30+ Banner Examples & Templates

Banners are simply one of the easiest ways to get the message of your important event or work to your people. So, what comes to our mind when we think of it? The designs! Isn’t it? Banner designs vary according to their purpose and one’s preferences. But, before we dive in deeper into the topic let’s find out what banners are.

According to a dictionary found in a google search, a banner is “a long piece of cloth bearing a slogan or design, carried in a demonstration or procession or hung in a public place”. This is an archaic way of putting out banners which may not particularly apply in the modern banner designs where we have replaced it with digitally designed banners. So, let’s have a look at the different types of banner designs.

Simple Banner Design

simple banner design3

Sample Banner Design

sample banner design2

Blank Banner Template

blank banner template2

What are Banner Designs?

By looking at the above-pinned banner designs, you must have now had a brief idea how banner can have different designs. Banners are mostly used for advertisement purposes. All the key messages that one wants to convey are given utmost importance and are highlighted to catch our eyes with colorful designs. I bet you have not come across any single advertisement banner design which does not have flashy and colorful message. You may also like printable banner examples.

For example, freebies and offers of a product are put in large font with colorful designs in any advertisement banner in order to catch more customers and win more profits. They can have many designs starting from simple to flashy and sophisticated ones depending on one’s preferences.

The idea is to get the message across all more effectively and positively. And designs serve us an effective way to achieve the purpose. Whether it’s a simple thanksgiving banner or an important business event, we all need banner designs to get people’s attention and getting across the message more effectively. However, putting aside one’s preferences, it is mostly designed based on one’s needs in order to make it more effective. You can also read wedding banner designs.

For example, one may prefer to have a flashy and colorful design but it may not be always effective if its purpose is for a business. A simple and sophisticated banner design will work best for any business related banner in order to make it look more serious and authentic. Find out more about the types of banner designs in the following.

Printable Banner Template

printable banner template2

Thank You Banner Example

thank you banner example1

Baby Shower Banner Template

baby shower banner template1

Modern Corporate Banner

modern corporate banner

Fashion Banner Design

fashion banner design


BillBoard Banner Examples

Gym BillBoard Banner Design

gym billboard banner template1

Sports Billboard Banner Template

sports billboard banner template1

Agriculture Billboard Banner Example

agriculture billboard banner template1

What Makes a Good Banner Design?

A banner design can only be judged by its effectiveness. A good banner can be designed according to one’s needs and preferences. In order to have an effective good banner, one should keep the following points in mind while designing a banner. You can also like vertical banner designs.

  • The purpose of the banner: The first and foremost thing to take care of a banner is its purpose. Without its purpose, a banner can never be effective. So, before designing a banner don’t miss to spend sometimes on the message you want to convey and what you want people to feel in your banner. To start with, put yourself in people’s shoes and think. You can also read roll-up banner examples.
  • The choice of design: Banners can have different designs. The color, the message and the font of the message you want to type in the banner, the size of the banner and images you want to incorporate in the banner may vary according to your needs. Some people prefer simple banner designs while some prefer colorful and sophisticated ones. There are plenty of professionals in the market who do banner designs and the choice is always yours to decide on your banner. You can also like business banner designs.
  • The message you want to convey should be clear, precise and direct. It should be able to get the attention of the readers and include catchy lines. One should always avoid any plain boring text at any cost. You can also check out pop-up banner designs.

The things discussed above are some of the key points that one needs to take care of while designing a banner or wishes to design a banner.

Welcome Banner Designs

Sample Welcome Banner

sample welcome banner2

Welcome Baby Banner Template

welcome baby banner template1

Party Banner Templates

Bachelorette Party Banner Template

bachelorette party banner template1

Retirement Party Banner Template

retirement party banner template1

Advertising Banner Example

advertising banner template

Architecture Ad Banner Template

architecture ad banner template1

Flower Shop Ad Banner Template

flower shop ad banner template1

Spa Ad Banner Template

free spa ad banner template

How to Make Banner Design?

The ancient definition of a banner design may differ from the modern banner design where people are more techno-savvy and prefer digital friendly banner designs. Gone are the days in which banners made of clothes bearing slogans or designs are carried in a demonstration or procession or hung in a public place. You can also like graduation banner examples.

As the online world has become increasingly visual, the need for easy-to-use banner makers are in high demand. This ultimately has resulted in the mushrooming of online banner makers readily available in the internet. You can make one for yourself by uploading images, texts and customize your banner. You can also check out welcome banner designs.

Here are the steps to create your own banner design:

  • Firstly, choose your image for the banner that you want to design. The image you are going to use should speak for itself and should match with the message you are going to convey in the banner. You can also like examples of superb birthday banners.
  • Secondly, choose the right typography for your banner. Typography should be legible, attractive and catchy to anybody. You may also like roll up banner examples.
  • Thirdly, take care of your platform requirement for your banner. Online platforms where you want to put out your banner require a specific size of your banner to upload. So, don’t miss out this requirement for your banner. You can also check out examples of anniversary banner designs.
  • Lastly, create your customized layouts for your banner design. Banner templates are readily available in online platforms. So, you find them according to your needs. You can also read sale banner designs.

These are some of the things one needs to take care of while creating a banner design.

Roll Up Banner Designs

Roll Up Banner Template

roll up banner template


Simple Roll Up Banner

free simple roll up banner template

Real Estate Roll Up Banner

free real estate roll up banner template

Multipurpose Roll Up Banner Template

free multipurpose roll up banner template

Photography Roll Up Banner Template

free photography roll up banner template

Web Banner Examples

Wedding Web Banner Template

wedding banner template2

Web Banner Design

web banner design


Graduation Web Banner

graduation web banner

Web Banner Design Template

web banner design template


Birthday Web Banner Template

birthday web banner template

School Web Banner Template

school web banner template

Travel Flash Banner Design

travel flash banner design


Church Web Banner Design

church banner template1

Engagement Web Banner Example

engagement banner template

Frozen Web Banner Example

frozen banner template

Social Media Banner Design

social media banner design


Banners are tools to get your message to larger people. It has become an essential element in our personal as well as professional life whether it’s a Thanksgiving event or an important Business party, we all need Banner designs which are attractive enough to catch people’s attention and curiosity. You can also read congratulation banner designs.

Banner designs range from simple and sophisticated designs to colorful and flashy ones based on your needs and preferences. We can design our own banner or use an online platform to do it for us. They are easy-to-use and readily customization. Way to making our life a memorable one with the banner designs! You may also like event banner examples.

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