emperor Constantine I in his battle for Christianity over Jerusalem. The Greek letters IC XC NIKA was later added to this banner which translates to “Jesus Christ is victorious”. These symbols continue to be present until this day in some banners displayed in churches all over the globe.

Banner Sizes

While the standard banner dimensions were 5 x 5 ft, in Scotland, banner sizes were determined by their rank.

  • The Sovereign or King – 1.5 square meters
  • Dukes – 1.25 square meters
  • Earls – 1.1 square meters
  • Viscounts and Barons – 1 square meter
  • Baronets and Feudal Barons – 0.9 square meters
  • Armigers or arm bearers – 70 x 85 cm

Wedding Banner Designs

Wedding Anniversary Banner

Free Wedding Banner

Roll Up Banner Examples

Corporate Roll Up Banner

Roll Up Banner Design in PSD

Fitness Roll Up Banner Design

Real Estate Roll Up Banner

Advertising Banner Examples

Free Advertising Banner

Business Advertising Banner

Fashion Advertising Banner

Opening Banner Designs

Grand Opening Banner Design

Opening Soon Banner Design

Company Banner Example

Company Anniversary Banner

Banners of Today

Sports Banners

Usually displays the team name, logo, and colors. Most fans bring banners to a big game. Some sports banners contain hall of fame players and are hung from atop the home stadium rafters. Most notable of this kind of banners are those from basketball and ice hockey.

Trade Union Banners

These banners were made by various labor unions to represent their organization and often used in ceremonial marches.

Advertising Banners

Businesses promote their products and services with the use of advertising banners. Most recently in the 1990’s, banner ads have been introduced using the internet.

  • Business Banners – A great way to let the public know what is going on with your company or business. These banners mostly feature new products and innovations that the company or business is offering. Sometimes the focus would be on the company as a whole and the type of business it specializes. An example of business banner can be found and downloaded on this page.
  • School Promotional Banners – Showcases benefits of enrolling in the institution and usual dates of admission. This banner mostly is graphic by nature and would depict everyday activities of students or course layouts. An great example for a school promotional banner can be found on this page.
  • Shop Banners – Most shops post banners outside their establishments to inform public of upcoming or ongoing sales events to entice customers to come in the shops. Some of these banners would be shown on billboards or walls. The Fashion Boutique Banner and Fashion Advertising Banner shown in this page are examples of a shop banner.
  • Event Banners – Invitations for events or event invitations can also be announced via the use of banners. Some banners also serve as reminders of an ongoing event.
    • Examples of such banners include School Welcome, Wedding Invitation, Wedding Anniversary, Opening Soon, Birthday invitation, Engagement Party, Farewell Party, Retirement Party, Company Anniversary, Grand Opening, and Welcome Home Banners, which are all found on this page.

Vintage Banner Designs

Vintage Fast Food Banner

Vintage Festive Banner

Business Banner Examples

Vector Business Banner

Marketing Business Banner

Travel Banner Designs

Travel Agency Banner Design

Tour and Travel Banner Design

Fashion Banner Designs

Fashion Sale Banner Design

Fashion Boutique Banner

Party Banner Examples

Birthday Party Banner

Retirement Party Banner

Engagement Party Banner

Farewell Party Banner

Promotional Banner Designs

School Promotional Banner Design

Corporate Promotional Banner

Welcome Banner Designs

Wedding Welcome Banner

Welcome Home Banner

School Welcome Banner

Web Banners

Mostly referred as banner ads, these banners are featured in websites and advertise a totally different product from that of the website. Banner ads revolutionized banner advertising as far as message reach and cost is concerned as it made use of technology and the internet in selling or advertising products increasing the profits in their financial statements.

Banner Content Basics

  • Photos – the basic banner should contain vivid photos about your products or company. They should match with your brand and depict the style you want.
  • Colors – Choose the appropriate color to match the emotion being showcased for the banner. Contrasting colors that make your brand stand out adds drama and boldness to the ad.
  • Fonts – The correct font style should be applied to parts like the main headline and your subtexts. Showing hierarchy would create contrast and eliminate the feeling of monotony for the ad.
  • Branding -Always stay true to your branding. Do not stray or lose focus to the theme being presented. Branding differentiates you from other competitors. Always try to be unique.

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