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Everyone knows that planning a wedding may not be as easy as it sounds. Food preparation is just one of the many things to consider in planning a wedding. And for that, you may want to find the perfect wedding catering menu design for your wedding menu. Sigh, I know.

Whether you are a wedding plan, or a couple planning to get married, planning a wedding is not as beautiful as the wedding itself. So as soon as the date has been set, start searching for wedding reception menu designs and plan the perfect menu for that very special day.

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Wedding Party Menu

Wedding Reception Party Menu

Wedding Tea Party Menu

Wedding Anniversary Party Menu

Wedding Food Menu

Wedding Shower Food Menu

Wedding Reception Food Menu

Wedding Catering Menu

Wedding Buffet Catering Menu

Wedding Food Catering Menu

Why You Need a Wedding Menu

Organizing a wedding may come pretty hard. And with all the stress and drama that awaits you, you may just want to plan a simple one so you can just get it over with. So if you are planning to ditch your old, trusty printed wedding menu and try a not-so-obviously simple menu design for the wedding day, you may want to consider a chalkboard wedding menu instead. This is as simple as it soundsall you need is a chalkboard, and a chalk (of course, you need to have something to write too).

Planning the wedding food menu is just the tip of the iceberg for any wedding planner, or couple. Now, that tip of the iceberg is not so ordinary, it may drive you crazy. On this very emotional moment (which might get more emotional if you don’t serve food), everyone gets easily worked up, and will, of course, easily get hungry. Who would want to have hungry and angry guests on their wedding day? No one. And since it is considered a very special day, everyone would also want a very special food menu, so give them one.

Wedding Shower Menu

Brunch Wedding Shower Menu

Creative Wedding Shower Menu

Wedding Dinner Menu

Wedding Dinner Party Menu

Wedding Anniversary Dinner Menu

Wedding Shower Dinner Menu

Wedding Reception Menu

Wedding Cocktail Reception Menu

How to Plan the Wedding Menu

In planning the food for your wedding menu, you could simply serve your favorites or every food that comes into your mind, but that would cost a lot and you don’t want that. So if you want a budget-friendly but tasty chow for your guests, plan your wedding event menu wisely.

  • Safety first. Check the area where the food is being prepared. Food preparation must be sanitary, expiration dates of ingredients must be checked, water must be checked for any contaminants, and so on. You cannot risk any accidents happening on the wedding day.
  • Consider the budget. Budget has been one of the biggest dilemma of every couple. So if you’re trying to reduce the cost for food, try reducing the number of guests. But if it cannot be helped, try other options like, looking for a more budget-friendly catering services, or self-catering. Self-catering is one of the best solutions to consider if you want to slash your budget good.
  • Consider the guests. In planning a wedding event menu, you must always consider the preferences of the guests when it comes to food. It may be safe to serve food which can be eaten by almost everyone on the guests list. Aside from that, you should always be careful to take note of food restrictions and allergies.
  • Plan the food to serve. You might want to compare the costs for every food on your list, and if one is a bit too expensive, then try to find an alternative.
  • Go simple. Some couples might cringe with the idea of simple food being served on their wedding day. However, being simple does not mean it cannot be special or it cannot taste good. Sometimes, a simple wedding dinner menu might just be the perfect fit for your guests and your budget. Think about it.

Wedding Event Menu

Wedding Anniversary Menu

Wedding Anniversary Food Menu

Vintage Wedding Menu

Vintage Wedding Party Menu

Vintage Wedding Reception Menu

Your Menu Will Set the Tone for the Event

Food will always have a huge place in every person’s heart.

Each one of us has a different preference with food. If your wedding guests prefer a buffet or if you are planning to serve multiple entrées to satisfy your guests’ different preferences in food, a buffet might just be a better idea. If so, it would be best if you start planning on what to include on your wedding buffet menu. But, if you are not a buffet person, there are still a lot of ideas to explore on planning your wedding menu. Who knows, you may find one to your liking and stick to it when you, soon, plan for your wedding anniversary menu.

In weddings, food and drinks are always the perfect pair, second to the bride and groom. So after planning for the food to prepare, next in line would be, the drinks. Like food, you cannot just put everything the comes to mind in planning what drinks to include on the menu.

Aside from the possible huge cost for that, it might not taste good with the food. You should always think of the perfect beverages to pair with your food. You can simply put them together on the wedding menu or wedding shower menu (if you’re planning to have a pre-wedding party), or simply create a wedding drink menu.

Wedding Drinks Menu

Printable Wedding Menu

Printable Wedding Reception Menu

Chalkboard Wedding Menu

Chalkboard Wedding Drink Menu

Beach Wedding Menu

Remember, It’s Just a Menu

Everyone wants their wedding day to be more than perfect. Who doesn’t? I mean, most people get married only once in their entire lifetime. Aside from all the stress and the drama caused by pre-wedding jitters and all of that overthinking, every wedding is expected to be a moment of happiness for every couple.

As mentioned earlier, food preparation is just the tip of the iceberg. Before tying the knot, the bride would cry a lot, the groom would have a lot of doubts, and everything would seem to be a total chaos. But on your wedding day, believe me, everything will fall into place. No more doubts, no more drama, just a happy couple and a crowd of contented guests.

And for the couples personally planning for their wedding day, planning the wedding menu or wedding party menu design  is nothing but a step closer to the most special day of your life. Stop worrying too much about every little detail. The food will do what it does best, fill every person’s empty stomach. And you, as a couple to be married, do what every couple has always wanted to do get married and be happy.

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