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Couples who either marry for love or marry to strengthen business empires often find themselves in a huge risk when they no longer feel the love nor feel the necessity to be together. When they feel like the burden is on the marriage, it may also look bad on their reputation and their business. This is a common reason for many couples who plan to file for divorce or annulment. Before they are able to think about that, they would also be thinking about their business assets and who takes what and how much of it should they be taking. As common as it is to think about their business and the assets that go with it, it is also best to consult an attorney who will be able to write a business postnuptial agreement for the couple. With that being said, here are some examples you can download for business postnuptial agreements. 

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3+ Business Postnuptial Agreement Examples

1. Business Postnuptial Agreement Template

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2. Business Postnuptial Agreement Example

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3. Business Postnuptial Agreement in PDF

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4. Standard Business Postnuptial Agreement

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What Is a Business Postnuptial Agreement?

A business postnuptial agreement is a type of agreement made by the attorneys of the couple in order to explain and to divide the business asset when one of the spouses would prefer to divorce or annul the other. This kind of agreement is made only when you are married and planning on a divorce or a separation. The business postnuptial agreement includes the details about the business assets of each of the parties and of course the reason for dividing and how much should be divided for the business. The business postnuptial agreement comes with a reason, and the most basic of reasons for making one is to divide the assets equally unless there is a reason why it should not be.

How to Make a Business Postnuptial Agreement

Where do you begin with a business postnuptial agreement? There are a lot of ways to write a business postnuptial agreement. But one should also remember that the generic type of postnuptial agreement may still work, the business postnuptial agreement focuses more on the business than of the generic postnuptial agreement. With that being said, here are some steps to make your business postnuptial agreement.

1. The Names of the Respective Parties

To start off, the names of the respective parties, their positions, their current address and of course the name of the business and whose name is in as the owner or the CEO of the company. These are the first and foremost the basic things you will be seeing and adding at the very beginning of the agreement. Make sure that this information is complete and true to their knowledge as well.

2. The Specifications of a Postnuptial Agreement

The specifications of your business postnuptial must also be present. The specifications can range from lengthy specifications to short and general specifications. These specifications help give the agreement clearer for the other party or for both parties.

3. The Complete List of the Business Assets and Properties

The complete list of the business assets and the properties should also be laid bare in the agreement. This part is important in order for the attorneys to decide as well as their clients to decide whether on how much of the business assets can be divided. As well as who gets the majority or the minority and for what reason or declaration.

4. Signature of Both Parties for the Agreement

Lastly, the signatures. The signature of all parties present must be added in the agreement. This includes the attorneys who are present as witnesses. As well as the dates of when it has been signed and presented.


What is a business postnuptial agreement?

A kind of agreement made in order to divide or address the business assets of a married couple, who, either will plan for a separation or a divorce.

Why do couples need this kind of agreement?

Couples who marry for business or to bind their businesses through marriage may need this in order to settle the assets they have joined while they were married.

What happens if the other person refuses to sign the agreement?

The spouse that refuses to sign the agreement will be given the chance to read it through and discuss it with their attorney. If it so happens that they still may refuse to sign, they may have to go through court for this.

There may be a time when the marriage may not work, and joint business assets can be a reason to fight it over. This is why a business postnuptial agreement is in place. The agreement will explain as to who gets the bigger share or to divide it to equal parts for each of the spouses.

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